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Reviews of A Quiet Morning by Miller et Bertaux

It’s not often a fragrance takes you places - I mean really takes you places. But it’s not a forecful kidnapping. It’s a quiet invitation, a simple wave of the hand, offering you to come along. A Quiet Morning does take you on an adventure. I've never been to the places AQM takes you, yet, somehow I feel I'm there.

I don't get a lot of distinction between notes. It's mostly palm leaf, saffron, tumeric with a hint of orange blossom that seems to come and go as it pleases. And it remains that way for me for the most part. Soft, but not soft enough to disappear. This lasts for hours. Bravo!
05th May, 2014
I get a fantastic, addictive honey note from this -- one made by riled up, Africanized honey bees. It is somehow both energizing and relaxing. Must have MORE. Saving up for a full bottle.
15th October, 2012
I like this alot and agree with the substance of foetidus' rating. This is an exotic wood scent, with a headshop/meditative vibe to it. But not a hippy patchouli scent at all. Sandalwood and cedar finally, gently sweet and smoky and totally unisex.
18th November, 2011
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A quiet winter morning drinking tea on the balcony of a wooden house facing fog clad forests at Himalaya’s mountainside. Inside, some Basmati rice is cooking with yellow spices- saffron, turmeric- outside the cold dry wind that blows from the mountains brings notes of camphor, cedar and most of all sandalwood, in its cleanest and sternest version. A faint hint of flowers appears suddenly, like a sunbeam through the mist, but it doesn’t last long, the forest keeps swaying in the wind and releasing its balsamic notes. (I wish to thank Miller et Bertaux for the fragrance, my local Indian restaurant Rajput for the spices, Kiran Desai’s book “The inheritance of loss” for the location and the countless cups of Darjeeling tea for the inspiration).
30th October, 2011
Ordinarily I don’t get along well with a saffron note, but in this case, I think the curcuma (related to turmeric) bothered me more than the saffron the first time I tested it. Frankly I don’t think the use of turmeric in a fragrance is a very good idea… the smell of turmeric is not my idea of aroma made in olfactory heaven, but at least it was relatively easy for me to get used to the note. By my third testing, its spicy aggressiveness, while not enjoyable, didn’t bother me at all. When the opening accord wears off, I am left with an exotically rich wood accord with traces of the opening spice, and the accord presents itself as a combination of sandalwood and cedarwood augmented by incense. Thanks to the cedar and incense, the accord has an excellent aromatic quality that gives it the feeling of both depth and lightness… It’s as intriguing a wood accord as I’ve experienced in several years. I love it with a love that didn’t seem likely with the aggressive spiciness of the opening. This fragrance is like the other Miller et Bertaux fragrances I’ve tried: unique, a bit quirky, and eventually, loveable. Light, but present sillage and excellent longevity.

19th January, 2010 (last edited: 23rd January, 2010)
A Quiet Morning by Miller Bertaux is a very gentle and dry incense spice scent that you might find wafting from deep inside a hidden cave full of the fine exotic spices. The opening is predominantly saffron and tumeric layered over a mentholated cedar wood base. Orange flower warmed by a bit of sandalwood gives a little life and sunshine to mid notes of this very dry Indian spice scent. I find it a very comforting scent and easy to wear and is definitely a compliment magnet. This light orange spice and woods scent resembles Baume au Doge by Eau d' Italie which is stronger in its spice notes; and also is close in feel to Bois du Turquie from MPG which has more emphasis on the sandalwood base. A Quiet Morning is a very soft subtle blend of saffron, tumeric and cedar over a sandalwood and orange blossom base. It is a very easy fragrance to enjoy.
05th August, 2009
I would describe this scent as woody-minty-spicy. With lots of woods (cedar and sandalwood)

Although mint is not listed; it is somehow a little astringent (menthol? eucalypthus?). I do not smell any flowers.

If you like woody perfumes, you might give it a try. I think it's OK but not a must have at least for me.

13th July, 2009
I am very familiar with the scent that this perfume attempts to capture. All the things that I get from India have this scent about them - it really transports me back home immediately. It makes me experience immediate peace. It's a very soothing, contemplative scent - one to wear to encourage a stronger sense of self. I feel like a visionary wearing it - wise, unruffled, unhurried, still. The name A Quiet Morning is the right description for it. On me the basmati and saffron really come through the most. The scent remains on my skin for most of the day and I don't need to re-apply at all.

This perfume is an ever so slightly sweeter version of Kenzo Amour Indian Holi. Although the Kenzo version captures that magical scent more accurately, Miller et Bertaux are by far the more longer lasting choice.
04th May, 2009