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For some reason, the grapefruit combined with another herby/woody ingredient (not sure if it's juniper) gives it a peach-like smell, which leans it further toward the aquatic. I don't detect the cardamom but the leather is apparent as more of a base note. I haven't noticed much evolution in the dry down. It's certainly a light fragrance that is more geared towards warm weather.

Simply put, I wouldn't reach for it as a summer option. It fits into the fresh and woody subcategories, which, with the grapefruit, creates an odd combination. I enjoy the grapefruit in C.O. Bigelow Elixir White, for example, but in Brooklyn it does't pair well with the other notes. The abovementioned peachy vibe is one I do not find appealing. Despite the odd combination, however, Brooklyn doesn't strike me as unique or outstanding as some of the other Bond No. 9 entries that I like or own, but it does at least seem to speak to the signature freshness with which most of their offerings tend to be associated. Still, I don't see these notes going well together, and both projection and longevity are limited on my skin.

5 out of 10
16th March, 2015
A plain, but cute perfume thingy; you can smell vanillin, a green-floral delicate and silky accord, a tad of cedar (the usual Iso-E "pencil sharpener" thing), and a light spices topping. A white, woody, conventional sweet scent with a dusty and discreet personality, a bit boring but pleasant. After a while the artificial woody side is even more prominent, always supported by vanilla, even more pale and monotone than the beginning. If Gucci pour Homme had a diabetic sister subject to frequent fainting, that would be Brooklyn.

15th September, 2014
Bond No.9 Brooklyn gives us another average smell and above average quality fragrance with sky high price! something that happens many many times with fragrances of this house (my personal opinion!)
The opening is a fresh spicy and a little green scent with some woods in the background.
At the beginning I can smell a fresh, slightly sour yet juicy grapefruit note with strong dose of pepper that last only for a few seconds and settles down very quick too a smooth peppery aroma plus some cedar completely in the background and some cypress that give the scent a smooth green and a little more natural feeling.
It's pleasant with mediocre quality. it doesn't smell synthetic but neither so natural and high quality!
As time goes by the scent changed completely to a smooth woody, slightly smoky because of leather with some sweetness in the background. I'm not getting citruses that much in the mid.
The base is a very gentle semi sweet musky scent with very weak woods beside it.
Projection is average at the start that dies down to a completely skin scent only after 5 minutes and even yourself can barley smell it!
Longevity is around 5-6 hours on my skin.
All and all it's a pleasant fragrance and you can wear it all year round because it's very smooth and it has a little bit of everything to be a versatile fragrance but as a $200+ fragrance this is a sad joke!
26th May, 2014
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This smells like a old basement bar in Brooklyn. Hot and leathery scent. If you are a fan of Wilson leather store this is your scent.

Cons: Price..... UGH "

02nd August, 2013
Brooklyn by Bond no 9.

Your typical fresh grapefruit fragrance with a slightly woody background, with a splash of gin a little twist of a metallic vetiver note. While it starts off shaky and synthetic, it improves during the dry down, so be sure not to judge this by your first impression. However, even at it's base, it's still a fragrance that doesn't really innovate in a meaningful way or supplement what my collection already doesn't have.

If this were a designer fragrance, this would be among the better summer scents, but for the price (considering the other fragrances of the Bond no 9. line, as well as other niche fragrance in general) this is lacking. Personally, it is something I would gladly wear until my decant runs out, but I would never buy it again. As for you, if you can heighten your budget and lower your standards, this fragrance might be enjoyable for you.

29th May, 2013
Brooklyn by Bond No.9 - Upon application, one is treated to a blast of zesty citrus, furnished by its sparkling grapefruit and spicy cardamom. This fresh citrus floats on a subtle cloud of wood, and tumbles to join its verdant heart. Here, in the middle, this crisp citrus vies with the greenness of geranium leaves and cypress-wood, with a twinkling of earthy junipter berry. The brut base with its cedar and guaiac wood, and a hint of leather, rises to wrestle with the green-citrus concoction, and utimately subdues it to drift to its dry drydown. This hackneyed composition has average longevity and projection.
21st November, 2011
Dry, sharp cypress, leather, cedar with plenty of cardamom. The bottle is the best thing about it because the juice inside is nothing special.
It begins with light citrus mixed with cypress, cardamom over leather and wood. It's just not that intersting and the limited longevity doesn't help either. It's not bad nor great
04th December, 2010
All I get is cardamom, leather and cedarwood, and lots of them. That being said, it's really not a bad scent just a little simple for $120.
16th November, 2010
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I didn't care much for Brooklyn during a prior sniff, but darned if it is speaking to me today.

The grapefruit top note is just what I needed for a sluggish Monday morn--a bit of pleasant, bright smelling salts to open my eyes. An impetuous judgement (“masculine!”) sparked by the juniper note, is being pushed aside as I welcome the cardamom. I can enjoy this scent for a day. Not $-worthy, but Brooklyn deserves credit for working with my finicky skin and narrow preferences.

I can see where others might think this fairly pedestrian, but it's the kind of routine frag I hope the civilians (non-BNers) choose to wear.
12th October, 2009
I liek the word "griity" here. It really described the scent. I think it's due to the geranium leaves plus some leather. I like the woody notes here. Makes it feel dry and gritty as well. But overall, I'm not for this scent. Unique, yes but I can't shake the feeling that it's familiar. I likened it to ck One when I first tried it but I knew that was wrong. Then I thought it was similar to Banana Republic Classic but that was brinier. The concept is the same: make a truly unisex scent with just enough edge to it to make people think it leans a tad feminine or masculine. Well it worked and it feels like it leans to the feminine side. Like a bad girl scent. Unisex frags usually share a few things in common like citrus and wood notes. I've worn this several times and cannot comes to llove it. It just feels all wrong on me.
24th April, 2009
I had fairly high hopes for this Bond, a house whose unisex line is usually too feminine or exotic for my taste. Brooklyn is not a complete letdown. Were it more reasonably priced, I would probably buy it. But this juice doesn't reek of exquisite blending or high quality ingredients. It starts off with a heavy dose of cardomom tempered nicely with grapefruit. The cardamom lasts well into the drydown, where the fragrance peters out. Like Bond's description, no one note shines. It certainly smells nice, and more masculine than anything else Bond has done, with the exception of the extraordinary Riverside Drive. I could see myself wearing this work, but thats probably it. It lacks the decisive edge I expect from fragrances priced this high. Unfortunately Brooklyn seems like another high-priced-but-average outing from Bond.
01st March, 2009