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Reviews of La Nuit de L'Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

Is the key that opens the doors to time immemorial, to an oriental world. It is a "deep" and fine creation from YSL House.

19th October, 2015
I believed the hype and bought a sample. Needless to say I will be buying a bottle soon as my new signature scent once my Lacoste Essential runs out. Imagine CK one shock with less tobacco.
24th September, 2015 (last edited: 01st October, 2015)
Elegant fragrance from YSL and easily one of their very best. It's a somewhat dark take on the classic L'Homme, with some ginger and cardamom spice. The spice is softened by a floral that provides a sweet accord, but nothing sugary.

Many reviews like Nuit as an evening and fall through winter scent, but IMO it would work in the office easily. Superior quality and longevity. Average sillage. A definite lady pleaser. Highly recommended.
11th August, 2015
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Very nice for winter nights and perfect for classic styles.the new version L Homme is seductive,dark and intense it lasts around 8 hours on my skin.

But it is really remember last version then if you already have L Homme this is not a great choise!anyway YSL style is ever for my lovely.

09th June, 2015
Although I feel that this is YSL's top fragrance for men, it is nothing really that special. It opens up with this Spicy/Fresh smell that is not bad, but it doesn't knock me off my feet either. The Spicy-Freshness eventually dries down to a powdery vanilla vibe. Again, not bad, but nothing special. Projection is above average for the first 3-4 hours. Longevity is very good as well, lasting anywhere from 8-10 hours on my skin. This fragrance definitely gives off a "metrosexual" type of vibe, so be sure to TRY before you buy. I have read & seen a lot of "hype" around this fragrance, but it just doesn't do it for me. However, the women I've encountered go "GA GA" over this scent. They really seem to enjoy it. So needless to say the compliment factor is very high. I would recommend this fragrance to someone who wants a "lady killer" cologne
06th June, 2015
La Nuit de l'Homme is emotionally related to me as the beging of my heavy fragrance buying period. It was just fantastic then. So naturally Le Parfum and Frozen Cologne were also added to the family. I still have my original 200ml bottle with half left, not bad 100ml in fice years. But I think it's strange people talking about LNdlH being weak or watered down or whatever in this field. What make me buying it in the first place was the fact that I came home with a papper strip tester, I wasn't very sure of it when I was in the shop, put on my desk in the bedroom and let sit there for about a week wating for the scent finally vanish, which it did after all that time. My bedroom was like a lavender temple and that smell sealed the deal for me, I had to have it. Perhaps I have a lavender nose, and love lavender, and that makes it impossible not to have La Nuit de l'Homme. Because of the lavender. The same happens with Dior Homme Intense, my favourite, my darkest lavender scent, so far.

I am only convinced a scent doesn't last with a papper/tissue test. Skin absorbes everything. Even poison. La Nuit de l'Homme by Yves Saint Laurent is a very powerful scent in all aspects.
16th May, 2015
La nuit de who? This is la nuit de le 12 years old sipping a Diet Coke and smoking puff cigarettes. A disappointing, juvenile and cheap lavender-cardamom-woody-tobacco “club scent” smelling like YSL L’Homme layered with Declaration, Lanvin Avantgarde and/or Armani Code, inexplicably relating “night” with a bright, sweetish, teenish vibe. Lasting like a fart - which is good, though: the barely-perceivable drydown is almost enjoyable. If “ladies love this” then either I don’t understand a thing about women or we agree to disagree on the concept of “ladies”. Meh!

10th May, 2015
I always love cardamom, and i do like the balance of spice and florals in this... Except the lavender which i think is to strong, and adds to a "sporty freshness" here that screams 90's college locker room, not grownup nightlife. At least to me.

I should probably give it another shot sometime given the rave reviews, but even if it's a better fragrance than i give it credit for, it's simply not for me.
02nd April, 2015
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United States
This one took sone time getting used to but i love it.I purchased a 100ml bottle about 2-3 months ago based off all the positive reviews I've been reading and watching and I didn't like this one at first.The first 30 minutes or so arent pleasant to me at all but the dry down is amazing.I think this would probably be too sweet for me in the summer but i love this as a winter/early spring scent.For thosewho dont like this try L'homme.Thats what made me appreciate La Nuit.I still like L'homme more but La Nuit is a great scent too
25th March, 2015
I find the opening to be somewhat masculine, but the dry down is definitely feminine powder territory to my nose. My untrained nose just gets hammered with artificial/synthetic notes.

La Nuit is a neutral rating that leans heavily thumbs down, because there are a few other scents in my collection that would definitely get the nod for a date night or 'inoffensive work' scent. The heavy powder dry down and synthetic vibe keeps me from enjoying this in any meaningful way.

PROS: projection and longevity
CONS: the (post-opening) scent

Pleasant, inoffensive (if you like powder) and unremarkable. My neutral thumb is in deference to the fans of this scent, but I'd have to say it's a 4.5/10. There are so many better scents for the same price or less.
05th March, 2015 (last edited: 12th March, 2015)
After reading the many positive reviews (and the Basenotes forum where it currently holds number two compliment getter rating) I went to test this today. What a disgusting scent this is! First of all it is very feminine, I am amazed it is marketed as male's fragrance! There's something pungent and overwhelmingly powdery about the scent. What's worse is there's a note that resembles sweat in my opinion. It's almost near the limit of being repulsive. And, as is the case with most scents of this type, it is also very strong and overpowering. Two hours after wearing it, it was still causing me nausea so I couldn't stand it anymore and went to wash it out. It is now probably two hours after I have throughly washed it off and I can still smell it on my wrist... I can't really understand people who think it is weak. I guess those are people with weakened or malfunctioning olfaction which could explain why they like it :) Sorry, couldn't resist the urge to hate... But I am so disappointed. I am glad I didn't purchase it blindly! By the way, my girlfriend said it was just OK but she wouldn't compliment anyone wearing this scent.
31st December, 2014
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Russian Federation
Another perfume, which marked the fall of the legendary home. Utterly blatantly synthetic chord amber and lavender. Why is this? Better use Guerlain's Habit Rouge.
11th December, 2014
My very first sniff told me it was too powdery so I passed, but then I heard enough people recommending it that I gave it a second chance and I like it, very much.

It's sweet and powdery, but there's a cedar-type smell to my nose that is very good and that balances the sweet and powdery. Taken altogether, these notes dance on my skin for hours. Great smell, longevity, and projection. The smell is great for the person wearing it and it's a crowd pleaser, more so than Bleu de Chanel, I have found, because this one is stronger, and the smell is better.

My other YSL is Opium Eau de Parfum, a bottle from around 1998. This La Nuit is a big step up from that, at least compared to that aged juice. The Opium edp is more of a powerhouse, but La Nuit is just right. This, Fahrenheit, and Platinum Egoiste are my favorites so far, with ADG Essenza also getting my attention.
08th October, 2014
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Not bad by any mean! its a nice and indeed darker than original which I like more.
vanilla base notes seem to last longer than originals woods but its sharper on top and heavier.
Doesnt have a lot in common with original.
Good fragrance but not for me.
04th October, 2014
This is a rather feminine fragrance to my nose but that makes it all the more interesting and sensual to be a man wearing it. I guess that's been the trend lately. Anyway the top and middle of this are really amazing, just masculine enough to make the wearer feel sexy. As others have said, the smell is "fresh" enough to be just fine as a daytime smell, despite the advertising. My only criticism of the smell is that as the base notes come out at the end of the day it gets even a bit more feminine, and like some of the Guerlain scents I've used, things start to smell a bit like baby wipes. If just a bit of the top or middle notes would linger as long as the bottom, the smell would really be perfect all the way through. I don't see this as a major flaw, though, because the notes I'm talking about only come out some eight hours after applying, which means the fragrance lasts well over eight hours! I smelled it easily after a ten hour day at work, yet this fragrance is still soft in its own way and doesn't really announce its presence. In my opinion gentleness and longevity are the perfect combination.
10th August, 2014
The scent that started my interest in fragrance! It's light and powdery, yet sophisticated and mature. I don't love it like I once did. I now prefer the EdP though it doesn't seem to last as long. For the perfect layer EdT:EdP 1:2.
27th June, 2014
Genre: Woods

You’d have to work hard to compose a scent more drab than this. The commonplace lavender and bergamot top notes introduce an undistinguished accord of sweet amber, cedar, cardamom and nutmeg that I honestly would not be able to distinguish from at least a dozen other run-of-the-mill woody oriental masculines.

The scent goes from dull to dreadful in the drydown, which weds coumarin and cedar to a diabolical arrangement of impenetrably dense sweetened amber and grating woody amber aromachemicals. This is the same generic cop-out of a drydown that plagues Guerlain Homme and Lolita Lempicka au Masculin, and it’s no less cheap-smelling and cloying here. It’s also intolerably loud and projects for miles.

Dreck to be avoided at all costs, and a blot on Yves Saint Laurent’s fine fragrance record.
19th June, 2014
On of my all time favorites. The toilette is good but keep an eye out for the perfume version. Wow. I use to wear this scent all the time to class which looking back on it was genius, it's just so effin sexy! Now a days, I only wear it to go out to the bars on Friday or Saturday nights, even then sometimes I wanna wear something a little more expensive... I'm shallow tho....

This scent is unique and hard to pick out notes in, it becomes one sexy unique cloud. It's dark, maybe peppery? For the price every man should own this, and sometimes walking around the city it feels like every man does. Girls really do love it though so I don't blame them, my girlfriend tells me it's one of her favorites, I think she just remembers college though. Good old days. A classic for me.
20th March, 2014
Received a sample the other day. The opening was fine, spicy not very remarkable. The middle settled into something warm and fuzzy but also very feminine. I wouldn't even call it unisex. After 3 hours it turned into something stale. I had to put my wrist up to my nose to smell it. Absolutely dismal longevity.

Washed it off
06th February, 2014
La Nuit is an excellent evening wear scent, definitely not recommended for the office unless you're going for "the creeper" look/feel. La Nuit is very strong a spicy in the opening with a hint of nail polish, once the ash has cleared though it is very powdery with sharpness and spice that radiates comfort and warmth. This scent makes me think of a group of 20 to 30 year old men sitting around a local hipster bar / tavern wearing loosened ties and sport jackets, drinking a dark heavy bourbon or Canadian whisky. A very seductive scent that has to be worn in the right setting.

Ironically, a great compliment to La Nuit (in my experience only of course) is Gold Bond powder. It seems to bring out the warmth of the scent and help it to project even better, give it a try.

Excellent projection and average longevity (4-5). A good compliment getter if worn in the right situation.
24th December, 2013
So far the best scent i know! extremely seductive, intoxicating dark, mystical and masculine are some of the words I can describe this jewel. It lasts a long time and projects great and without ever being overpowering. It can be worn in any season and occasion.. but spray lightly on hot summer days. Simply a masterpiece.
19th November, 2013
YSL, this is your attempt at a sick, tasteless joke correct?

Disclaimer: If this works for you, all the more power to you.

Personally, I felt like I sprayed on a pleasantly blended spicy, oriental when I used the tester at Macy's. Perfect timing for this fall/winter fragrance as we now have a cold climate up in minnesota. After spraying the tester, I noticed it was pleasant, but possibly weak. I noted the dry down as I walked around the mall, and noticed it was gone within 3 hours, and just attributed that to the 2 sprays I got.

I tested more at home after I purchased it. Probably 12 sprays and realized with family members that either this was kind of watered down or it was really watered down. Family members actually smelt, in order, the 1. surrounding air. 2. the fragrance bubble I should have. 3. a foot from my application. and then 4. on my skin. At the 4th area the general consensus was "oh, now I smell you. You smell like a watered down 80's powerhouse frag"

At least they verified my suspicions and that I wasn't suffering from olfactory fatigue. It was definitely worse than the tester. And frankly, this was a bad fragrance, at least it was on my skin. I am usually not paranoid about testers being double concentrated or something, but after this experience it was like...that was especially fishy.

Overall, it was a pleasant smell that was practically "on my skin." The fragrance died after about 1-2 hours.

At any rate, if you are inuit maybe I can see you pulling this off in your igloo, with your battery operated humidifier in colder than Hoth temperatures. If you dont get the reference, google image it. In my opinion, I never smelt the fragrance when it was first released in 2009, but what I smelt was insulting.

I wish there was more I could talk directly about the fragrance, but this is so bad, there is nothing else I can talk about. Biggest letdown of any cologne I have had in my arsenal thus far. The english language lacks proper hyperbole to accurately describe how, literally, "soft" this fragrance is.

First fragrance return I have ever made.

Pros: Possibly best spicy oriental "top notes" around
Cons: Overhyped by basenotes IMO, lacks in projection, longevity, silage, and compliments"

06th October, 2013
A more mature scent

I don't think anyone post 90s could rock this.

18th September, 2013
Tony T Show all reviews
United States
Wiil Be a Staple in my Collection

could be unisex. I am ok with that. this is 1 of the best night scents around. A true classic that every Basenoter should at least sample. Compliments galore!! I can't add 2 much of what has already been stated..

Pros: Long lasting-great smell
Cons: 8+ sprays is required"

26th August, 2013
A solid fragrance!!

la nuit de lhomme is a beast!! However 4 sprays will NOT get the job done. So for those that complain about the projection or longevity,,, get like me and spend $100 on the 6.7oz and go nutz on the trigger!!!! At first I had the 1.7oz an only applied 4 sprays. Two neck and each wrist. Smelled great but didnt project and garner the compliments I was looking for. But it was okay bc my fiancé loves it and could easily smell it when she was close to me. Cuddling, hugging etc. But I wanted more. So when it was time to re-up, I purchased the Man size 6.7 bottle!! And the first use I went HAM (hard as a motherf@cker) 12 sprays!! All over my skin and a few on my shirt. And BAM,,,, the compliments started rolling in. The first time was this cute bartender,, Jill. Her exact words from inside the bar (a good 4-6 feet away) were, "omg what kind of cologne are you wearing? (I answered) Wow that smells really good like yummy,, mmmm!" In my head I was like "wow!! She can smell me from that far away?!?"

So,, yeah guys. This is a must have!! Just gotta lay it on thick. Don't worry, it won't be cloying. Especially if its night time winter weather. (I wouldn't wear this in the daytime) Also,, make sure you moisturizer your skin with a unscented lotion or something. You WILL get 2 hours of monster projection, about 2-3 hours of good projection, and the rest will be huggin distance projection. It will be on your shirt the next morning as well. Solid performer!!!

Pros: Affordable, long lasting, chicks dig it!!
Cons: 10+ sprays to get good projection/longevity"

21st August, 2013
Nice evening scent

I was not so crazy about this scent when I first opened it. The scent when you first spray it is rather harsh and sharp. It dries down nice and it last about 5 to 6 hours on my skin. This is not a scent I recommend for the young crowd. I suggest 25 and up.

Pros: longevity and projection on my skin
Cons: harsh opening"

02nd August, 2013
review by stefly321

Read a review in a magazine when this first came out, about how it was one of the most sensual fragrances ever created (Probably marketing hype). So next time i was out shopping i went and got a spritz of it. I have to say that it smells just like baby talc and its not for me. But if you like smelling like new born babies then give it a try.

27th July, 2013
Boring lavender

This fragrance is maybe liked by a lot of people but it suffers from a lack of originality.

26th June, 2013
Nice smell but not long lasting

I got this as everyone has been harping on about it, I live in London and like my scents... but to be honest, I don't find it long lasting at all as a scent, couple of hours and it is gone.

I finished the bottle but I must admit, I got no compliments from wearing this where as I have received many compliments from wearing Davidoff Coolwater, Le Male, A* men, Issey Miyake with Dior Homme Intense being extremely popular with my female colleagues. So much so that my female boss had to keep apologising for complimenting my smell whilst wearing DHI for fear of sexual harassment... But La Nuit? non, zilch. Merde...

I do have mild asthma and I find some scents slightly irritate it and A*men and Le Male definitely fall in that category, possibly Issey Miyake and very slightly Dior Homme. But no problem with Coolwater or La Nuit, part of me wants to try the parfum version to see if theres any difference but a lot of people don't seem to rate the parfum version.

Pros: Nice smell
Cons: Not long lasting

22nd June, 2013

My favorite frag, absolutely love the smell and I get great longevity and projection on this one. Girlfriend goes mental for this one, its actually kind of crazy haha. Most female compliments on this fragrance for me.

Pros: Awesome manly smell, babe magnet

15th June, 2013