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Reviews of Magnifico I: Mirto Imperiale by I Profumi di Firenze

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I Profumi di Firenze Magnifico 1 Mirto Imperiale is (under my nose) a profoundly citric/spicy fizzy accord of aromatic/oily myrtle, abrasive spices, struggling sandalwood and melancholic lily of the valley. I catch vague/rare ozonic molecules as well. The first approach is kind of minty (mint, myrtle), herbal, sporty/gym-type, freshly soapy, salty/virile, orangy/lemony and dynamic, something not so distant (in this opening phase) from a spicy/sporty/oceanic scent like Heaven Chopard and sharing points of connection with classic aromatic fougere a la Trussardi Action Uomo. I get soon a powerful accord of sweet (intense) spices and neroli, with something vaguely acid, peppery and kind of gummy (or better, dense by a combination of aromatic oils, oakmoss and resins. Hints of galbanum?). Magnifico 1 on the other hand hides (and quickly unveils) a more herbal-hesperidic classically rosey soul with rooty/piquant and sharply floral nuances. Dry down is restrained, less intense (less lemony/spicy/floral), more mossy/ambery, woody, powdery and rooty/peppery (but with hints of soapiness and muskiness). An hyper virile (longly) pungent/obsessive accord vaguely ordinary/bright in its "front side" but secretly warm and sombre in its almost harsh (classically/warmly harsh) woody-aromatic dry down. The final wake is anyway a sort of accomplished mélange, it is smoother, more tamed, civilized, still powerful/aromatic but well "fixed", more harmonious and "neutral". I get anyway something woody-soapy, mossy, sticky/floral and still orangy not entirely catching my taste (and vaguely conjuring me scents like Dior Eau Sauvage Extreme New and Bvlgari Aqua Amara but also Legno Amaro from I Profumi di Firenze). An appreciable juice which is not anyway wholly in my wheelhouse. A quite sensual fragrance for a boisterously masculine personality.
12th February, 2016
Very nice fragrance best worn in warm weather
Green at frost with hint of pepper then woodsy mirtha reveals itself and stays for duration
Good silage and lasting
09th January, 2015
Apart from myrtle, I don’t know what fragrance notes are here. Essentially this is a soliflore.
It starts off green, aromatic, fresh and invigorating; and it at this point it is a classically Mediterranean masculine sort of scent. Since it is an EDP it is powerful and has good longevity. It becomes more aromatic and develops a powerful (and pleasant) soapy note. Myrtle essential oil is reported to have a spicy, nutmeg-like quality; and I do get a bit of a spicy aspect here. If you like a very distinctive, fresh, substantial, green and soapy scent then you will enjoy this – as I do.
18th December, 2009 (last edited: 16th February, 2010)
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