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Very good, long-lasting and original mix of spices. Nice Christmas present for a man!
22nd December, 2017
The cool sweet proof that
Flankers immortalize by
04th December, 2017
Easily a top 10 for my wardrobe. Nothing bad to say about this. Amber and Cedar really come out for me on this one and it's quite a relaxing scent for any time and any situation.
01st December, 2017
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Unbelievable fragrance. So versatile!! Okay so it suffers some performance issues especially after various reformulations but this is one fragrance where I can overlook that problem.

Gathers many compliments from Men and Women, remains both sexy and sophisticated. Ultimately this is what I want to smell like.

Just a tip for those that miss the original formula.

Tip 1 - Spray the fragrance onto unscented lotion and clothes. This will help to prolong the scent.

Tip 2 - The newer formulation has the cardamom toned down which was something that made this scent so wonderful. Buy yourself some cardamom essential oil and add a few drops to your lotion/skin. It will remind you of the good old days!!
07th November, 2017
It seems like everyone likes this , women especially .
Its a very pleasent scent , that can be easily worn, i prefer to wear this evening only . Its a more modern subtle evening wear scent
its a 8/10 for me .
Very easy to wear , and safe to buy .
Only down part of this scent is that i am smelling more and more often ..
Its not unique anymore ..
But its still a winner !
10th October, 2017
I am always surprised by the batch hysteria this 'frag' seems to generate, as to me it has always been a vile chemical concoction with good presence. It should win some formal accolades for bearing the most artificial lavender accord in a perfume.

There is also a strong cardamom note. Lavender and cardamom smell great. La Nuit does not, and actually manages to become increasingly grating on skin.

Honestly somewhat uncultured, and lacks in grace and sophistication. That is absolutely fine (variety is the spice of life), but not when it is pretentious, trying to fit in, and costs ten times as much as it should.

03rd October, 2017
L'Homme is one of my favorite everyday scents, and La Nuit is a little stronger with a slightly spicier, much more seductive top-mid with the recognizable L'Homme mid-base. The gradual/linear dry down is also similar. La Nuit fades about twice as fast on me (4-6 hours) as L'Homme (8-10 hours), but that's actually better for a night out -- a strong start is more important than extreme longevity.
22nd June, 2017
Phenomenal fragrance and a steal for the price! Amazing.
07th May, 2017
Nice inoffensive scent. The Cardamom makes it more enjoyable. It's not too sweet but definitely adds to that sexy vibe a lot of new fragrances are going for. The vetiver is not over-powering and the fragrance warms up over time. The lack of notes gives it a transparent quality where the top notes don't quite disappear. I can see why some guys say it's popular with the ladies because it's more on the sweet side. This is a mild recommendation.
08th April, 2017 (last edited: 09th April, 2017)
On the positive side, the drydown to this is nice, a simple sweet powdery cardamom. The downside is that its a very sweet, and fruity, powdery cardamom that comes with a chemical note like hairspray and cold ash.

Happily the bum note mostly fades away, but thats only to leave a type of mediocre sweet woody masculine that would be ideal cover for those who smoke and have a taste for red energy drinks.

It should have been called La Nuit de l'Adolescent.

20th March, 2017 (last edited: 28th March, 2017)
In the same vein as scents like Nuit d'Issey.

La Nuit de L'Homme is similarly thought-provoking, evoking images of a night time excursion with friends into town. There is a definite presence of YSL's wonderful L'Homme EdT in this one, adding its characteristic tangy/spicy/woody aroma but getting enveloped by La Nuit's awesome deep concoction of spice and vetiver.

Really pleasant and lasts a long time on me. La Nuit de L'Homme definitely gets a hearty thumbs up from me!
25th February, 2017
I just bought a reformulated batch not knowing It got reformulated.Smell is still great but no silage or projection. Still get great compliments when a female gets close enough. Still last around 5-6 but mostly a skin fragrance. Why YSL Why!! Say it ain't so. Say it ain't so!!
07th December, 2016
a warm spicy transparent scent.

a very good combination of lavendar and cardamom in the opening. the fragrance gets slightly sweet and woody as it dries down. it comes off as a transparent type of fragrance in my books. one of the first fragrances in my collection. never got bored of it. the performance is just good.

10th November, 2016
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great warm smell, not too sweet, not synthetic .
longevity is good
projection i can't tell but it seems women like this one , no compliments for me yet but i notice something makes them feel good about the scent.
this a safe bet for fathers day present
24th October, 2016
I have had this fragrance for quite a while (3 years), I find it quite a subtle fragrance after the initial blast.
The bergamot and cardamon dominated opening lacks another element which could make it more exciting,( a pepper accord, perhaps?). The citrus has all but disappeared within 10 minutes.
Drying down to base of vanilla and wood, it's quite a comforting skin scent not unlike some vintage ladies perfume.
Sadly, on my skin, it doesn't project too well and I can only just smell it half hour later.
I do love the scent but longevity is only moderate. ( in saying that, a friend had just commented on how good the perfume smelt, from 5 meters away, half an hour after wearing it, but I could hardly smell it on myself!)

It's a scent that I would wear to a casual dinner out with friends. Still, a 'good' scent from a great fragrance house that is Yves Saint Laurent, which has produced so many iconic perfumes.
05th September, 2016
This gets lots of love in the marketplace and I'm not going to trend outward from that perspective. Love it. Everyone loves it. It's the most noticed scent I own, partially because I wore way too much of it twice almost choking myself out. 4 blasts - upper bare chest, wrists, hair and 2 hours later my buddy's eyes are watering because of YSL LNDL. Thankfully we were only at a Daddy/Daughter dance so the damage was minimal... at best. I only hope my daughter isn't known as the girl whose dad likes to go BD in YSL LNDL, but something tells me YSL hasn't hit the 4-7 age market.

A definite blind buy recommendation since you need to own it, IMHO.
03rd March, 2016
Beautiful, soft, powdery fragrance with prominent notes of Cardamom & Bergamot. The composition is well blended and the perfumers made something special here. This is a masterpiece & will get many compliments, but I have recently learned that La Nuit was reformulated! While the smell is still great, projection & sillage are poor - not near the vintage La Nuit de L'Homme. No one will smell your fragrance after the first hour or so. Good for a date if your significant is going to get real close, but disappointing as it is much too light. The vintage juice is much darker & richer with excellent performance. When I learned that my bottle was not a vintage, I felt as though I got ripped off by YSL! I paid around $50 for the 2oz. I now go heavy on the trigger & apply to my shirt. Another beautiful fragrance ruined by reformulation :(

Note that most retailers, including department stores, are selling the reformulation of YSL La Nuit de L'Homme. If you are interested in the differences please watch a reviewer's video content: "La Nuit de L'Homme: Old vs Reformulated Differences."
29th February, 2016 (last edited: 22nd May, 2016)
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United Kingdom
Just sublime. My current favourite.

I fell in love with this scent the moment I sampled it. This is like heaven in a bottle.

I find that I have a preference for frags containing cardomom so maybe it has something to do with that. I really struggle to break this one down with notes, it transcends that for me. Just a sweet scent that is rather unique in my book. A versatile offering great for both work and social occassions. The bottle is simple and classy. YSL are certainly one of the better designers out there in terms of perfume which I say having sampled a wide range of their offerings and compared to others.

I get average sillage and longevity, or maybe I just wish it would last forever. I consider this a classic and a must have for any collection.
21st February, 2016
This is a very attractive scent. The notes are beautifully blended and there is nothing anyone could dislike here. Somehow it is still interesting. I have the current formulation which is much derided. It's very disappointing when you buy a fragrance because you love the scent and then read online that your new version "sucks". I find it very hard to judge performance and longevity and projection as I feel I may not be smelling it but it may still be there. Personally, I have always found I stop smelling fragrances on myself after a few minutes unless I bury my nose in my wrist. But I have sometimes received compliments on fragrances long after I was conscious of them. Based purely on scent this is an 8.5/10 for me.
09th January, 2016 (last edited: 14th January, 2016)
Love, Love, Love this scent. I have come to the conclusion that I am a huge fan of spice and Cardamom. This checks all the boxes.
Sophisticated..... Check
Manly............. Check
Longevity......... Check
Great Sillage..... Check
Spicy............. Check
Oriental.......... Check

I did not think in this modern era of girly men's colognes I would find a cologne that did not stink of powder, flowers, fruit or Citrus.

No matter the age this cologne is great!
01st December, 2015
Is the key that opens the doors to time immemorial, to an oriental world. It is a "deep" and fine creation from YSL House.

19th October, 2015
I believed the hype and bought a sample. Needless to say I will be buying a bottle soon as my new signature scent once my Lacoste Essential runs out. Imagine CK one shock with less tobacco.
24th September, 2015 (last edited: 01st October, 2015)
Elegant fragrance from YSL and easily one of their very best. It's a somewhat dark take on the classic L'Homme, with some ginger and cardamom spice. The spice is softened by a floral that provides a sweet accord, but nothing sugary.

Many reviews like Nuit as an evening and fall through winter scent, but IMO it would work in the office easily. Superior quality and longevity. Average sillage. A definite lady pleaser. Highly recommended.
11th August, 2015

Very nice for winter nights and perfect for classic styles.the new version L Homme is seductive,dark and intense it lasts around 8 hours on my skin.

But it is really remember last version then if you already have L Homme this is not a great choise!anyway YSL style is ever for my lovely.

09th June, 2015
Although I feel that this is YSL's top fragrance for men, it is nothing really that special. It opens up with this Spicy/Fresh smell that is not bad, but it doesn't knock me off my feet either. The Spicy-Freshness eventually dries down to a powdery vanilla vibe. Again, not bad, but nothing special. Projection is above average for the first 3-4 hours. Longevity is very good as well, lasting anywhere from 8-10 hours on my skin. This fragrance definitely gives off a "metrosexual" type of vibe, so be sure to TRY before you buy. I have read & seen a lot of "hype" around this fragrance, but it just doesn't do it for me. However, the women I've encountered go "GA GA" over this scent. They really seem to enjoy it. So needless to say the compliment factor is very high. I would recommend this fragrance to someone who wants a "lady killer" cologne
06th June, 2015
La Nuit de l'Homme is emotionally related to me as the beging of my heavy fragrance buying period. It was just fantastic then. So naturally Le Parfum and Frozen Cologne were also added to the family. I still have my original 200ml bottle with half left, not bad 100ml in fice years. But I think it's strange people talking about LNdlH being weak or watered down or whatever in this field. What make me buying it in the first place was the fact that I came home with a papper strip tester, I wasn't very sure of it when I was in the shop, put on my desk in the bedroom and let sit there for about a week wating for the scent finally vanish, which it did after all that time. My bedroom was like a lavender temple and that smell sealed the deal for me, I had to have it. Perhaps I have a lavender nose, and love lavender, and that makes it impossible not to have La Nuit de l'Homme. Because of the lavender. The same happens with Dior Homme Intense, my favourite, my darkest lavender scent, so far.

I am only convinced a scent doesn't last with a papper/tissue test. Skin absorbes everything. Even poison. La Nuit de l'Homme by Yves Saint Laurent is a very powerful scent in all aspects.
16th May, 2015
La nuit de who? This is la nuit de le 12 years old sipping a Diet Coke and smoking puff cigarettes. A disappointing, juvenile and cheap lavender-cardamom-woody-tobacco “club scent” smelling like YSL L’Homme layered with Declaration, Lanvin Avantgarde and/or Armani Code, inexplicably relating “night” with a bright, sweetish, teenish vibe. Lasting like a fart - which is good, though: the barely-perceivable drydown is almost enjoyable. If “ladies love this” then either I don’t understand a thing about women or we agree to disagree on the concept of “ladies”. Meh!

10th May, 2015
I always love cardamom, and i do like the balance of spice and florals in this... Except the lavender which i think is to strong, and adds to a "sporty freshness" here that screams 90's college locker room, not grownup nightlife. At least to me.

I should probably give it another shot sometime given the rave reviews, but even if it's a better fragrance than i give it credit for, it's simply not for me.
02nd April, 2015
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United States
This one took sone time getting used to but i love it.I purchased a 100ml bottle about 2-3 months ago based off all the positive reviews I've been reading and watching and I didn't like this one at first.The first 30 minutes or so arent pleasant to me at all but the dry down is amazing.I think this would probably be too sweet for me in the summer but i love this as a winter/early spring scent.For thosewho dont like this try L'homme.Thats what made me appreciate La Nuit.I still like L'homme more but La Nuit is a great scent too
25th March, 2015
I find the opening to be somewhat masculine, but the dry down is definitely feminine powder territory to my nose. My untrained nose just gets hammered with artificial/synthetic notes.

La Nuit is a neutral rating that leans heavily thumbs down, because there are a few other scents in my collection that would definitely get the nod for a date night or 'inoffensive work' scent. The heavy powder dry down and synthetic vibe keeps me from enjoying this in any meaningful way.

PROS: projection and longevity
CONS: the (post-opening) scent

Pleasant, inoffensive (if you like powder) and unremarkable. My neutral thumb is in deference to the fans of this scent, but I'd have to say it's a 4.5/10. There are so many better scents for the same price or less.
05th March, 2015 (last edited: 12th March, 2015)