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Reviews of Waikiki Pikake by Pacifica

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I haven't tried this in the eau de parfum, just the body lotion, wash, soap and solid perfume. The solid is a nice, classic jasmine and sandalwood perfume. Simple, pretty linear, and it smells a lot like a tropical conservatory in winter. I have allergy issues with a lot of "white florals", because I am allergic to actual iris and narcissus. The plants are just bad news for me. This scent does not cause problems due to that. (which doesn't mean there are no scent chemicals from the plants that give me trouble, just that the dose is low enough)

If you want to slightly boost the jasmine in another perfume, these body products are great. And if you want a winter pick me up of tropical flowers, also great.
28th October, 2014
Having just purchased 3 pots of jasmine to plant, and their beautiful aroma filling my house with their lovely little white blossoms, I can quite confidently say that Waikiki Pikake is the most accurate and pure rendition of jasmine that can be. Absolutely not a hint of mothball or cheap candle anywhere, and the dry down is smelling e en better, a little greener, even. I do not normally make such bold statements as this in reviews, but, as stated, the real live scent of real
live jasmine is right here to compare. Pure jasmine frag., so if you're looking for something more complex, this one is not for you.
01st August, 2010
Ehh. In a way I love this, and in a way I don't. It smells lovely at first, but it got sort of...weird. I sprayed it on my arm, and what started out tropical and happy turned sharp and, yeah, sort of candle-ish. Loads of white flowers and some citrus, but none of it gentle on me. There seemed to be a pleasantly light sillage for a while but for the most part it was a short-lived fragrance. It doesn't suit me, but I can see others liking it - I'd probably love the candle.
27th January, 2010
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The scent of the soap was absolutely glorious, and I think it had tiny bits of rose petals in it, too- haven't tried the spray cologne
04th December, 2009
This works well as a solid perfume. It is long lasting and projects better than one would expect for a solid. It is like a small vacation in the tropics and puts me in a warm-weather frame of mind. Try it, for $9 you can't go wrong.
15th September, 2009
I had a tough time deciding whether to go thumbs up or sideways on this review. It starts out quite nice and is very reminiscent of Kai--gardenia and jasmine, but without Kai's stemmy notes (and without Kai's relatively high price). The fragrance is relatively long-lasting and has good projection. However, I didn't love the drydown--it had a note that, while not exactly aquatic, smelled just a bit too "slightly cheap candle." While it deserves a thumbs-up for the price, in the scheme of things, it's a neutral. White flower lovers who want to give their wallets a rest should definitely give it a try, though.
12th August, 2009
I loved this as a candle scent, and stupidly thought it would be equally great as a fragrance for myself. I was really wrong. What's beautiful, clean, and tropical (not in the Hawaiian Tropic lotion way, but in a what-an-island-actually-smells-like way) as a candle is strangely mothball-esque as a perfume. I still love the candles, so maybe I'll just use this as a room spray. Not bad, but not a legitimate perfume, either.
22nd April, 2009