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I bought this last summer and I was positively surprised. It's a wonderful bouquet that keeps you fresh for hours - surprisingly long for this price range.

It lasts long and smells fantastic.
30th March, 2013
A lovely, fresh Cologne - uplifting and not as conventional as many other takes on this subject, since the dominant Melissa note is very well orchestrated and lingers on for several hours. It is neither complicated nor sophisticated - and one should not expect too much from a timid Kölnisch Wasser, which - after all - is not meant to revolutionize the entire genre. I personally enjoy spraying this on in hot climate - the cool Melissa notes give me a break from all things flowery, opulent and complicated.
30th July, 2010
Since my previous review for this "juice" i've put my nose through some "ruff roads of smells".Now...i really didn't get what's so good about this perfume until i used it being on one of the caribbean islands where hot,thick air is occasionally cut through with a gentle waft of a seebreeze. This perfume really gets things "fresh".The simplicity is so kind of childish that i'm almost stunned by it after all those modern "mega-mixes" where you have to run through the whole spectrum just to make it clear for yourself what's so good about this particular smell and what's not. Here you do get THE verbena-no questions asked.It is just it.Dont go look for any deviations which sometimes mislead you and leave you with an abstract perfumer's art impression of some fruit or herb.A casual sweetness in this perfume might remind of black current jam or a bunch of yellow sweet clovers but is set as a basenote so it doesnt bother.Melissa is mysteriously hidden though.While a real melissa can be magicly sharp like some kind of a buzzer that wakes you up in the middle of the night even in small quantities with this perfume it is blended into a subtle reminder of melissa.Still the freshness is obvious.Rather for women but i still use it.And the longetivity is more than decent for a cologne.A generous splash can make it go through the whole day on my clothes and this is at 32°C when anything that even can evaporate just does. A valuble aquisition.
12th November, 2009 (last edited: 20th January, 2013)
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