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Negative Reviews of Musc Nomade by Annick Goutal

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My lack of connection with this one doesn't have to do with price or indifference. It's a conflict with one of the notes. I react to many of the Goutals in the same way, so assume it is a signature chemical note or accord used by this house.
It turned sour and slightly gassy on me within a few minutes, making it altogether un-lovely.
As usual, I attribute it to a synthetic allergy on my part. It may be a lovely fragrance, well-done, etc. but I have no way of knowing. It's a decided thumbs-down for me.
02nd October, 2012

The angelica rises off the skin immediately…

I have a love / dislike relationship with angelica, and here, it would be love, but this lovely version of it just doesn’t last long enough for me. The angelica disappears and the accord is immediately taken over by the musks, the rose, and the woods of the middle. I find the middle accord “pretty” at first but very quickly it becomes uninspired. It is also short lived and moves to the base too quickly. To my nose the tonka bean dominates the drydown and it is too sweet for my tastes. I get the white musks that are there, but I don’t get the labdanum, so, again, I am not impressed. On my skin Musc Nomade neither projects nor lasts.

Confession: Musks are not my favorites. Of the Les Orientalistes line I thoroughly enjoyed Encens Flamboyant and I purchased Myrrhe Ardente. To my tastes they are excellent scents that are true to their mission. Musc Nomade may very well be true to its mission, but I don’t find it very special, and its longevity is not at all good on my skin.

14th November, 2009
A musk scent that is not animalic at all, not in a slightest bit. In fact more than a musk fragrance, I think of this as a powdery (musk) woody fragrance with resinous, slightly incense-like undertones.

Opening has a beautiful flowery feel and from the first sniff it is very clear for the one that this is technically speaking a great scent: Balance is there right from the start and it feels very niche with trust for high quality ingredient use in the blend.

This is a pretty contemporary soft oriental fragrance that is completely equally suitable for both sexes.
There is something very “Bertrand Duchafour-like” in this scent, although I think its not exactly as rich as most of that mans resembling creations.

This is a nice fragrance but I couldn’t possibly imagine that I paid 95 euros for a bottle of this. Not even close.

In fact considering that exclusive price, I can’t resist give negative rating for this.
03rd March, 2009
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