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Positive Reviews of Dunhill Black by Dunhill

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A sweet woody scent. I love this and it's strangely addictive.
20th June, 2016
Top marks for being different to most designer/high street fragrances over the past 18 months.

It's more like a dark and inky green than black though.
Sensual and suede-like.
Quite exquisite and unusual.
Very nice and very masculine but it's silage and longevity are not great.
23rd February, 2010
Nice unique fragrance; really liked Dunhill Pursuit and like this just as much. Not brilliant lasting power though.
19th August, 2009
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I was excited for this release and was hoping it was "better" than Dunhill London (which was OK but probably the most horrible longevity of anything I've ever tried). When Black was released, being in the US, it took me a lot of searching to get a sample. Eventually I got a few official vials from a kind Basenoter who went to Harrods. Black was an exclusive there. A week after I got these samples I saw Black in a discount shop... already!

So I was geared for a disappointment. How did Dunhill's newest stuff "fall off the truck" so quickly?

I quite like it. It's yet another fresh masculine so be prepared for that. It's good in its own merits where this green nettle accord is very aquatic, green and herbal with a small white floral heart note. Black, the word, suggests dark and mysterious, or even something dirty. Dunhill Black is neither. It's rather quite upfront about what it is and being fresh it's clean and polished.

Better than Dunhill London. Not surprising that Dunhill coughed Black out so quickly after London's release.

Very casual and youthful. It's a reluctant thumbs up. It's quite nice but nothing groundbreaking.
24th April, 2009
A crisp, leafy opening lends a fresh impetus to this rich blend of natural components. As the Green Nettle recedes, a sweet yet muted blend of Jasmine and Lavender unite to add considerable depth to the drydown. This is a decent addition to the Dunhill stable, and a welcome, if only partial return to form. As a designer fragrance, it performs very well against its peers and consequently deserves its thumbs up
23rd February, 2009
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United Kingdom
The bottle of Black carries on from the previous Dunhill release of London, with fresh and pursuit being also quite similar. I can imagine these looking quite good on a shelf in a collection (maybe not as good as a collection of Creed frags though). As for the fragrance itself is extremely similar to x2o by Ted Baker which make this frag lack originality. As I already have x2o I will not be purchasing this in a hurry, but it is a nice release.
18th February, 2009
I was wondering was is the strange thing in this perfume and I find out that was the slightly bitter nettle. After some hours the perfume calms down and the jasmine comes up.
It is generally a very nice male perfume, masculine and comlex but definitely a dunhill perfume.
It has something from all other dunhill male perfumes and in my opinion is the best or among the best.
13th February, 2009
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United Kingdom
The first thing that struck me about the fragrance was the weight of the cap. It's ridiculously heavy. This is becoming a very strange trend in male fragrance, as if a heavy cap and bottle indicates that something is [B]very masculine[/B].

The notes, according to the box:

Top: Green (nettle) Accord
Heart: Transparent Jasmine, Lavender
Base: Sensual Suede Accord

It opens with a very crisp “greenery” note, the ‘nettle’ appears just after spraying and lasts for a few seconds. Cedar is most definitely detectable straight away, a similar cedar seems to be popular among recent releases, such as Diamonds for Men, where the cedar is somehow fizzy.
Once the nettle gives way, there is a very convincing green tea note, with a gentle citrus in the background, all wrapped inside of a tart herbaceous-greenness.

After about 15 minutes, the green gives way to the Lavender note, which isn’t over the top as in Jean-Paul Gaultier’s Le Male, but instead quite subdued. The lavender transforms into a gentle, slightly dirty, almost animalic Jasmine-leather.

Eventually, the Jasmine disappears and a very soft leather remains as a skin scent. Then, surprisingly, lavender comes back into play with the leather.

The only thing ‘Black’ about this fragrance is the dirty Jasmine. And as it’s so transparent, it’s more grey than black.
05th December, 2008