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Super underrated fragrance that layers well with other fragrances (especially Riverside Drive). It's not too strong, but may be cloying if over-applied. It would probably work well with New York Musk or Montauk. I got my bottle from a YouTube fragrance reviewer who didn't like it.
15th December, 2017
Citrus-oiled new wood
Smells like possibility
Clear but not empty.
17th September, 2017
Surprising to see such a split opinion on Brooklyn by Bond No9, as I really like this fragrance, aside from the initial opening. The first few minutes are indeed a gut punch of Iso E Super and grapefruit, but it quickly settles into a very nice, long lasting, juniper, cedar and leather. To my nose this is a clean laundry and fresh air scent and reminds me of one of the Penhaligon fragrances, but with super improved performance and wearability. Another comparison I had was to Terre d' Hermes, but with much less cedar and no gun flint notes.

Bond No9 fragrances have trademark longevity on my skin, and Brooklyn was no different, although the body of the scent is relatively light and fresh. Brooklyn would make an excellent office scent for warm weather, and could be worn formal or casual. I really like this one and right after Riverside Drive and Great Jones, would be my next favorite Bond.

Thumbs Up for me.
08th January, 2016 (last edited: 14th January, 2016)
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For some reason, the grapefruit combined with another herby/woody ingredient (not sure if it's juniper) gives it a peach-like smell, which leans it further toward the aquatic. I don't detect the cardamom but the leather is apparent as more of a base note. I haven't noticed much evolution in the dry down. It's certainly a light fragrance that is more geared towards warm weather.

Simply put, I wouldn't reach for it as a summer option. It fits into the fresh and woody subcategories, which, with the grapefruit, creates an odd combination. I enjoy the grapefruit in C.O. Bigelow Elixir White, for example, but in Brooklyn it does't pair well with the other notes. The abovementioned peachy vibe is one I do not find appealing. Despite the odd combination, however, Brooklyn doesn't strike me as unique or outstanding as some of the other Bond No. 9 entries that I like or own, but it does at least seem to speak to the signature freshness with which most of their offerings tend to be associated. Still, I don't see these notes going well together, and both projection and longevity are limited on my skin.

5 out of 10
16th March, 2015
Smells like a more synthetic version of Creed's Royal Water. It kinda has a citrus, juniper, gin/tonic thing going on. Does a little more than your average Calvin Klein but not nearly as unique, striking or pleasant as what you would expect for niche quality. Not bad but not good either.

03rd February, 2015
A plain, but cute perfume thingy; you can smell vanillin, a green-floral delicate and silky accord, a tad of cedar (the usual Iso-E "pencil sharpener" thing), and a light spices topping. A white, woody, conventional sweet scent with a dusty and discreet personality, a bit boring but pleasant. After a while the artificial woody side is even more prominent, always supported by vanilla, even more pale and monotone than the beginning. If Gucci pour Homme had a diabetic sister subject to frequent fainting, that would be Brooklyn.

15th September, 2014
Bond No.9 Brooklyn gives us another average smell and above average quality fragrance with sky high price! something that happens many many times with fragrances of this house (my personal opinion!)
The opening is a fresh spicy and a little green scent with some woods in the background.
At the beginning I can smell a fresh, slightly sour yet juicy grapefruit note with strong dose of pepper that last only for a few seconds and settles down very quick too a smooth peppery aroma plus some cedar completely in the background and some cypress that give the scent a smooth green and a little more natural feeling.
It's pleasant with mediocre quality. it doesn't smell synthetic but neither so natural and high quality!
As time goes by the scent changed completely to a smooth woody, slightly smoky because of leather with some sweetness in the background. I'm not getting citruses that much in the mid.
The base is a very gentle semi sweet musky scent with very weak woods beside it.
Projection is average at the start that dies down to a completely skin scent only after 5 minutes and even yourself can barley smell it!
Longevity is around 5-6 hours on my skin.
All and all it's a pleasant fragrance and you can wear it all year round because it's very smooth and it has a little bit of everything to be a versatile fragrance but as a $200+ fragrance this is a sad joke!
26th May, 2014
Brooklyn starts off strong, with a thick layer of black pepper over a slug of Iso E Super, supported by Christmas tree pine, dark leather, sweetened with grapefruit and and just a pinch of (to quote jimmyfresno) "the line's favorite chemical, Calone acquatic marine 'accord'". The smell on skin is a vaguely sweet peppery woody leather, but thanks to the Iso E Super, the real fireworks are in the smoky spicy sillage.

The problem with Brooklyn is that, given time, it just sort of thins out, while a rubbing alcohol smell replaces the leather. Eventually, the base is disappointing, just a smudge of "marine" chemicals. Usually Bond doesn't cheap out on the basenotes, so I'm not sure why they let this one go so tepid.

Anyway, I love the first couple of hours, and the base, though lame, isn't as nostril-searing as many cheap "aquatic" bases, so it's a thumbs up, if only barely.
29th December, 2013

This smells like a old basement bar in Brooklyn. Hot and leathery scent. If you are a fan of Wilson leather store this is your scent.

Cons: Price..... UGH "

02nd August, 2013
Brooklyn by Bond no 9.

Your typical fresh grapefruit fragrance with a slightly woody background, with a splash of gin a little twist of a metallic vetiver note. While it starts off shaky and synthetic, it improves during the dry down, so be sure not to judge this by your first impression. However, even at it's base, it's still a fragrance that doesn't really innovate in a meaningful way or supplement what my collection already doesn't have.

If this were a designer fragrance, this would be among the better summer scents, but for the price (considering the other fragrances of the Bond no 9. line, as well as other niche fragrance in general) this is lacking. Personally, it is something I would gladly wear until my decant runs out, but I would never buy it again. As for you, if you can heighten your budget and lower your standards, this fragrance might be enjoyable for you.

29th May, 2013
To me, this is about cyprerss and cedarwood. The opening is strongly cedar/pine-like, which put a nice big grin on my face. It does remain woodsy overall, but it loses the strength of the initial burst of wood, which is too bad.

Still a strong coniferous contender. Definitely give it a try.
05th May, 2013
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New Zealand
I'm going against the grain here and you won't find a bigger Bond No 9 fan out there than me. The cardamom was an immediate turn off in the opening. I disagree about how this is an all season fragrance because no one would want to smell like this in the summer and this does not have the projection/longevity required in the winter (on my skin). If this was in my collection I would never wear it nor would I want to so I'm giving this a negative rating
15th February, 2013
I have none of the baggage regarding Bond as some reviewers, e.g. the number of fragrances they release each year, etc. But I am starting to believe that their formulas are ripoff tweeks of popular perfume notes.

Brooklyn, oh Brooklyn. What an overdose of a note not listed: synthetic Pink Peppercorn, iso e Super, and the line's favorite chemical, Calone acquatic marine "accord." . Astmatic, bronchospasm-inducing Pink Peppercorn. One tiny half spritz on my wrist and I recognized it and had to wash it off. It is the very note that causes my lungs to close when a colleague wears it. My spouse is now coughing 3 rooms away, I swear to god.
01st July, 2012
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Bond no.9 totally out did themselves with this wonderfully blended fragrance. Honestly I have never smelled a fragrance like this ever.

Brooklyn is the correct name for this fragrance. The bottle is the correct design for this fragrance. This fragrance is vibrant, energetic, ruthless and in your face...AT FIRST. Then like anywhere it begins to settle and becomes a place you can call home.

This fragrance is a woody-spicy-oriental. It features cardamom, geranium leaves, cedar, grapefruit, juniper berries. Guaiac wood, cedar wood, cypres and leather. Its hard to detect all the notes at once because all of them come flying at you left and right, up and down. As it settles I definitely get the grapefruit, woods, and leather. To me these 3 are the dominant parts of the fragrance.

As far as projection and longevity this fragrance is just weird. Others have said that this fragrance has very poor longevity 3-5hours max and that projection is non-existent. I must admit when you first spray this fragrance on you will swear that that it has vanished within 30mins. YET when it hits that one hour mark this stuff starts projecting hard. I have had people 5 feet away able to smell me. The more this stuff settles on your skin the stronger it gets. I consistently get monster projection and longevity.

This is one that is really hard to describe. I would just suggest everyone to sample this extraordinary fragrance as I will not be able to give an accurate description of the goodness of this fragrance. I feel that Brooklyn is the perfect name for this amazing composition as it is bold and in your face. Representing BK to the fullest!!!!

Sillage/Projection: 9/10 (Projects for a good 5 hours)
Longevity 10/10 (12+ hours typical from all Bond no.9 fragrances)
Scent: 10/10 (Never smelled anything like it, which is a good thing)
Compliment factor: 7/10 (Will get compliments, though it may be “too in your face” for some)
Purpose: 10/10 (Can be worn for any purpose)
Season: Any season
Bang for the buck: Worthy of the price. Nothing on the market does what this does. Niche quality for sure.
30th May, 2012
Brooklyn: home of Biggie, edgy, fast, slick, unique vibe.

that is what I thought Brooklyn would smell like... instead, i got this uber floral-ly OD that turned into a sour-lemon smell and then more flowers. I don't like it very much and the sillage is pretty poor in my opinion...

i feel this would lean more to the feminine side
16th February, 2012
Brooklyn by Bond No.9 - Upon application, one is treated to a blast of zesty citrus, furnished by its sparkling grapefruit and spicy cardamom. This fresh citrus floats on a subtle cloud of wood, and tumbles to join its verdant heart. Here, in the middle, this crisp citrus vies with the greenness of geranium leaves and cypress-wood, with a twinkling of earthy junipter berry. The brut base with its cedar and guaiac wood, and a hint of leather, rises to wrestle with the green-citrus concoction, and utimately subdues it to drift to its dry drydown. This hackneyed composition has average longevity and projection.
21st November, 2011
I don't find this feminine at all. It's about as masuline as they come, at least to my nose.
12th August, 2011
A unisex fragrance that is distinctly feminine. Don't even look at this one because it'll wink back with eyelashes full of mascara. As a feminine scent alone it smells below average so it doesn't get any points there. Pityful fragrance. F!
06th July, 2011
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United Kingdom
I cannot believe the bad reviews for this! I ADORE it! Really different with a green start with a kick of, well something I can't quite describe. Wonderful stuff!
20th May, 2011
I got sold by the SA at Sak's and ended up buying a bottle of Brooklyn. I've regretted that buy for quite some time now.

The Good: It's different. Some people will think it's good different, others will think it's bad different. The bottle looks great. Projection is good.

The Bad: This scent is distinctly flat to me. I get two notes: Grapefruit and Leather. The drydown is just a less intense version of the opening on my skin, no real evolution from the top to the base. It's also criminally expensive.

Occasion: Definite daytime scent, but I've struggled with the proper occasion for it. I find it a bit too dressy for casual and a bit too casual for dressy.

This might be a great scent for someone, but it wasn't for me. It was different, but not necessarily pleasant. It's lack of sophistication and complexity disappointed me. Also, Brooklyn is definitely not worth it for the price, find something else.
10th March, 2011
An adolescent, sweet and spicy fruity/wood scent shrouded in paraffin, whose masculinity is highly questionable.
19th January, 2011
My negative rating is really a reflection of the utter characterlessness of this fragrance. The opening gives hope: Cardamon and juniper and a soft hiss of citrus. A few minutes later there is only a wallpaper of celery. Then a washed out static. So, pointless. I agree with Off-Scenter...this one could be an exercise in cynicism from the company.
07th January, 2011
Dry, sharp cypress, leather, cedar with plenty of cardamom. The bottle is the best thing about it because the juice inside is nothing special.
It begins with light citrus mixed with cypress, cardamom over leather and wood. It's just not that intersting and the limited longevity doesn't help either. It's not bad nor great
04th December, 2010
All I get is cardamom, leather and cedarwood, and lots of them. That being said, it's really not a bad scent just a little simple for $120.
16th November, 2010
I totally agree with Off-scenter on this one; weak and generic; nothing special; could have been anything you found in a market stall as a copykat of a more respectable scent.

I shall stick to Morgan de Toi pour homme which is more vibrant and energetic and costs a fraction of the price and has a cool bottle too...sorry Bond but this one is not for me...thumbs down !
19th September, 2010
Impressed by this one; I consider it quite unique.
The initial accord of geranium+cardamom+grapefruit reminds me of "fresh carrot".
I think Brooklyn is very masculine.
16th September, 2010
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United States
I found Brooklyn to be a very interesting concoction and it warranted a purchase. I appreciated the woody and citrus notes as well as the uniqueness of this fragrance. The only issue for me was the somewhat limited longevity but the bottle is beautiful.
09th April, 2010
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United States
I didn't care much for Brooklyn during a prior sniff, but darned if it is speaking to me today.

The grapefruit top note is just what I needed for a sluggish Monday morn--a bit of pleasant, bright smelling salts to open my eyes. An impetuous judgement (“masculine!”) sparked by the juniper note, is being pushed aside as I welcome the cardamom. I can enjoy this scent for a day. Not $-worthy, but Brooklyn deserves credit for working with my finicky skin and narrow preferences.

I can see where others might think this fairly pedestrian, but it's the kind of routine frag I hope the civilians (non-BNers) choose to wear.
12th October, 2009
[size=3][b]Bond No. 9 [color=turquoise]Brooklyn[/b][/color][/size] was my sole impulse purchase from the Boston BN get-together in August 2009. It's marketed as unisex, but seems to me to trend more traditionally "masculine." I can see how this could smell fairly pedestrian as a 'masculine' this year (2009 seems to be the year of 'cardamom in guys' fragrances') but on me, it's a lovely light cardamom/transparent floral and leather. I also pull up any and all sweet notes in this, so it's LOTS of fun! I envision walking past someone with a good nose who stops in their tracks as I pass, turns over their shoulder and thinks, "Wow - She's *interesting*..."

[b] Brooklyn notes:[/b] Grapefruit, Cardamom, Cypress-wood, Geranium Leaves, Juniper Berries, Cedarwood, Leather and Guaiacwood.
05th September, 2009
A very "dim" and "timid" spicy/woody scent.
Cardamom and Cypress are the stars, and the overall impression is dissapointing and totally unworthy of being named after the borough.
Bitter, boring, and lame are not what I expected from that note pyramid.
Another total yawner from Bond no.9.
28th June, 2009