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Negative Reviews of Brooklyn by Bond No. 9

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Smells like a more synthetic version of Creed's Royal Water. It kinda has a citrus, juniper, gin/tonic thing going on. Does a little more than your average Calvin Klein but not nearly as unique, striking or pleasant as what you would expect for niche quality. Not bad but not good either.

03rd February, 2015
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New Zealand
I'm going against the grain here and you won't find a bigger Bond No 9 fan out there than me. The cardamom was an immediate turn off in the opening. I disagree about how this is an all season fragrance because no one would want to smell like this in the summer and this does not have the projection/longevity required in the winter (on my skin). If this was in my collection I would never wear it nor would I want to so I'm giving this a negative rating
15th February, 2013
I have none of the baggage regarding Bond as some reviewers, e.g. the number of fragrances they release each year, etc. But I am starting to believe that their formulas are ripoff tweeks of popular perfume notes.

Brooklyn, oh Brooklyn. What an overdose of a note not listed: synthetic Pink Peppercorn, iso e Super, and the line's favorite chemical, Calone acquatic marine "accord." . Astmatic, bronchospasm-inducing Pink Peppercorn. One tiny half spritz on my wrist and I recognized it and had to wash it off. It is the very note that causes my lungs to close when a colleague wears it. My spouse is now coughing 3 rooms away, I swear to god.
01st July, 2012
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Brooklyn: home of Biggie, edgy, fast, slick, unique vibe.

that is what I thought Brooklyn would smell like... instead, i got this uber floral-ly OD that turned into a sour-lemon smell and then more flowers. I don't like it very much and the sillage is pretty poor in my opinion...

i feel this would lean more to the feminine side
16th February, 2012
A unisex fragrance that is distinctly feminine. Don't even look at this one because it'll wink back with eyelashes full of mascara. As a feminine scent alone it smells below average so it doesn't get any points there. Pityful fragrance. F!
06th July, 2011
I got sold by the SA at Sak's and ended up buying a bottle of Brooklyn. I've regretted that buy for quite some time now.

The Good: It's different. Some people will think it's good different, others will think it's bad different. The bottle looks great. Projection is good.

The Bad: This scent is distinctly flat to me. I get two notes: Grapefruit and Leather. The drydown is just a less intense version of the opening on my skin, no real evolution from the top to the base. It's also criminally expensive.

Occasion: Definite daytime scent, but I've struggled with the proper occasion for it. I find it a bit too dressy for casual and a bit too casual for dressy.

This might be a great scent for someone, but it wasn't for me. It was different, but not necessarily pleasant. It's lack of sophistication and complexity disappointed me. Also, Brooklyn is definitely not worth it for the price, find something else.
10th March, 2011
An adolescent, sweet and spicy fruity/wood scent shrouded in paraffin, whose masculinity is highly questionable.
19th January, 2011
My negative rating is really a reflection of the utter characterlessness of this fragrance. The opening gives hope: Cardamon and juniper and a soft hiss of citrus. A few minutes later there is only a wallpaper of celery. Then a washed out static. So, pointless. I agree with Off-Scenter...this one could be an exercise in cynicism from the company.
07th January, 2011
I totally agree with Off-scenter on this one; weak and generic; nothing special; could have been anything you found in a market stall as a copykat of a more respectable scent.

I shall stick to Morgan de Toi pour homme which is more vibrant and energetic and costs a fraction of the price and has a cool bottle too...sorry Bond but this one is not for me...thumbs down !
19th September, 2010
A very "dim" and "timid" spicy/woody scent.
Cardamom and Cypress are the stars, and the overall impression is dissapointing and totally unworthy of being named after the borough.
Bitter, boring, and lame are not what I expected from that note pyramid.
Another total yawner from Bond no.9.
28th June, 2009
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United Kingdom
Bond No 9 have a reputation for plagiarism, which is not entirely unjustified, but at least that is a thought process. No thought has gone into Brooklyn or maybe just ' knock out a safe one'. It's a little bit fresh, a little bit green, a little bit woody, but a whole lot of mediocrity. I mean this could be a 'Hugo Boss' bargain box chuckout. Why would you want to spend £100, but smell like £5? Avoid like the plague is my advice.
03rd June, 2009

After a long wait, many of us were excited about Brooklyn by Bond 9 but this scent is a great disappointment!

All I get is geranium and as SirSlarty stated "gritty" geranium.

I can barely smell it on my skin. It has the worst lasting power of any Bond 9. I hate to be blunt but even some Jo Malone scents last longer than Brooklyn on my skin.

After 10 minutes, Poof! gone

Such a beautiful bottle, yet such a disappointing fragrance!
02nd June, 2009
After the citrus/fresh blast (OK, if you are looking for a car freshener), it settles to a traditional clean masculine laced with the smell of lit firewood. But not a fresh, green woodsiness, more like a weak campfire. Where's the leather? I don't get leather here. A boring fragrance, although the bottle asserts that it's not.
02nd April, 2009
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