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Positive Reviews of Waikiki Pikake by Pacifica

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Having just purchased 3 pots of jasmine to plant, and their beautiful aroma filling my house with their lovely little white blossoms, I can quite confidently say that Waikiki Pikake is the most accurate and pure rendition of jasmine that can be. Absolutely not a hint of mothball or cheap candle anywhere, and the dry down is smelling e en better, a little greener, even. I do not normally make such bold statements as this in reviews, but, as stated, the real live scent of real
live jasmine is right here to compare. Pure jasmine frag., so if you're looking for something more complex, this one is not for you.
01st August, 2010
The scent of the soap was absolutely glorious, and I think it had tiny bits of rose petals in it, too- haven't tried the spray cologne
04th December, 2009
This works well as a solid perfume. It is long lasting and projects better than one would expect for a solid. It is like a small vacation in the tropics and puts me in a warm-weather frame of mind. Try it, for $9 you can't go wrong.
15th September, 2009
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