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Despite its name which may sound “dark” and threatening, Fumidus is actually nothing more than a really mild and mannered salty-smoky vetiver scent. It belongs to the “raw & earthy vetivers” family together with Etro Vetiver and Althunis by Sigilli, still smelling somehow duller than both – or better say, with a slight synthetic-cheap rubber aftertaste that ruins a bit the “wild magic” for me. And overall less “feral & wild” than it may seem at first. Nonetheless it’s a sure must for all raw vetiver fans; it’s salty, smoky, obviously woody with a “burnt” shade, quite dry and also slightly grassy. The smokiness here comes both from vetiver and from something which I guess may be a leather accord (guess it’s the birch note though). Nice, long-lasting and fascinating, but there’s way better for this genre – and the price doesn’t help.

19th April, 2015
fumidus is about so much more than smoke! wonderful earthy vetiver performs a languid pas a deux with malt whisky and the smokey embers of a dyings birch fire. this is by far the most interesting of the entire PR line and is the only one i currently own (i did buy arso but it was too 'wussy' to rate as a smoke frag; just boring cedar mostly, so it got sold. bois d'ascese has replaced that niche in my wardrobe much better....). fumidus is quite linear but the proportions change, leaving the wearer with a gorgeous maltbarrelwoodsmoke vetiver to contemplate the cosmos. i respectfully and firmly assert fumidus as a top masculine, second only (imo) in that category to vintage guerlain. if you wish sycomore had more hair on its chest, try this out ;)
10th January, 2015
Burnt wood and rubber..thick and huge..
18th March, 2014
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Powerful, masculine

Very smokey! Very peaty-earthy-rubbery! What an experience... not for the faint of heart. I found this to be a tremendously interesting, organic scent.

While these are the attributes of some single-malt Scotch whiskeys, I don't feel this has a Scotch note per se.

Here's an interesting aspect. On my skin, the scent quickly went to a rather pleasant dry-down of smokey birch and dry/grassy vetiver. Here, it is almost exactly like Chanel Sycomore (new version).

On paper, the scent remained at a very smokey, ashtray stage for hours and eventually came to the pleasant stage.

The sheer power of the first phase will be challenging to some. But it is a worthy scent for sure.

Pros: Distinctive, assertive, bold
Cons: may be too strong for some"

09th September, 2013
I love Fumidus.This smells unique, great vetyver, great smooky vihsky...
04th December, 2012
OK. I admit that this is definitely not a fragrance for everybody. It's harsh, it's strong; it doesn't smell pleasant ... but it does smell great. It's Islay scotch and vetiver battling it out to the death. SPOILER ALERT: Vetiver wins. I bought this because I loved it event though I thought I'd only wear it at home for my own enjoyment, but surprisingly I've worn it quite a bit. Although it stays strong, it does mellow a bit after a couple of hours. I'd say any fan of earthy, kick-ass smokey vetivers should man up and give this one a try.
02nd March, 2012
Fumidus by Profumum - One is initally treated to a dram of aromatic scotch whisky, with its tempered harshness harnessed by the indolic sweetness of peat. A nascent, barnyardy aroma of cigar tabacco peeks through as well as a hint of abrading iodine. Medicinal birch bark elbows itself into the mix with its medicinal, wintergreen character and its hint of effervescent birch beer. The sweet, minty intrusion nicely counterbalances the sharpness of the scotch accord. Magical vetiver joins the fray with its rich earthiness and deep muskiness. A strong smokiness envelops the comforting blend. The robust vetiver likewise imparts its syrup, hay and tabacco offerings. A faint armpit body odor and dank woodiness also present. A titillating drydown ensues. This manly composition has excellent projection and longevity - easy on the trigger is the catchphrase here.
08th February, 2012
AnthonyDG actually has this one described perfectly. But unlike his dislike for it. I think it's magnificent. It's like sipping on Caol Ila or Lagavulin, which in my books are two great offers from Islay, while sitting by a wood burning fire. The mix of smoke and peaty vetiver is seamless. I detect a spicy note beneath that I cannot put my finger on it. It is a little medicinal undertone that brings this fragrance to a a great comfort zone. I don't know if this is something I would wear out for a night in the town. But more like something I would wear at home to bring me pleasure and comfort. It's something that I would wear to relax on winter night by the fire while reading a good book or even to watch a good show(for those who hate reading:-))
This fragrance is robust, opulent, long lasting with a great sillage.
03rd January, 2012
Very reminiscet of smoky peaty scotch but not a good scotch smell. Any good scotch smells much better than this. This is a scotch smell funked up with leather and possibly other unspecified funk. Every once in a while for reasons I cannot adequately explain I get the urge to put some of this stuff on my arm thinking smelling a good strong earthy smell is what I want and need in that moment and then ten minutes later I have an even more uncontrollable urge to scrub this stuff off my arm as if my health and possibly my sanity depend on it. I don't think I've ever made it to drydown and for that I apologize to all the Fumidus faithful for my inadequacies. I admire anyone who wears this for whatever reason. And I give an enthusiastic thumbs up to Profumum for being able to sell this to anyone.
12th December, 2011
The US Airforce should issue a vial of Fumidus to all of their pilots. If a pilot gets shot down over enemy territory a spray of this would allow sniffer dogs to track him down from orbit. No GPS needed.

I was in a small shop in Basel and sprayed some Fumidus on one arm, as a test. A pity as all the other delights in that shop smelled the same afterwards. This stuff has serious, serious sillage.

That said, after the shock has worn off I really like Fumidus. It has a very smoky smell and I get the vetiver in the background. I am not a big vetiver fan, but here I can deal with it as the rawness of the vetiver is subdued by the smokiness.

Fumidus is a special scent, not something you would wear all day and definitely not a safe blind buy. BUt I do recommend it, after trying it out. The only problem is the price tag and he fact that it only comes in 100 ml, which will last me forever. If anyone in Germany or Sitzerland wants to share a bottle, please let me know.
25th November, 2011
Boozy, smoky, dense, dirty, muddy, earthy, rooty & woody scent? boy this just grabbed me up my collar... i wasnt ready for this. what a scent! the progressions too has to be one of the most satifying and definite that i have come across...the way the green notes sprout towards the basenotes is a phenomenon to witness, almost poetic & definitely real and true to nature.
not for the mild at heart. this ones gritty and it delivers..
13th August, 2009 (last edited: 18th August, 2009)