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Negative Reviews of Lyric Man by Amouage

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A fresh floral scent which isn't masculine in my opinion but it's quite pleasant.
The opening is fresh and very clean rose scent mixed with hint of spicy notes in the background and slight sweet notes.
The rose note here is not dark and strong like Montale Black Aoud, Le Labo Rose 31 or something like these guys.
It's very smooth and light.
After around half an hour or so, the scent become sweet and I can smell other floral notes beside rose. the opening was unisex I would say, but dry down is completely feminine.
The floral notes in dry down smell like white and pink flowers and give you completely a feminine scent which is quite annoying and personally I can't stand it!
Also the smell isn't unique and different enough to pay almost $300 for a bottle! nope, not for me!
Projection and longevity is above average.
22nd May, 2014
Soapy (don't like it) and a quite feminine (don't mind it).

Rose is a indeed a very sensual and elegant note. If one has had little experience smelling rose fragrances, they will find Lyric excelent. To me, however, it smells ordinary, almost cheap.

Other rose fragrances I have smelled are richer (Lumière Noire, Rose 31 and Black Aoud, for instance) and my nose just tells me Lyric is one (or more) step(s) below them.

By the way, Lumière Noire is not so different from this and is so much less soapy, more on the masculine side (still on the edge though) and richer.

I'll pass on Lyric Man. It's just OK for... soap.
08th April, 2013
Stop the love train! I want to get off.

Lyric comes out of the bottle smelling wonderful and rosy - a bit like Amouage Homage Attar, in fact. Sadly, this is a busy celebrity rose that only hangs out for a few minutes before moving on to its next engagement. After that, I don't perceive much of a floral component at all. I get saffron and loads and loads of choking powder.

In fact, this fragrance has more in common with a lot of fresh aquatics than with anything floral - I'd compare it to Silver Mountain Water and Millesime Imperial, but more powdery. For me, it has that same grating, unpleasant, metallic character as those Creeds. It's richer and fuzzier, but the underlying structure seems to be similar. It's actually rather nauseating.

Overall, I get the impression of a nursery cleaning product specifically designed to cover up the smell of baby poop.

2012 update: tried again, same impression
17th March, 2010 (last edited: 04th February, 2012)
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