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Reviews of Notre Flore Jasmin / Jasmine by L'Occitane

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This goes on with a burst of plasticky aldehydes, which disperse to leave a green note, underpinned with a sweet amber. The green note is listed as "ivy leaves", & perhaps I'm allowing myself to be suggestible here, but I have ivy in my garden, & this does smell a lot like it. The jasmine slowly makes itself known, but is not prominent for me, being well blended into the mix of other notes. The scent becomes thicker & sweeter over the first half hour, & remains that way until around four hours in, when it's a little more creamy & lactonic. At the five hour mark it's become a soft, lemony floral, not unlike Goutal's Le Chevrefeuille. It fades to a skin scent nine hours in.
There's a lot more to this one than jasmine, & the combination of fresh & warm notes is well done & quite unusual. I don't quite love it, but I do like it.
28th November, 2017
Agree that this comes across as a scent suitable for women.
It is buttery, round, and amber-y. It has an well-blended assembly of floral notes (I can't pick out any particular ones) freshened by a crisp green note which I assume is from ivy leaves. Pleasant, though it gets sweeter in the dry-down.
15th March, 2012

Opens with bergamot and a green note but very quickly becomes a Jasmine note that is light and delicate and supported by orange blossom. It’s an innocent jasmine and a light, almost fresh version of it. I get cedar for the drydown and no musk at all. All of the Notre Flore fragrances are listed in BN as unisex. Even though I am a jasmine lover, I would hesitate wearing Notre Flore Jasmin: It comes across as very feminine... Could be a skin issue.

07th May, 2010
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02nd March, 2010
I like it very much. The jasmine is very prominent and satisfies my longings for this scent. I also smell something slightly bitter in it. It is a very good fragrance. Seems a bit strong while I am spraying it, but in a few minutes it settles at a comfortable level and, although not extremely long lived, I can feel it for many hours. It is not the perfect jasmine scent (OH, Jasmin par Le Galion!) but my first bottle is almost over and I have just bought two more, out of my extreme fear of being jasmine-deprived again. All thumbs up!
12th November, 2009 (last edited: 06th October, 2011)