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Positive Reviews of Kiehl's Coriander Essence Oil by Kiehl's

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This scent was formulated in 1946, and it is interesting to imagine it in the latter years of WW2 since it is an unusual, minimalist sort of scent. It starts off a bit sweet, but in the ultimate dry-down it gets satisfyingly dry. The coriander oil is the main ingredient; though I imagine I detect a hint of orange rind at the opening, and a bit of patchouli in the latter stages. As with the spice, the oil here is nutty, a bit sweet, spicy and aromatic, “brown” and appetizing. At times the scent has a coconut-like character in its early stages. The scent settles into an earthy, even slightly foresty tone that is quite pleasant and sits close to the skin. As an oil, it sits close to the skin and develops slowly.
08th October, 2009