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Negative Reviews of La Nuit de L'Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

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I am always surprised by the batch hysteria this 'frag' seems to generate, as to me it has always been a vile chemical concoction with good presence. It should win some formal accolades for bearing the most artificial lavender accord in a perfume.

There is also a strong cardamom note. Lavender and cardamom smell great. La Nuit does not, and actually manages to become increasingly grating on skin.

Honestly somewhat uncultured, and lacks in grace and sophistication. That is absolutely fine (variety is the spice of life), but not when it is pretentious, trying to fit in, and costs ten times as much as it should.

03rd October, 2017
La nuit de who? This is la nuit de le 12 years old sipping a Diet Coke and smoking puff cigarettes. A disappointing, juvenile and cheap lavender-cardamom-woody-tobacco “club scent” smelling like YSL L’Homme layered with Declaration, Lanvin Avantgarde and/or Armani Code, inexplicably relating “night” with a bright, sweetish, teenish vibe. Lasting like a fart - which is good, though: the barely-perceivable drydown is almost enjoyable. If “ladies love this” then either I don’t understand a thing about women or we agree to disagree on the concept of “ladies”. Meh!

10th May, 2015
After reading the many positive reviews (and the Basenotes forum where it currently holds number two compliment getter rating) I went to test this today. What a disgusting scent this is! First of all it is very feminine, I am amazed it is marketed as male's fragrance! There's something pungent and overwhelmingly powdery about the scent. What's worse is there's a note that resembles sweat in my opinion. It's almost near the limit of being repulsive. And, as is the case with most scents of this type, it is also very strong and overpowering. Two hours after wearing it, it was still causing me nausea so I couldn't stand it anymore and went to wash it out. It is now probably two hours after I have throughly washed it off and I can still smell it on my wrist... I can't really understand people who think it is weak. I guess those are people with weakened or malfunctioning olfaction which could explain why they like it :) Sorry, couldn't resist the urge to hate... But I am so disappointed. I am glad I didn't purchase it blindly! By the way, my girlfriend said it was just OK but she wouldn't compliment anyone wearing this scent.
31st December, 2014
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Russian Federation
Another perfume, which marked the fall of the legendary home. Utterly blatantly synthetic chord amber and lavender. Why is this? Better use Guerlain's Habit Rouge.
11th December, 2014
Genre: Woods

You’d have to work hard to compose a scent more drab than this. The commonplace lavender and bergamot top notes introduce an undistinguished accord of sweet amber, cedar, cardamom and nutmeg that I honestly would not be able to distinguish from at least a dozen other run-of-the-mill woody oriental masculines.

The scent goes from dull to dreadful in the drydown, which weds coumarin and cedar to a diabolical arrangement of impenetrably dense sweetened amber and grating woody amber aromachemicals. This is the same generic cop-out of a drydown that plagues Guerlain Homme and Lolita Lempicka au Masculin, and it’s no less cheap-smelling and cloying here. It’s also intolerably loud and projects for miles.

Dreck to be avoided at all costs, and a blot on Yves Saint Laurent’s fine fragrance record.
19th June, 2014
Received a sample the other day. The opening was fine, spicy not very remarkable. The middle settled into something warm and fuzzy but also very feminine. I wouldn't even call it unisex. After 3 hours it turned into something stale. I had to put my wrist up to my nose to smell it. Absolutely dismal longevity.

Washed it off
06th February, 2014
A more mature scent

I don't think anyone post 90s could rock this.

18th September, 2013
review by stefly321

Read a review in a magazine when this first came out, about how it was one of the most sensual fragrances ever created (Probably marketing hype). So next time i was out shopping i went and got a spritz of it. I have to say that it smells just like baby talc and its not for me. But if you like smelling like new born babies then give it a try.

27th July, 2013
Boring lavender

This fragrance is maybe liked by a lot of people but it suffers from a lack of originality.

26th June, 2013
Where's the hype??

This scent smells really nice in the bottle and on paper. After putting this on my skin it immediately loses the cardomom note and gets incredibly sweet into what i can only describe as a very close skinned bubble gum sort of note. For me i get about 1 hour or 2 max of this with barely any projection at any point after the first 15-20 mins of the top notes - mostly until the cardomom dissipates.

The scent is undetectable on my writs after a couple hours with no trace of a scent even sprayed.

Legit bottle confirmed...

Pros: Good opening

20th May, 2013
I am a big fan of YSL scents. I just can't deal with this one. It smells nice for the first few minutes but then drys down to what reminds me of Axe-Dark Temptation.
27th November, 2012
Two sprays - first, I couldn't smell it, but my wife complained that I smelled "too perfumy". Then, half an hour later, I still couldn't smell it but now it was giving me a headache. So for those who say La Nuit de L'Homme smells like the mall... it makes you feel like you're at the mall too.
06th July, 2012
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United States
La Nuit de L'Homme, from the bottle, smells brilliant. Its promising scent ends when it is sprayed to my skin -- it smells synthetically green and too herbal for my taste. While others stated that it possesses a romantic and sensual sweetness perfect for night time wearings, on my skin, La Nuit lacks the development I was hoping to experience.
09th March, 2012
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I really didn't get to experience this fragrance very much, but the opening was enough for me to realize that it isn't for me. Some guys can pull off this type of smell (guessing by how many people gave it a good review), but I can't, it's way too feminine. If you don't like anything that has feminine hints, this isn't for you.
22nd December, 2011
Let me tell you exactly what this smells like: Take mushrooms, make a dessert out of them by sweetening them, and make this a Japanese style of dessert (i.e. not too sweet and with a little bit of asian spice in there). That is exactly what this smells like: ASIAN DESSERT MUSHROOM. I'm giving a thumbs down, though, because who wants to smell like asian dessert mushroom?
14th September, 2011
Have to say this is one of the most over rated fragrances I've come across. I was expecting a seductive fragrance with spices and a quality vanilla at it's base. What I got was very little spice, a big dose of the original L'homme, and a cookie cutter vanilla. I know people really like this, but I can think of quite a few fragrances in the same vein that do a much better job. Even worse is the amount of flankers this line spawns. I knew this line was bad when they made an EdP version of La Nuit which was worse than the EdT. That says a lot.
08th September, 2011 (last edited: 22nd January, 2013)
Reviews for fragrances like YSL La Nuit De L’Homme are the most beastly to compose. Any accurate description quickly exhausts the generous supply of synonyms for banality. Anyway, here goes.

La Nuit is fragrant Mogadon, a vista of sweet laden accords completed with an off the peg oriental finish. Although it probably is not aimed at cynical, hoary old men like me, I am still surprised at the rope-a-dope mentality of YSL in creating something as superfluous as this. This beacon of mediocrity will clearly disappear within a short time, and I shall rue the day I wasted many minutes pecking out this eulogy to the useless.
08th September, 2011
I'm running out of words to express disappointment and disgust. Ditto what alfarom and Off-Scenter said. Seems to me to be a fragrance made to impact the balance sheet more than the world of perfumery.
03rd June, 2011
Please don't tell me I will ever have to use the phrase "perfumery is dead". But if things keep on going like this I will surely say "Yves Saint Laurent is dead." After seminal and legendary scents like Kouros, Cinema, Opium, Jazz, Paris and Rive Gauche how we can accept a trite fragrance like Le Nuit De L'Homme? And it seems that at the YSL headquarter they weren't happy enough with the standard EDT edition that they launched on the market an EDP intense version. OMG!

Go for any classic from the same house and remember that sometimes the opposite to new it's not old, it's legendary.
11th April, 2011
Spicy, sickly sweet, synthetic scent.

Bottom line: makes me nauseous. Scrubbed it off with activated charcoal soap but it was so tenacious I had to liberally smear my arm with Arm & Hammer deodorant to mute its overbearing fortissimo.
18th January, 2011
Is this a fragrance for men? really?
I find this fragrance too feminine, this could be worn by any woman. Too much floral and sweet .
I expected something better, I don't know why many YSL men fragrances smell feminine.
18th January, 2011
Synthetic spicy/fluity semi-oriental. A citrusy, really aromatic, spicy beginning preludes to a woody oriental (vanilla, labdanum) blend based on a spicy lavender presence too artificially fruity and sweet for my taste.
I detect plenty of artificilal cardamom combined with lavender by soon. I dislike it and have tried many many times to explore and appreciate its smell on my skin. In my opinion it's generic in its vetiver/cedarwood "basement", too synthetically sweet and orangy (cinnamon/orange?), fruity (in an almost resinous artificial way) and unclassy. The coumarine/labdanum combo smells un-natural and fruity in a slightly sticky way. I’ll never wear it for my nocturnal battles, madam night requires much more and the stock of my cellar is full of velvety masterpieces ready to snap for clubs as well as dark, raged dogs haunting spiteful speedy cats.
12th January, 2011 (last edited: 05th January, 2014)
LiveJazz has given an excellent description of La Nuit de L’Homme: It is YSL L’Homme minus “the classy and understated finesse, plus extra synthetic sweetness.” …I can’t think of any better way to describe this fragrance. This is not a fragrance that I would expect from YSL: It smells like several other synthetically sweet, generic products that have been produced in the past couple of decades by companies of lesser stature than YSL. This is very disappointing.
09th January, 2011
Even now, almost 24 hours later, my sinus, trachea, and bronchi are suffering, and I'm only allergic to cats (but not siberians, look it up and get you one, I got two) and sucralose. I'm still coughing, no kidding, a day later, after four sprays. And it hit me immediately, at least Black XS takes awhile to make me sick. I tried to get a fair assessment of the smell despite it killing me, and I could make out a sweet, fruity floral top over woodiness, but the overly synthetic nature of it was probably the big deal breaker.

Just bare in mind that even if you like this one the people around you could suffer.
I will be throwing that sample out posthaste so there are no accidental sprays.
22nd July, 2010
It's basically the original minus the classy and understated finesse, plus extra synthetic sweetness. Fans of Givenchy Play might like it.
08th November, 2009
The Night of the Man? Huh? I liked the original L'Homme, my roommate wore it and I was always stealing spritzes. It wasn't anything groundbreaking, just a good, well-crafted thing, citrussy and herby like many others of its time. Le Nuit de L'Homme doesn't have much in common with it, and the silly name doesn't go with it because there's nothing dark about it. To my taste, it's too sweet, the spices are too cloying and fake, and just all around bland and flat. But that guy in the ads, I'll give him a thumbs up.
15th September, 2009
The sickly cousin of Armani Code

When YSL released L'Homme, many of us here were disappointed because it lacked the typical cunning of previous YSL fragrances. However, it still managed to smell good and it's one of those scents that can be worn for pretty much any occasion. But La Nuit? It's mainstream pseudo-oriental synthetic floral at its worst. One spray on my wrist and it almost instantly became oppressively cloying, easily overpowering the Terre d'Hermes I was already wearing (no small task!). The fragrance that came to mind as the closest match to this was Armani Code, only with the citrus (the opening of Code always gave me that Orange Glo vibe) toned down and the florals amped up, only where Code stays dignified and reserved throughout the life of the scent, La Nuit became annoying and overbearing. I'll pass on this one.
02nd August, 2009
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United Kingdom
L'Homme was uninspired and dull and now an even more soporific flanker comes along. Top notes of bergamot and lavender, then cardamom and cedar finishing with a horribly sweet amber, van .....zzzzzzzz. If I've smelt this combination and the way it is blended once ......... you know the ending. What makes it worse, is that it is very loud and vulgar. Discussions on this fragrance at YSL must have solely centred on how much money they can pull in, you know -- generic = popular = sales. This house is going downhill fast.
05th May, 2009