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Super underrated fragrance that layers well with other fragrances (especially Riverside Drive). It's not too strong, but may be cloying if over-applied. It would probably work well with New York Musk or Montauk. I got my bottle from a YouTube fragrance reviewer who didn't like it.
15th December, 2017
Citrus-oiled new wood
Smells like possibility
Clear but not empty.
17th September, 2017
Surprising to see such a split opinion on Brooklyn by Bond No9, as I really like this fragrance, aside from the initial opening. The first few minutes are indeed a gut punch of Iso E Super and grapefruit, but it quickly settles into a very nice, long lasting, juniper, cedar and leather. To my nose this is a clean laundry and fresh air scent and reminds me of one of the Penhaligon fragrances, but with super improved performance and wearability. Another comparison I had was to Terre d' Hermes, but with much less cedar and no gun flint notes.

Bond No9 fragrances have trademark longevity on my skin, and Brooklyn was no different, although the body of the scent is relatively light and fresh. Brooklyn would make an excellent office scent for warm weather, and could be worn formal or casual. I really like this one and right after Riverside Drive and Great Jones, would be my next favorite Bond.

Thumbs Up for me.
08th January, 2016 (last edited: 14th January, 2016)
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Brooklyn starts off strong, with a thick layer of black pepper over a slug of Iso E Super, supported by Christmas tree pine, dark leather, sweetened with grapefruit and and just a pinch of (to quote jimmyfresno) "the line's favorite chemical, Calone acquatic marine 'accord'". The smell on skin is a vaguely sweet peppery woody leather, but thanks to the Iso E Super, the real fireworks are in the smoky spicy sillage.

The problem with Brooklyn is that, given time, it just sort of thins out, while a rubbing alcohol smell replaces the leather. Eventually, the base is disappointing, just a smudge of "marine" chemicals. Usually Bond doesn't cheap out on the basenotes, so I'm not sure why they let this one go so tepid.

Anyway, I love the first couple of hours, and the base, though lame, isn't as nostril-searing as many cheap "aquatic" bases, so it's a thumbs up, if only barely.
29th December, 2013
To me, this is about cyprerss and cedarwood. The opening is strongly cedar/pine-like, which put a nice big grin on my face. It does remain woodsy overall, but it loses the strength of the initial burst of wood, which is too bad.

Still a strong coniferous contender. Definitely give it a try.
05th May, 2013
Bond no.9 totally out did themselves with this wonderfully blended fragrance. Honestly I have never smelled a fragrance like this ever.

Brooklyn is the correct name for this fragrance. The bottle is the correct design for this fragrance. This fragrance is vibrant, energetic, ruthless and in your face...AT FIRST. Then like anywhere it begins to settle and becomes a place you can call home.

This fragrance is a woody-spicy-oriental. It features cardamom, geranium leaves, cedar, grapefruit, juniper berries. Guaiac wood, cedar wood, cypres and leather. Its hard to detect all the notes at once because all of them come flying at you left and right, up and down. As it settles I definitely get the grapefruit, woods, and leather. To me these 3 are the dominant parts of the fragrance.

As far as projection and longevity this fragrance is just weird. Others have said that this fragrance has very poor longevity 3-5hours max and that projection is non-existent. I must admit when you first spray this fragrance on you will swear that that it has vanished within 30mins. YET when it hits that one hour mark this stuff starts projecting hard. I have had people 5 feet away able to smell me. The more this stuff settles on your skin the stronger it gets. I consistently get monster projection and longevity.

This is one that is really hard to describe. I would just suggest everyone to sample this extraordinary fragrance as I will not be able to give an accurate description of the goodness of this fragrance. I feel that Brooklyn is the perfect name for this amazing composition as it is bold and in your face. Representing BK to the fullest!!!!

Sillage/Projection: 9/10 (Projects for a good 5 hours)
Longevity 10/10 (12+ hours typical from all Bond no.9 fragrances)
Scent: 10/10 (Never smelled anything like it, which is a good thing)
Compliment factor: 7/10 (Will get compliments, though it may be “too in your face” for some)
Purpose: 10/10 (Can be worn for any purpose)
Season: Any season
Bang for the buck: Worthy of the price. Nothing on the market does what this does. Niche quality for sure.
30th May, 2012
I don't find this feminine at all. It's about as masuline as they come, at least to my nose.
12th August, 2011
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United Kingdom
I cannot believe the bad reviews for this! I ADORE it! Really different with a green start with a kick of, well something I can't quite describe. Wonderful stuff!
20th May, 2011
Impressed by this one; I consider it quite unique.
The initial accord of geranium+cardamom+grapefruit reminds me of "fresh carrot".
I think Brooklyn is very masculine.
16th September, 2010
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United States
I found Brooklyn to be a very interesting concoction and it warranted a purchase. I appreciated the woody and citrus notes as well as the uniqueness of this fragrance. The only issue for me was the somewhat limited longevity but the bottle is beautiful.
09th April, 2010
[size=3][b]Bond No. 9 [color=turquoise]Brooklyn[/b][/color][/size] was my sole impulse purchase from the Boston BN get-together in August 2009. It's marketed as unisex, but seems to me to trend more traditionally "masculine." I can see how this could smell fairly pedestrian as a 'masculine' this year (2009 seems to be the year of 'cardamom in guys' fragrances') but on me, it's a lovely light cardamom/transparent floral and leather. I also pull up any and all sweet notes in this, so it's LOTS of fun! I envision walking past someone with a good nose who stops in their tracks as I pass, turns over their shoulder and thinks, "Wow - She's *interesting*..."

[b] Brooklyn notes:[/b] Grapefruit, Cardamom, Cypress-wood, Geranium Leaves, Juniper Berries, Cedarwood, Leather and Guaiacwood.
05th September, 2009
I got a sample for myself and found it to be too masculine for me. The citrus-y geranium freshness calmed down to a masculine woody base that was a little too much for me. This feels like a great summer scent as it's not too intense and the base really sticks around a while. I'm gonna try to get my male friends to wear this. I think this is a great scent for a guy who wants something a little different.
16th April, 2009
Brooklyn is that quirky, gritty, creative and newly remade and rediscovered urban area that I would love to have found in this fragrance - But NO. The only part of Brooklyn in this creation is the artwork on the bottle. Nice artwork! The fragrance smells very clean and fresh, but it is less of Brooklyn and more like Shaker Heights, or North Dallas. As neighborhood character goes, this Bond is an ultra sanitized upscale neighborhood with nicely appointed wood and new car leather freshness. Definitely not Brooklyn! But, setting aside the clashing imagery for a moment, this is a nice fresh aquatic wood scent that will be great for spring or summer.

Brooklyn opens with grapefruit over cardamon with a juniper chaser for a fresh lightly aquatic wood feel. This freshness covers a light leather/wood base for a pretty good imitation of the smell of new car leather. The leather is a very light iris gaiac wood leather similar to the leather in Dior Homme but covered with the ctrus woods. Really there is not enough leather in here to claim leather, but you have to give a label to the dry softness in the middle of the citrus green and woods. A very clean fresh woodsy scent for summer. Give it one thumb up!

28th March, 2009
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Bond No. 9 Brooklyn

Laurice Rahme’s Bond No. 9 line has explored most of the neighborhoods of Manhattan and now under the creative direction of perfumer Laurent LeGuernec, in 2009, the line takes a trip across the bridge into Brooklyn. Brooklyn is marketed to be a woody oriental which is to “tilt towards the masculine”. I picked up the graffiti covered bottle, which is fabulous looking, hoping to be as impressed by the juice contained inside. The top of this is grapefruit but more the tanginess that comes from the rind of a grapefruit and not the juiciness of the pulp. In compliment is the lemony smoothness that cardamom brings. This top note lasts much longer than the normal citrus top note and I was able to sniff it on paper and my wrist hours after application making this one of the longest lasting grapefruits scents I’ve worn. When I tested this on paper and on my wrist the middle notes listed of cedar, juniper and geranium never appeared and I kept sniffing to try and find them. Things were much different when I did my usual full-body application. After multiple sprays I do get the cedar and juniper but they are very subtle on my skin and I’m not sure if I wasn’t hunting for them that I would be talking about them. Mainly because as the grapefruit finally burns away the base of this is really quite nice; as first a leather note comes in followed by guaiac. For a note which is getting as much use as guaiac is lately I am finding its versatility to be quite astonishing. Here it adds a clean edge to the supple leather and doesn’t overwhelm as it has in other guaiac containing scents I’ve sniffed lately. I can see where this does slightly tilt towards the masculine but this would be easily worn by a woman who likes a woody scent as the wood is not layered on with a heavy hand. With a graffiti covered bottle I think I was hoping for an edgier scent with more modern sensibilities, what I got was a surprisingly long-lasting woody citrus that I think will be just right in the warmer weather. Unlike the graffiti on the bottle I won’t be trying to scrub this off my walls.
21st March, 2009
Yum yum yum! This smells really great on me, and I got compliments in the elevator leaving the mall. Next I walk into a local fav eatery of mine and get a few more compliments. Nice! In fact, I had to hide this one from a friend of mine, I let him test it and the next thing I know he is bathing in it. Really glad I took the time for this one, it will be a staple for sure.
19th March, 2009
Blind-bought this based purely on sentiment and the list of ingredients. A true winner for me...the citrus/geranium opening moves smoothly into a fresh green woodsiness (Prospect Park!) and the leather is fawn gloves. Also love the graffiti bottle - hope it isn't replaced.
13th March, 2009