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Positive Reviews of Aqua Allegoria Tiaré-Mimosa by Guerlain

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Embodies the description "pretty". What I hoped Flora Nymphea would be--a light pastel floral bouquet, with a hint of honey and pollen, and a soft musky powdery drydown. I dislike powder, but it's very subtle and soft here. The mimosa, tiare, and ylang-ylang are dominant but don't punch you in the face. I get no fruit--maybe a suggestion of citrusy brightness, but not really audibly. Springy. Good lasting power. I got mine at a discounter for $30--certainly worth that price!
05th April, 2011
A close cousin of SummerbyKenzo, only with less sunblock. A powdery mimosa opening progresses into a brief but nice tiare moment (not super-realistic, but alright), then becomes a mimosa musk with a hint of the tiare/gardenia remaining to add some depth. Really good lasting power for an AA.

I enjoyed this. Not amazing nor original but by virtue of not being another watery AA, it's automatically less boring. It has some personality; I found it flirty and girly, in a pastel yellow style, and should entertain the wearer enough for its price. Would be a good accessory for a summer date.
29th April, 2009