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Neutral Reviews of Gold Collection: Luna / Moon by Ramon Molvizar

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The package is beautiful, the fragrance has white gold floating on the juice, and the combination seems very expensive. In fact, seems so expensive that you wonder if they spend almost all the budget of the project on it. Romaon Molvizar Luna has a pleasant aroma, but merely pleasant, nothing so original or that matches it's exclusive price, bottle and gold inside of it. The fragrance is a light, cottony musk, a little bit linear, but with a good longevity and sillage on skin. The musk smells creamy, white, airy and it's matched by something slightly citrusy at first, which develops to a pleasant milk-spice confection. My advice here is to test it first and to make sure that if you don't have something better to spend almost 200 dollars, cause my opinion is that buying luna may be a regretful choice in the future, considering how little it has to offer in terms of fragrance. Unless you are rich, collect bottles and don't care to pay more to the presentantion than to the content inside of it.
27th December, 2010