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Neutral Reviews of 5:40 pm in Madagascar by Kenzo

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United Kingdom
I tried this briefly, and as vanilla scents go, I think this is good. It opens with something that reminded me actually of vodka, and then a gentle, slightly fruity vanilla develops. Vanilla doesn't really work for me, which is why I'm voting neutral, but it's well worth investigating if you like that note.
01st February, 2010
Tried it twice within a year, but unfortunately I was a bit put off by the strong vanilla top note. Tho it is supposed to be Masculine, but funny that almost all the sales assistants I met in Asia are trying to sell is as a feminine scent.
03rd November, 2009
This can't be marketed as masculine, can it? The airport I tried it in certainly had it with women's scents. Not as good as the wonderfully refreshing 7:15 in Bali, which I own. This very very quickly burned down to uninteresting, slightly boozy vanilla, nothing much more. Glad I didn't impulse buy, though I was tempted to have the two matching!
30th July, 2009
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Fine summer fragarance, for me it is reminder of my trip to Greece this (09)summer, warm sunny weather and flowers.
So light, that you can add it during day. Not sweet at all, fresh floral scents.
11th July, 2009