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Neutral Reviews of Blu Mediterraneo Mirto di Panarea by Acqua di Parma

Mirto di Panarea is a beachy, woody, citrus entry unlike most others in the ADP Blu line in that it is neither particularly citrus-intensive or sweet. The myrtle reminds me of the beach, as does the hint of citrus---mainly bergamot, to my nose.

It doesn't lose much intensity throughout its lifespan, so it's relatively linear and consistent. Average longevity and projection.

Interesting and distinctive, MdP nonetheless strikes me as more of a room fragrance than a personal one, especially not a masculine one, contrary to many opinions.

It falls into the category of one that needs to be smelled and not blind bought, especially given the relatively uncommon myrtle note.

6 out of 10
18th June, 2015
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United States
Mirto di Panarea opens with a now all too familiar combination of lemon and bergamot and other citrus with a mildly herbal undertone of basil and myrtle, and a salty accord that is relatively well-repressed. The salty citrus and its underlying herbal greens remain into the heart as the scent remains linear in its presentation throughout only slightly changing up things a bit when a base note of amber replaces the now highly dissipated citrus late. Projection is average and longevity is below average.

It is now official... after having tried three of the four samples of the Blu Mediterraneo series I am pretty well convinced this segment of the Acqua di Parma brand is not for me. Like its sister scents I find Mirto di Pannarea to be extremely uninteresting and forgettable. The bergamot and lemon has been done so many times before and quite frankly done a lot better elsewhere. It also has been done by other scents in the Blu line, come to think of it... Why do these Blu line scents all seem like the same fragrance over and over again? I do like the amber dry-down, but it is nothing earth shattering and it is quite short-lived with no projection at all by the time it appears. Mirto di Panarea is yet another disappointing release in the generally disappointing Blu line, earning another average score of 2.5 stars out of 5. Skip it, says I.
05th August, 2012
I want to say that Mirto reminds me of a far lighter version of Rive Gauche, but I don't currently have any RG with which to compare it. I can say with more certainty that Mirto is citrus, floral, and wood, and it really is a wonderfully refreshing summer fragrance. There's an aquatic quality to it without it being cliche, and maybe even some cologniness too. However, despite the wonderfulness this is a VERY weak fragrance, in both sillage and longevity. I dumped the majority of my 5 ml sample on myself, and within an hour or two there wasn't much scent to be smelled.

This is why I not only like to smell a fragrance, but give it a good, all-day wearing.
09th July, 2011
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Another citrus summer scent?
Yes, but not a usual one!
It starts with a beautiful green in a citrus accord. Very fresh and not too pungent.
The middle notes are only weakly floral and dominated by the blackcurrant leaves and the myrtle.
They give it a spicy-fresh base.
One could consider it as a unisex scent, although I would say it better suits a woman than a man.
It's a very uncomplicated scent and the ingredients seem to be of very good quality and of natural origin.
Use it as an aromatherapy if you are in a bad mood, it will blow your depression away!

Unfortunately there is one big point of criticism:
MdP has a very poor longelivety. It's not a "whole-day" scent. Perhaps you can apply it for a 2-3 hours trip, or
you take the bottle with you and apply it every 3 hours. It's definitely too short for a middle-price fragrance.
What a pity!
27th July, 2009