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This is a smooth and lovely sandalwood with just enough florals to elevate it into something else entirely. There's something like...lavender?..that cools the whole mix. It's like a fresh breeze on a warm day- I love it! I didn't think it had much sillage, but a friend who made me swear I'd never buy Tam Dao (she's claimed it as her signature scent) nearly ripped into me when she smelt No. 23 on me from metres away. Luckily I had the bottle on me :) I can't say I've smelt Tam Dao when it was good- as now it has barely a ghost of scent- but No. 23 will more than suffice, and it's way more affordable! This scent really clings to fabric too, so if you want to get extra mileage, spray it on collars and cuffs. On my skin it will last at least 4 hours. I'm really not looking forward to it running out. Oh and I have the EDP. Does anyone have any experience with the oil? How does it compare?

Pros: Wearable anywhere, happiness making
Cons: Small bottle!"

17th July, 2013
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United States
Sandalwood, breezy florals and a hint of bite from geranium. This is No. 23. Such a lovely, easy to wear fragrance, and one of my very favorite woodies. I have the EDP, but will get the oil also with my next order.

I highly perfer this one to Tam Dao. Tam Dao is sharp and harsh for the first half of it's duration, where No. 23 is cooler in feel while retaining a softness that is endearing.

11th April, 2013
This is just so beautiful! If you love sandalwood, it's a very true creamy one here. The florals are soft and approachable; this is a masterpiece! I have 3 wood scents by Ava Luxe, No. 23, Moksha, and Pallisander. They are all well done but this is the best. Wish she sold bigger bottles!

07th March, 2012
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I agree with Mo that No 23 is the more feminine sibling to Tam Dao - and that made me dither a long time on purchasing this gem, as a matter of fact. Now that I own both, I can appreciate the differences better: No 23 is both sweeter and more cooling, if that makes any sense. There seems to be the tiniest pinch of something... minty, or anise-y, that lifts the whole above the otherwise warmish woods-and-incense. Perhaps it's simply an aspect or phantom note of acacia or hawthorn.

I'm reviewing the EDP, I haven't tried the oil that Ava Luxe is currently offering.
15th December, 2009
A fabulous scent with an unusual scented-geranium-leaf note that lasts well and is fabulous in hot weather. I have worn this so regularly since I bought it early in the summer that it has almost become a signature scent. And I have no scientific evidence for this, but I swear I have been bitten by fewer mosquitos this year.
Yet more wonderful quality perfume from a fabulously inventive perfumer.
15th November, 2009
I also get incense and amber notes in No 23. The sandalwood takes enter stage, but these other marvelous warm notes only serve to enhance the main scent. No 23 is Delicious, rich and delightful. Yes, a cousin to Tam Dao via the Sandalwood....but I get a slightly more feminine vibe from No 23. Both are excellent unisex fragrances, but I'd say Tam Dao leans masculine and No 23 more feminine.

I sample and wear various wood and incense scents to bed every evening...and No. 23 is the only one that ALWAYS has my husband sniffing my neck and exclaiming, "You smell really, really good!"

A gem of the niche fragance world...accessible and unique all at once!

02nd August, 2009
Ava Luxe No. 23

Ava Luxe is another artisanal House, the creative force behind this House is Serena Ava Franco. One aspect of this type of perume House is the sense of experimentation that takes place. Where a larger House might put out one of two scents a year, an artisanal House might put out one or two scents a month. This leads to more misses than the average big House, but by being able to try different things when they get it right it can be special. Ava Luxe No. 23, released in 2007, is one of those times that its very right. Sandalwood is one of the more widely known notes to anyone who sniffs. In No. 23 Serena has chosen to see what sandalwood can do when paired with different floral notes. From the top the pairing is hawthorn and acacia this gives it a green character to start but still distinctly floral. It is in the heart where geranium and rose pair with the sandalwood that this turns lush. At the end it becomes a sweet amber and incense feeling scent on my skin although neither of those notes are listed. No.23 has been compared to Diptyque's Tam Dao and in construction that is probably not correct as the similarity has mainly to do with the strong sandalwood core of both scents. Tam Dao uses different pairings of notes to explore sandalwood than No. 23 does. One place they are similar is in their quality. As one who likes Tam Dao very much No. 23 holds equal standing to my nose.
04th April, 2009