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Positive Reviews of Onde Mystère by Giorgio Armani

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Mysterious, this fragrance certainly is. Dark, slightly masculine, spicy and intriguing.

I'm not very familiar with Armani scents however I am impressed by what I have tested so far. Onde Mystere is unique and daring, yet pleasant and attractive.

The bottle design provokes a sense of darkness and underlying gothic tones. Although slightly masculine, and having the versatility to be unisex, this fragrance will not make a woman feel unfeminine. The roses and spices balance this scent with softness and sweetness.

I didn't have a problem with the lasting power, I thought it lasted quite well on my skin, yet the sillage is not all that strong. I like that aspect however, because this scent works well as an intimate fragrance, a scent that lures people in and captivates them depending on how close you are.

Onde Mystere is a very likable fragrance. I will be interested to try the other fragrances in this Onde series.

27th April, 2011
Developed by Maurice Roucel.
I like it. There is nothing here to keep a man from wearing and enjoying this.
It has a fresh, enjoyable quality. The potentially heavy and sweet elements are restrained.
Rose lurks appealingly in the background, along with a very light incense note.
I am super-sensitive to vanilla and find hardly any here.
Thus, I find this attractive. It is sheer and perhaps short-lived, but otherwise it is an admirable light summery scent.
30th December, 2010
This is from my all time top 5 perfumes. It is amazing.
05th October, 2010
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Not for sale in my country. Got a litle sample when I was traveling in another european country. I do love this wonderful oriental-vanilla-fraganse! Gentle and deep at the same time! Very easy to wear! I will buy it the next time I get to another country!

Notes from osMoz:
top: Rose, Spices
heart: Incense, Benzoin
base: Musk, Vanilla, Amber
26th September, 2009
I just got this perfume and discovered that it smells incredibly similar to Feminite Du Bois by Shiseido and is a little less heavy on the woodsy undertones. I like this perfume as an alternative to the Shiseido perfume because it is lighter and has a fresher composition. I wore the Shiseido perfume for many years until it became too difficult to find and have always wanted to find a perfume which smells similar but has an updated feeling. All of the qualities I loved about the Shiseido perfume I also found in Onde Mystere. This perfume is lighter and on me did not endure as long as Feminite Du Bois. The rose notes lingered the longest on me with Onde Mystere, and the woods lingered longer on me with Feminite Du Bois. They're both two of my favorite perfumes.
17th August, 2009