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This is a wonderfully clean,green-spicy,assertive scent that can be worn by men or women.the scent is fresh but has character,reminds me of strong forest under a sky filled with the grey storm clouds,a crisp wind is blowing,the air is thick with earthy smells and imminent rain.a fragrance out of ordinary, a refreshing scent in all ways.the composition is contered on the lily of the volley with it is gentle green and fresh beauty.Musky,Floral,Refreshing,Green, Subtle,Lively and Well Balanced.

This lovely green scent opens with a nice it settles fades into a elegant musk and vetiver scent after a dominant lily heart notes,that is nothing your face,nothing cheap yet makes it an feminine fact it is a gentle musky scent that is layered on the green first it smells like think of a woodland fairytale,like something fairy princess from lord of the rings would wear.perfect for the rainy weather.


Longevity?About 4 hours on my skin.

28th December, 2015
The name and, the color of the bottle makes you think it is going to be a green, woody and musty scent. What a big disappointment, I was also convinced (like many) this was going to be a pine/cedar and very woody perfume, but it turns out to be mainly a lily of the valley perfume. I have nothing against lily of the valley, but in this perfume it is basically just lily of the valley and nothing else, the citrus and vetiver are for all purposes nonexistent, and the musk is so weak that practically could have been left out without affecting the total feeling of the perfume at all.
The strong and penetrating lily of the valley note is too feminine for my taste (and I do wear some women's perfumes in occasions) but this perfume is way too feminine for most males to enjoy.
Hard to get, expensive and not of my liking, what can i do but assign a thumbs down to this mess.
04th September, 2014
For some reason, I was convinced that this would be a much bluer or greener scent, but I'm finding it much redder than I expected, leaning toward magenta. The opening is brilliant: a lush, semi-tropical unisex fruit basket, with the type of florals you'd find in a Gendarme (or Richard James, or At The Beach 1966). I almost am at the point of being able to pick out individual fruits, and maybe that's why I like it; I don't like most fruit fragrances but I also can usually never pick out their notes because all the ones I've tried are frankly synthetic, metallic garbage. What troubles me is that the fruit starts to shift more toward resembling cherry, a note that I truly despise. At first, the scent passes through a phase where it reminds me of cherry popsicles, which doesn't bother me. It gets a little worse, but isn't too bad and only leaves me mildly annoyed because it's not as candy-like as a lot of other brands become by this stage. It's actually a lot closer to Richard James than I remembered from my first few trials, and this earns it a lot of my respect, but it's still not quite what I hoped for, nor is it an amazing and serendipitous find. Just a unisex floral cherry fragrance.
07th October, 2012
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This is one of my favorites--this past Christmas I was visiting home, and I found a bottle of this among a few scents my father had gotten tired of and left for me to try out. It was love at first sniff, and although there is a certain nostalgia that this scent evokes for me, I find the scent to be very unique, and feel great when I wear it. Lush green, homage to a mountain forest after a rainstorm...damp branches, faint flowers, moss, wet stone. Somewhat sweet and clean (without coming off like soap or detergent), but this still strikes me as somewhat more on the masculine end of the dial--though I'd certainly enjoy smelling this on a woman. I think this one is very overlooked, which is great, as I don't worry about running into anyone else wearing it.
16th June, 2012
Not good, certainly not great - but you get what you pay for, longevity and silage is poor - but the scent with its animalic musk coupled with vetiver made me buy this - quite the compliment getter, well blended.
12th June, 2012
Has been my favorite scent for the last 3 years. SADLY, Kieh's has discontinued making the scent. Good luck finding it online. Try the Kiehl's Musk, it's not as good, but still one of my favorites.
26th February, 2012
I give a neutral rating but really, it is not bad. It is a soft, slightly dusky-sweet musk scent. As others have noted, this is not a crisp forest but rather the soft green undergrowth in a tropical forest after an early morning rain. The vetiver gives a grassy, stalk-like aspect. I find some mild green notes throughout. A little too soft and pretty for me to wear, but it is a nice sort or scent. I do see similarities in house style to Pour Homme Essence and Kiehl's Musk. I wouldn't call this a "masculine" scent at all.
10th October, 2011
It was the name that urged me to buy a sample of Forest Rain. It sounded so lush and green that I couldn't possibly resist the temptation. Forest Rain turned out to be all that I expected and more.

The moment I applied Forest Rain to my wrist, I exclaimed with deep satisfication, "yum!" To my nose it's a combination of musky greeness, a dew-like sweetness and an elaborate bouquet of big, white lillies.

I feel very feminine and pretty while wearing this, however it has an interesting warmth once settled, that makes me feel very in touch with the earth, somewhat like a hippy. It exudes this strange bohemian aura, and while I'm not very bohemian myself, it awakens the creativeness in me.

The scent tends to envelope you, it becomes you. I can't imagine this fragrance offending anyone. From a distance Forest Rain smells clean and soapy. This fragrance actually reminds me of Spring.

The sillage and lasting strength are amazing. I was so enraptured by this fragrance that I added it to my wishlist in a matter of seconds, without even waiting for the development.

Although I recommend this fragrance for Spring and Summer, I'm currently wearing Forest Rain on a cold and rainy Winter's day and it wears considerably well in such weather.
24th September, 2011
Forest Rain does smell like a rainy forest, but not in the way most reviewers seem to expect. There isn't a hint of evergreen in this, despite the color of the bottle and "northwestern rain forest" look of the whole presentation. Seattle is many thousands of miles away from this one.

The smell is more evocative of a tropical rain forest, full of beautiful flowers, blooming grass, and giant trees with enormous leaves, dripping with water. There isn't much, if any, wood in this blend. This forest is dominated by leaves and thick foliage. The muguet note is particularly noticeable, and I suspect it's responsible for the "watery" green aspect of this scent.

As it dries down, a clear relationship with Kiehl's Musk emerges, but completely sanitized, a little sweeter and softer, and with that watery green-ness remaining in the background. This comfortable and simple watery green musk accord hums along for quite awhile, and never breaks down into anything obnoxious. Sillage is average and longevity is above average.

I do enjoy it. Would I buy it? Maybe, especially since its inexpensive. It is rather unique, as this particular version of "green" (dripping wet, soft, somewhat tropical) isn't seen very often in fragrances.
28th July, 2011
I was really quite shocked how monstrously strong and bitter this is. My first impression was one of overpowering pine - although I see this is not listed in the pyramid above - perhaps it's the suggestive, dark green bottle that's making me think that. There also seems to be aggressive amounts of cedar and vetiver at the crime scene too.

Not my thing at all.

27th April, 2011 (last edited: 03rd May, 2011)
Aptly named I think, though not necessarily in execution. While I do get the impression of dripping-wet green foliage, there is a raw freshness about it that could come across as a little soapy. Some oakmoss in the base or perhaps a more prominent vetiver could do more to beef up its somewhat lightweight presence. Overall, a creditable effort by Kiehl's, but it's not nearly as good an outdoorsy scent as Lalique pour Homme Equus.
28th December, 2010
Strong, green well balanced and def. unisex citrus. Very outdoorsy. Best thing about it is the apothecary bottle. Can work well for the office but imho it is best for outdoor activities - walking your dog in the park etc. Longevity and projection 3/5. It lasts on me for about 4-6 hours with 4 sprays. Highly non-offensive.
27th December, 2010
With the negative reviewers claiming this smells like either a shampoo or very feminine, I would assume this scent depends on one's skin.

To me, this is more masculine than feminine. It is a rich, musky/floral with vetiver and detectable spicy woods that give it roughness, quite similar to Mugler Cologne, however Mugler Cologne, to me, actually smells like a soap, and is a lot "cleaner". This is fresh and clean like a soap, but goes beyond. It definitely has an outdoorsy feel to it, though, as SirSlarty said. Lasts a decent time on me, but surprisingly as much as I can smell it on myself, the sillage to other people is poor. However, don't let it get you down. Smells quite classy with rough edges, much like Kiehl's Pour Homme Essence. I find this to be more masculine than feminine, however the floral musk creates a bit of a sweet "Maraschino Cherry" accord as I described with Carlos Santana for Men. Eventually dries down to a smoother musk and woods.
09th October, 2010
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A "soapy" fougere that's very strong and green. Soapy is in quotes because it's like a cross between traditional bar soap and shampoo. In that regard is could smell cheap to some because it's something you smell everyday. I find it pleasant enough to wear to casual outdoor events. Indoor activiteis it gets a little much. Lasts a while and the vetiver in the drydown is very cedarwoodsy. Nice stuff.
22nd November, 2009
It's been a while since a single scent has so captivated me! This little known wonder from the house of Kiehl is enticingly good! Spread the words- this a classic and one of the best new scent to come out during the last few years!
03rd August, 2009
As Pidgeon Murderer says, its smells like shampoo. Its very sharp, and pretty offensive to me. It is very strong and there is something sweet about this fragrance, I don't even know what muguet is but its probably that. Original Musk was on the shelf near it, they shouldn't be: Kiehl's OM is on a different league.
16th July, 2009
Well, I guess I'll be the first...
I've just acquired a bottle of Forest Rain and I've been wearing it for about an hour. Although I have a limited experience with Kiehl's fragrances, I can say I've never been blown away by any of them. Forest Rain included. Not to say that it's not good. It's interesting. The opening is very citrusy and woody, like a hybrid lemon/orange being stored in a cedar chest. This disapates fairly quickly, leaving the decidedly floral notes of muguet, which I've just learned is a synthesization of Lilly of the Valley, which apparently is hard to distill, so it has to be recreated with other ingredients. This hangs around for about a half an hour or so and then these sit atop the basenotes of vetiver and musk, which leans far more to the masculine in this construct. Here, in its final phases, I am put in mind of Bulgari Black, the juice that comes in the hockey puck and smells more like a leather motorcycle jacket than la nuit.
So where does "Forest Rain" come into the picture? It doesn't. I was expecting a kind of piney acquatic with this, but its anything but.
Its pretty assertive. Not too, but its not wimpy either. Being a fan of old school kick ass masculine scents, I like that. Right now I'm getting little whiffs of classic Coppertone suntan lotion...I don't know if it's the Kiehl's, but I hope it is. I love the smell of Coppertone...often wished they'd come out with a perfume version of it.
In conclusion, I'd have to say that this would be a great all purpose scent for cooler weather. A perfect office scent. A scent when you want to smell pleasing, but don't want to call attention to does fall on the spicy side, so keep that in mind.
05th May, 2009
Musk, Fresh and Masculine..

Its a combination of clean vetiver and mossy woods with the drydown of Kiehls Musk. Long lasting, much longer than the original Kiehls musk..highly recommended! good stuff!
04th May, 2009
Unfortunately terrible. Astonishingly good-looking bottle and the concept created some high expectations.

Very STRONG and cheap smelling juice. It smells like generic super-market fresh-floral fragrance for women.

Fresh and watery muquet is very overwhelming in this scent. It’s very strong. Vetiver is very subdued – I think it should have been much more pronounced to make this more earthy and masculine.
Powdery musk comes clearer and clearer during the drydown. This is super strong fragrance with monstrous lasting power.

It smells interesting at first, but after short some time it turns awfully annoying and cheap smelling shampoo-like fragrance. And yeah, it is very feminine too.

I am very disappointed in this.
03rd March, 2009
I had high hopes for this one. Opens with a fair bit of citrus, the vetiver is fairly light, certainly not as earthy as VE or RdV and lighter than the Hermessence Vetiver Tonka. There's a bit of musk, but again, it's a bit soft and light, the drydown is a mix of the vetiver, musk and lilly of the valley.

I'm not sure why it's called "Forest" but I definitely can see the "rain" part of the name as it does have a wet feel to it but I had hoped for some more coniferous notes.
16th February, 2009