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Positive Reviews of Magnifico I: Mirto Imperiale by I Profumi di Firenze

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Very nice fragrance best worn in warm weather
Green at frost with hint of pepper then woodsy mirtha reveals itself and stays for duration
Good silage and lasting
09th January, 2015
Apart from myrtle, I don’t know what fragrance notes are here. Essentially this is a soliflore.
It starts off green, aromatic, fresh and invigorating; and it at this point it is a classically Mediterranean masculine sort of scent. Since it is an EDP it is powerful and has good longevity. It becomes more aromatic and develops a powerful (and pleasant) soapy note. Myrtle essential oil is reported to have a spicy, nutmeg-like quality; and I do get a bit of a spicy aspect here. If you like a very distinctive, fresh, substantial, green and soapy scent then you will enjoy this – as I do.
18th December, 2009 (last edited: 16th February, 2010)