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Positive Reviews of Verde Bosco by I Profumi di Firenze

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Very, very bitter grapefruit and green on a Cool Water-like (fougere) base (at least on me). Aromatic, simple, pleasing and uplifting. Good stuff.
05th April, 2009
A beautiful blend of scents from grapefruit, mandarin, basil, Florentine lavender and other wild flowers; with touches of musk, amber, vetiver and cedar wood.”
Verdo Bosco (Green Wood) is a lovely and powerful green scent. It is EDP so it is substantial. I find the basil and vetiver to be the most prominent notes. They combine to give a herbal-grassy character, a walk in grassy fields more than through a deep dark forest. I this sort of scent (chypre) and this is a very good one. It is not complex, but it is satisfying.
12th November, 2008