Positive Reviews of La Nuit de L'Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

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This one took sone time getting used to but i love it.I purchased a 100ml bottle about 2-3 months ago based off all the positive reviews I've been reading and watching and I didn't like this one at first.The first 30 minutes or so arent pleasant to me at all but the dry down is amazing.I think this would probably be too sweet for me in the summer but i love this as a winter/early spring scent.For thosewho dont like this try L'homme.Thats what made me appreciate La Nuit.I still like L'homme more but La Nuit is a great scent too
25th March, 2015
My very first sniff told me it was too powdery so I passed, but then I heard enough people recommending it that I gave it a second chance and I like it, very much.

It's sweet and powdery, but there's a cedar-type smell to my nose that is very good and that balances the sweet and powdery. Taken altogether, these notes dance on my skin for hours. Great smell, longevity, and projection. The smell is great for the person wearing it and it's a crowd pleaser, more so than Bleu de Chanel, I have found, because this one is stronger, and the smell is better.

My other YSL is Opium Eau de Parfum, a bottle from around 1998. This La Nuit is a big step up from that, at least compared to that aged juice. The Opium edp is more of a powerhouse, but La Nuit is just right. This, Fahrenheit, and Platinum Egoiste are my favorites so far, with ADG Essenza also getting my attention.
08th October, 2014
This is a rather feminine fragrance to my nose but that makes it all the more interesting and sensual to be a man wearing it. I guess that's been the trend lately. Anyway the top and middle of this are really amazing, just masculine enough to make the wearer feel sexy. As others have said, the smell is "fresh" enough to be just fine as a daytime smell, despite the advertising. My only criticism of the smell is that as the base notes come out at the end of the day it gets even a bit more feminine, and like some of the Guerlain scents I've used, things start to smell a bit like baby wipes. If just a bit of the top or middle notes would linger as long as the bottom, the smell would really be perfect all the way through. I don't see this as a major flaw, though, because the notes I'm talking about only come out some eight hours after applying, which means the fragrance lasts well over eight hours! I smelled it easily after a ten hour day at work, yet this fragrance is still soft in its own way and doesn't really announce its presence. In my opinion gentleness and longevity are the perfect combination.
10th August, 2014
The scent that started my interest in fragrance! It's light and powdery, yet sophisticated and mature. I don't love it like I once did. I now prefer the EdP though it doesn't seem to last as long. For the perfect layer EdT:EdP 1:2.
27th June, 2014
On of my all time favorites. The toilette is good but keep an eye out for the perfume version. Wow. I use to wear this scent all the time to class which looking back on it was genius, it's just so effin sexy! Now a days, I only wear it to go out to the bars on Friday or Saturday nights, even then sometimes I wanna wear something a little more expensive... I'm shallow tho....

This scent is unique and hard to pick out notes in, it becomes one sexy unique cloud. It's dark, maybe peppery? For the price every man should own this, and sometimes walking around the city it feels like every man does. Girls really do love it though so I don't blame them, my girlfriend tells me it's one of her favorites, I think she just remembers college though. Good old days. A classic for me.
20th March, 2014
La Nuit is an excellent evening wear scent, definitely not recommended for the office unless you're going for "the creeper" look/feel. La Nuit is very strong a spicy in the opening with a hint of nail polish, once the ash has cleared though it is very powdery with sharpness and spice that radiates comfort and warmth. This scent makes me think of a group of 20 to 30 year old men sitting around a local hipster bar / tavern wearing loosened ties and sport jackets, drinking a dark heavy bourbon or Canadian whisky. A very seductive scent that has to be worn in the right setting.

Ironically, a great compliment to La Nuit (in my experience only of course) is Gold Bond powder. It seems to bring out the warmth of the scent and help it to project even better, give it a try.

Excellent projection and average longevity (4-5). A good compliment getter if worn in the right situation.
24th December, 2013
So far the best scent i know! extremely seductive, intoxicating dark, mystical and masculine are some of the words I can describe this jewel. It lasts a long time and projects great and without ever being overpowering. It can be worn in any season and occasion.. but spray lightly on hot summer days. Simply a masterpiece.
19th November, 2013
YSL, this is your attempt at a sick, tasteless joke correct?

Disclaimer: If this works for you, all the more power to you.

Personally, I felt like I sprayed on a pleasantly blended spicy, oriental when I used the tester at Macy's. Perfect timing for this fall/winter fragrance as we now have a cold climate up in minnesota. After spraying the tester, I noticed it was pleasant, but possibly weak. I noted the dry down as I walked around the mall, and noticed it was gone within 3 hours, and just attributed that to the 2 sprays I got.

I tested more at home after I purchased it. Probably 12 sprays and realized with family members that either this was kind of watered down or it was really watered down. Family members actually smelt, in order, the 1. surrounding air. 2. the fragrance bubble I should have. 3. a foot from my application. and then 4. on my skin. At the 4th area the general consensus was "oh, now I smell you. You smell like a watered down 80's powerhouse frag"

At least they verified my suspicions and that I wasn't suffering from olfactory fatigue. It was definitely worse than the tester. And frankly, this was a bad fragrance, at least it was on my skin. I am usually not paranoid about testers being double concentrated or something, but after this experience it was like...that was especially fishy.

Overall, it was a pleasant smell that was practically "on my skin." The fragrance died after about 1-2 hours.

At any rate, if you are inuit maybe I can see you pulling this off in your igloo, with your battery operated humidifier in colder than Hoth temperatures. If you dont get the reference, google image it. In my opinion, I never smelt the fragrance when it was first released in 2009, but what I smelt was insulting.

I wish there was more I could talk directly about the fragrance, but this is so bad, there is nothing else I can talk about. Biggest letdown of any cologne I have had in my arsenal thus far. The english language lacks proper hyperbole to accurately describe how, literally, "soft" this fragrance is.

First fragrance return I have ever made.

Pros: Possibly best spicy oriental "top notes" around
Cons: Overhyped by basenotes IMO, lacks in projection, longevity, silage, and compliments"

06th October, 2013
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United States
Wiil Be a Staple in my Collection

could be unisex. I am ok with that. this is 1 of the best night scents around. A true classic that every Basenoter should at least sample. Compliments galore!! I can't add 2 much of what has already been stated..

Pros: Long lasting-great smell
Cons: 8+ sprays is required"

26th August, 2013
A solid fragrance!!

la nuit de lhomme is a beast!! However 4 sprays will NOT get the job done. So for those that complain about the projection or longevity,,, get like me and spend $100 on the 6.7oz and go nutz on the trigger!!!! At first I had the 1.7oz an only applied 4 sprays. Two neck and each wrist. Smelled great but didnt project and garner the compliments I was looking for. But it was okay bc my fiancé loves it and could easily smell it when she was close to me. Cuddling, hugging etc. But I wanted more. So when it was time to re-up, I purchased the Man size 6.7 bottle!! And the first use I went HAM (hard as a motherf@cker) 12 sprays!! All over my skin and a few on my shirt. And BAM,,,, the compliments started rolling in. The first time was this cute bartender,, Jill. Her exact words from inside the bar (a good 4-6 feet away) were, "omg what kind of cologne are you wearing? (I answered) Wow that smells really good like yummy,, mmmm!" In my head I was like "wow!! She can smell me from that far away?!?"

So,, yeah guys. This is a must have!! Just gotta lay it on thick. Don't worry, it won't be cloying. Especially if its night time winter weather. (I wouldn't wear this in the daytime) Also,, make sure you moisturizer your skin with a unscented lotion or something. You WILL get 2 hours of monster projection, about 2-3 hours of good projection, and the rest will be huggin distance projection. It will be on your shirt the next morning as well. Solid performer!!!

Pros: Affordable, long lasting, chicks dig it!!
Cons: 10+ sprays to get good projection/longevity"

21st August, 2013
Nice evening scent

I was not so crazy about this scent when I first opened it. The scent when you first spray it is rather harsh and sharp. It dries down nice and it last about 5 to 6 hours on my skin. This is not a scent I recommend for the young crowd. I suggest 25 and up.

Pros: longevity and projection on my skin
Cons: harsh opening"

02nd August, 2013

My favorite frag, absolutely love the smell and I get great longevity and projection on this one. Girlfriend goes mental for this one, its actually kind of crazy haha. Most female compliments on this fragrance for me.

Pros: Awesome manly smell, babe magnet

15th June, 2013
I was walking through the mall, and upon seeing the fragrance store I thought to myself: "I haven't bought a fragrance in a long time", so I went there, tested the new ones I haven't tried before (I was surprised that they weren't so many) and I came across La Nuit de l'Homme which smelled amazing on paper, then I sprayed on my wrist and smelled amazing on my skin as well.

The ingredients seemed very high quality at least at first sniff, this perfume had a story to tell, had some hidden messages that were yet to be discovered, so I bought it, I went to the counter and there was an offer at a cheaper price to get the same juice 60ml + aftershave balm + shower gel, I couldn't get any happier, 59eur for all that seemed like a good bargain (from a mall at least)

This scent starts with an unique spice and evolves in time and unravels it's seductive beauty, transforming itself into a sweet, a little powdery incense that is going a bit to a feminine side which doesn't bother me.

The aftershave balm goes in different direction than the fragrance, I expected a bigger similarity between the cologne and it, but the aftershave tends to be a little fresher and more subtle, lovely smell nonetheless. The showergell is top notch and makes you feel like you are bathing in a pool of La Nuit de l'Homme, great feeling.

If I didn't have so many memories attached to Body Kouros, I would mark this as the most seductive scent. In a way, I feel like this fragrance lays a foundation for memories, memories when you're experiencing the night, the silence, mystery and wonder, when all your scences get a neural association with the smell of La Nuit de l'Homme.

I have been impressed after a long time, congrats for the perfumers.


02nd May, 2013
I put on 2 sprays of this in Sephora over 16 hours ago and its now next day morning and I can stil smell a faint vetiver on my wrist!!!

The scent is gorgeous, very pleasing. Definitely spray on skin. When I sprayed on paper, the cinnamon opening turned me off a little. But I tried it on skin and it smelled totally different. Fantastic all day smell. Don't limit this to the night, everyone needs to smell this. 10/10 for this one.
06th March, 2013
This is the first scent I bought after getting into my fragrance hobby. With that said I have no sentimental value with scent. I even sold my original bottle. However I do like this smell. I am not a huge fan of lavender, but the lavender is not in your face as others I have tried. This is a nice night out scent and a very solid frag.
21st January, 2013
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United States
Smells like a better quality and better version of Dolce & Gabbana's The One for men.
08th January, 2013
I blind bought Yves Saint Laurent's La Nuit de L'Homme this past week after reading and viewing many positive reviews on it. My goal was to add another going out scent to my arsenal. My current go-to was Thierry Mugler's Pure Malt(which i give 8.5 overall and 8 on longevity). As for my purchase...I couldnt be happier. La Nuit de L'Homme reminds me of a much more wearable, toned down, slight more masculine version of One Million by Paco Rabanne. After smelling this fragrance and buying it at Macy's, I sprayed it once on my neck..while I was on my way home from Macy's on the train, I got complimented by a beautiful woman! So far so good in my book! Overall I give La Nuit de L'Homme a 9.
07th January, 2013
This is a very good blend of spices that smells gorgeous. Not too sweet neither too dry, it's very unique and balanced. Definetely a beautiful fragrance that's worth it. Sillage, projection and lasting power are good (8 hours). Thumbs up!
07th January, 2013
This scent is so different from anything I've ever smelled before. Can't really say "oh La Nuit Del Homme smells like...". That alone earns it a lot of points. It very soft and a little sweet. I imagine some women could get away with wearing this one... maybe. On me longevity is good but projection no so much. Don't blind buy I've seen very polarizing opinions on this but I really like it.
05th December, 2012
A very nice fresh oriental. L'Nuit opens with a wash of warm and smooth spice that never becomes overbearing. The warmth of cardamom goes right through the composition. I definitely get the sex appeal in this. It has an almost boozy nature without smelling of liquor in any way. Its sweet, but not overly so. Fresh but saucy at the same time. I almost swear it warms my nostrils when I smell it. Very nice.

If there were a knock to be made to L'Nuit, albeit a minor one, I'd say it's this. What you smell is pretty much what you get. Once the top notes dissipate L'Nuit pretty much hums the same song until the final hour. Quite linear but I can't find it in me to accuse it of being boring. Every waft is a pleasure.

I'll definitely be looking to try more from this line such as the original, Libre, and Gingembre. Thumbs up!
03rd December, 2012
My "go-to" fragrance. Sensual and intoxicating. Sweet and hypnotic. Women love it.
Can be worn at any age. I wear it every day.
27th November, 2012
Smells so good, I really enjoy the drydown, a lovely almond -like smell. On my, it last so much! and projects very good, the only thing with this fragrance is that it is very strong, it gives me a headache sometimes that I wear it, I don´t know, maybe its just me but I prefer the original L´Homme because it projects a little less and is less offensive than this Intense vertion.
23rd November, 2012
Some people will tell you this one only have similarity with l'homme on the top notes I do agree somehow even thou thats a flanker they follow 2 different path on the dry downthis one give you that intensity you wont find on L'homme which is sweeter If you have l'homme you might overlook this one thou unless if you really enjoy it and wanna take it to the next level
12th November, 2012
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United States
Prior to gaining SOME knowledge of fragrances, this was one of my go-to scents. I see myself wearing this more during the night (although, I typically will wear any fragrance, any time). It truly stands up to the "La Nuit" aspect.
If I had to describe it in 2 words? Gingerbread Cookie
It isn't cloyingly sweet, but sweet enough. It definitely isn't a subtle fragrance, but I can not see this as being offensive to anyone.
My second favorite of the YSL line, after L'Homme of course
06th November, 2012
Smells great. Somewhat linear but for a great opening like this, I wouldn't complain. Great compliment getter. I wear this for any night out. It's not my signature scent but I would say its my "go-to". I u like my sweet smells, this is a must. Not gourmand sweet but it smells quality.
01st October, 2012
Great evening/night scent. It is the perfect addition to YSL L'homme. I feel one should wear L'homme during the day, and begin the night with La Nuit de L'homme. The cologne is perfectly named. I suppose you could get away with this during the day, but people at the office will think you're trying too hard.
12th September, 2012
This is a very linear frag to me. The opening does have lavender which lessens as the cardamon and bergamot take over in the dry down.

I personally like this as a transitional season frag and usually wear at night. It seems too heavy in the tropics or if the weather is over 90 degrees. I also feel that it runs out of gas during the dead of winter.

On my skin this is a 5 shot in the summer, 7 in the winter. Projection is average to above for at least the first three hours before maybe dying down a bit. This is not a silage monster by any means, however when I work the door of a very smokey nightclub on the weekends I have received almost as many compliments as 1 million six hours into my shift, even though I can no longer smell it. This is not to say that this smells anything like 1 million or that it is a "club banger" frag, only that I seem to develop some olfactory fatigue from it while people within 3 feet can still smell it.

Overall I love this juice and will wear it for years to come, some are now comparing it to CK Shock, however I love this stuff and think that Shock is repulsive.
10th September, 2012
This is an amazing "going out" type of fragrance. Smells very sweet and spicy (the cardamon resembles a cinnamon smell here) so it's definitely very nose pleasing. Lasts and projects excellently, so this here is a flat out masterpiece of modern fragrance.
09th September, 2012
This is truly awesome fragrance! To me, if you can get imagery out of scent, then you have accomplished something unique and exceptional. Your olfactory senses allow your mind to visualize...with La Nuit de l'Homme, I find myself on dark, cool night with a light breeze and a full moon shining bright, radiating off of clouds. I am in the woods - alone, but not afraid or cold. I am walking on a path to the one I love and I will be there soon...and, I know she is waiting for me.

Okay - a little cheesy, but this is honestly how transcendent YSL's juice is to me. I first smelled this and was absolutely in love with the intoxicatingly rich and spicy cardamom - a note that I am already very fond of and I think this bottle has used it masterfully! However, as singular as the nose is at first, it warms into a heart of gorgeous lavender (fresh, not dried) that is blended harmoniously with warm citrus (bergamot), which also lifts the scent and giving it a breeze of fresh air. The cedar is not overly used or dusty - on the contrary - this is very rich and damp cedar and very well-integrated. The olfactory pleasure continues into the dry down with a nice fresh vetiver note that is not overly "rooty" or earthy. A slightly sharp, but also clean vetiver that melds with the cedar and lavender with the cardamom carrying through the whole composition. This turns, on my skin (nothing short of amazing) slightly sweet, powdery blend of notes that just seem to breathe on my me! Don't over-apply!

I have seen people say 3-4 shots - one on the chest, one each pulse point on the neck and one on the back of neck. I think I would say that is about right - on a cold night (when this is perfect) maybe add one to the wrists. This is a fantastic, radiating scent. Maybe put one shot on your shirt, but this really feels fantastic (and smells right) on my skin. I prefer it there...

A true night-time scent - possibly year-round with milder application on a summer night, but absolutely do-able. Stunning, dark, sexy as hell and chic! Better for formal, but possible with up-scale casual attire. This can wear you, if you are not confident and know what you want out of "that night". If you are in a Nascar shirt and jeans shooting pool and wear this, you have offended this fragrance and the bottle should be taken away from you at once.

My firm score - 9/10. Don't try to make this work for you...ask your partner as you are close with them if this is something they like. La Nuit de l'Homme is truly an intimate fragrance. I believe most will love it, but if they don't then you need to find something that does - or possibly another partner. Cheers.
26th July, 2012
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United States
Exceptional fragrance profile of bergamot, cardamom, and vanilla that cycles through these notes during wear with intermissions of softer woods and sweet tobacco notes. Quite a nice fragrance, although not bold or "dark" enough to be called "the night". Rather poor longevity 4-5 hours. Still a wonderful frag though.
22nd July, 2012