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A sweet woody scent. I love this and it's strangely addictive.
20th June, 2016
Bought a 100ml blindly 'cause it was cheap and I usually like Dunhill's scents. Ugh, forgettable...close to that Zirh cologne years ago. Bland, boring. The highlight is the box. :O Believe me!
11th July, 2015
A really bland and sharp woody-violet fragrance mostly built on musky notes, synthetic cedar, something slightly fruity reminding me of blackcurrant, a subtle minty head accord and not much else. Nothing “black” for sure, the mood is rather bright and cold. Tons of other similar designers come to mind, but while most of them at least try to smell different, Black instead feels so lazily generic it almost smells like an archetype of woody-violet fragrances. The strong feel of harsh synthetic cheapness doesn’t really help – adding the “unpleasant” to the “boring” factor.

31st May, 2015
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A yet tested soup (ozonic molecules, aromatic lavender, angular jasmine, vetiver and hyper dry cedarwood), namely something irony, crispy, somber, artificial and aquatic. Dunhill Black ideally sounds like a sort of mash up of Chanel Bleu, Obsession Night and Tonino Lamborghini Forza. Decently appointed but boring. Forgettable.
10th December, 2014
This has a pretty boring muffled set of top notes. Smells like a little bit of this and a little bit of that. I didn't particularly care for this one until it dried down. Here it turns into a soft smooth leather, it really redeems itself from its trashy opening. There really isn't anything "black" about this one though.. the opening has a slight ink like accord for a few moments, perhaps that's where the name came from.
17th May, 2014
The unexciting green opening is so uninspired that it not only causes boredom, but foreshadows future ennui for the rest of the fragrance – I can’t remember another green accord so characterless as this – it’s not bad, it’s not synthetic, it’s just meaningless... and short lived. The heart accord unceremoniously enters as a weak jasmine / lavender – again, not bad, not synthetic, just characterless. The jasmine is weak, and so is the lavender. I think the opening’s green notes stays in the background, but it’s hard to tell with two such unmemorable accords. I wait for a long time for the base to show up, but the middle seems to insist on a slow agonizing death before it yields to the next in line. The base – well… it took me three testings before I admitted that the base was nearly non-existent. The pyramid says suede, giaic wood, and cedar – two woods and a mild leather. My inability to catch much of the base is a disappointment because the base sounds like it could be good if it were done right. But the base appears to be one typical of many modern fragrances – hopelessly weak.

I’ve been rough on this fragrance – probably tougher than I should have been and that presents and opinion that I don’t really have. Dunhill Black is not overtly “synthetic,” it is not gross or juvenile or annoying in any way; its main character is that it is uninspired and generic … but that is apparently no crime these days. The top levels are pleasant and enjoyable. The base, though, deserves a bit more criticism than the top levels of the fragrance… but I have to admit that this is not anywhere near the worst fragrance I’ve smelled in the past few weeks... it’s worth testing.
09th February, 2014
Unique? Not to me. This is about as unique as a typical Adidas or Nautica. Very generic smelling, nothing special.
28th April, 2011
Top marks for being different to most designer/high street fragrances over the past 18 months.

It's more like a dark and inky green than black though.
Sensual and suede-like.
Quite exquisite and unusual.
Very nice and very masculine but it's silage and longevity are not great.
23rd February, 2010
Nice unique fragrance; really liked Dunhill Pursuit and like this just as much. Not brilliant lasting power though.
19th August, 2009
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United Kingdom
Oh Dunhill Dunhill Dunhill ..... What have you become? The quality days of Edition are long gone and that past master is becoming a memory. This modern junk annoys. Synthetic pap. Why do your bottles not have the name of the fragrance on them? Isit because even the bottle is ashamed of it ! The usual commercial stuff being churned out. London was overly sweet and fleeting ( with the rose making it overly effeminate too ) and this tries to sell on the basis of "nettle" accord. I have never gone close enough to nettles to absorb any aroma they give off and the only asociation i get is one of pain. Ah yes... pay £38 for an "unmarked" bottle of this, realise it is pointless and feel the nettle ( ie pain! ). Dunhill Edition 1984 issue was very clever with great sillage and longevity. As i said a past master ( from packaging to bottle to fragrance to reputation ) .
18th June, 2009
I was excited for this release and was hoping it was "better" than Dunhill London (which was OK but probably the most horrible longevity of anything I've ever tried). When Black was released, being in the US, it took me a lot of searching to get a sample. Eventually I got a few official vials from a kind Basenoter who went to Harrods. Black was an exclusive there. A week after I got these samples I saw Black in a discount shop... already!

So I was geared for a disappointment. How did Dunhill's newest stuff "fall off the truck" so quickly?

I quite like it. It's yet another fresh masculine so be prepared for that. It's good in its own merits where this green nettle accord is very aquatic, green and herbal with a small white floral heart note. Black, the word, suggests dark and mysterious, or even something dirty. Dunhill Black is neither. It's rather quite upfront about what it is and being fresh it's clean and polished.

Better than Dunhill London. Not surprising that Dunhill coughed Black out so quickly after London's release.

Very casual and youthful. It's a reluctant thumbs up. It's quite nice but nothing groundbreaking.
24th April, 2009
it opens with a smell like jews mallow which is very offinsive in my country .... but it settles down to an acceptable smell ...any way ...not my cup of tea .....
30th March, 2009
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United Kingdom
Can Dunhill ever climb back up the slippery slope they are falling down with their fragrances? Not with this one I fear. I thought 'London' might shake them to their senses -- it was so horrid, but hey maybe it sold well? Firstly, there is nothing 'black' about this. It has a green, oh so familiar opening, the supposed lavender is non-existent and the jasmine was of the dirty kind and not well executed -- not a good combination in my book anyway. It does get a bit leathery very late on, but again it's not really worth the wait. Dunhill have thrown their lot in with the populist male fragrance mass creations and can't be taken seriously anymore as far as fragrances go.
09th March, 2009
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A crisp, leafy opening lends a fresh impetus to this rich blend of natural components. As the Green Nettle recedes, a sweet yet muted blend of Jasmine and Lavender unite to add considerable depth to the drydown. This is a decent addition to the Dunhill stable, and a welcome, if only partial return to form. As a designer fragrance, it performs very well against its peers and consequently deserves its thumbs up
23rd February, 2009
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United Kingdom
The bottle of Black carries on from the previous Dunhill release of London, with fresh and pursuit being also quite similar. I can imagine these looking quite good on a shelf in a collection (maybe not as good as a collection of Creed frags though). As for the fragrance itself is extremely similar to x2o by Ted Baker which make this frag lack originality. As I already have x2o I will not be purchasing this in a hurry, but it is a nice release.
18th February, 2009
I was wondering was is the strange thing in this perfume and I find out that was the slightly bitter nettle. After some hours the perfume calms down and the jasmine comes up.
It is generally a very nice male perfume, masculine and comlex but definitely a dunhill perfume.
It has something from all other dunhill male perfumes and in my opinion is the best or among the best.
13th February, 2009
Gblue Show all reviews
United Kingdom
The first thing that struck me about the fragrance was the weight of the cap. It's ridiculously heavy. This is becoming a very strange trend in male fragrance, as if a heavy cap and bottle indicates that something is [B]very masculine[/B].

The notes, according to the box:

Top: Green (nettle) Accord
Heart: Transparent Jasmine, Lavender
Base: Sensual Suede Accord

It opens with a very crisp “greenery” note, the ‘nettle’ appears just after spraying and lasts for a few seconds. Cedar is most definitely detectable straight away, a similar cedar seems to be popular among recent releases, such as Diamonds for Men, where the cedar is somehow fizzy.
Once the nettle gives way, there is a very convincing green tea note, with a gentle citrus in the background, all wrapped inside of a tart herbaceous-greenness.

After about 15 minutes, the green gives way to the Lavender note, which isn’t over the top as in Jean-Paul Gaultier’s Le Male, but instead quite subdued. The lavender transforms into a gentle, slightly dirty, almost animalic Jasmine-leather.

Eventually, the Jasmine disappears and a very soft leather remains as a skin scent. Then, surprisingly, lavender comes back into play with the leather.

The only thing ‘Black’ about this fragrance is the dirty Jasmine. And as it’s so transparent, it’s more grey than black.
05th December, 2008