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Neutral Reviews of Musc Nomade by Annick Goutal

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This has been reformulated and much to its detriment. I used to like (but not love) its slightly vegetal muskiness. It was a berry-sweet, barely there puff-of-a fragrance, with a tiny bit of green thanks to the angelica top note. A somewhat pretty, inoffensive mid-point between clean white musks and far dirtier ones.

Now however, it is nothing at all. Or it is a nothing created synthetically with only a faint resemblance to its original self--which was already faint enough to begin with. This is kind of sad, since it filled a much-needed and right-in-the-middle spot on the musk spectrum.

Don't bother unless you can find an older bottle. (Even then you, like some, may be anosmic to its particular type of musk notes.)
08th October, 2017
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United States
Grassy Patchouli

I was hoping Musc Nomade would be a truly Oriental musk reminiscent of Arabie, the steppes of Central Asia, or the Western Lands of the Silk Road.

The opening is a boozy citrus. The heart and base emerge quickly and dominate. The whole fragrance is overpowered by grassy patchouli and vetiver. Whatever musk there is is mute and largely undetectable.

Sadly, Musc Nomade is little more than a grassy patchouli "head shop" type fragrance that might have been popular in the 1960s. At this price, I would recommend the much more affordable Molinard Musc, which is nearly identical and 1/4 the price.
16th October, 2016
As a semi-sweet booze and currant scent with Ribena aspirations, Musc Nomade starts big and almost gourmand before settling into low-level powdery hum of a musk that desiccates over time. Once it’s calmed down, a cushion-like effect takes over and the scent feels like the olfactory equivalent of an alpaca blanket. It’s soft and quite powdery but with enough berry leaf remaining to anchor it as interesting. But as a musk fragrance, it’s PG-rated — disappointingly so.
05th March, 2015
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From reading a few reviews of this and seeeing some of the notes, I thought I was in for a real treat when I ordered a 15 ml bottle of this. However I was very disappointed once I received it. I've given it a few tries, but the scent never seems to take off for me. It seems thin and lays close to the skin smelling like a paler version of richer and meatier Ambre Fetiche. I'm begining to realize that I don't much care for scents that feature 'white musk" as opposed to a musk that is much "dirtier". It could have benefitted greatly from such a note. However, it's pleasant and some may enjoy this as a light summer musk scent.
16th March, 2009