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Not to be turned off by its generic name, Sunday Cologne beats everything out of its way as soon as I got hit by its notes. The perfect cologne for me yet I have only work it once using a sample from Neiman Marcus. The comparison to Terre d’Hermes is evident yet Sunday Cologne is in an entirely different classification of its own (and because no perfume can touch my love and devotion to Monsieur Ellena). The bergamot is what I expected it to be in its top note and how this transformed seamlessly into the surprisingly less vetiver and calming Patchouli (and I hate patchouli). A rare 10/10 for me. I usually attach an experience or a snapshot of my day into the fragrance in describing it but for Sunday Cologne, I cant seem to think of a single experience or mood that reminds me firsthand of why I liked or why I relate to this scent. I guess, this is an entirely new experience and entirely new perfume for me to revolve my experiences around instead of the other way.
22nd November, 2016
An easygoing take on the spicy-fresh aromatic masculine cologne. Lacking the richness and dimensionality of all-natural blends it's well-blended (sparse?) enough for me not to be distracted by any particular note's shortcomings. I find traces of spiced vetiver reminding me somewhat of a milder Terre d'Hermes.

Pleasantly versatile to wear on a regular basis but calling it 'fantastic' is definitely a stretch too far. Right, Mr. Reed Richards?
26th July, 2016
Byredo Sunday Cologne is accurately named in that it's a take on the traditional cologne concept, but it's certainly a departure from the normal concept (usually involving neroli) and in EDP, is notably spicier and dirtier than most of its cologne-named kin from other houses.

The cardamom factors in a lot for me as far as the spicy/dirty concept, along with the fresh bergamot to start. The lavender more or less fills the floral freshness role that neroli would otherwise achieve in other colognes or freshies. So Sunday Cologne is both laundry fresh and dirty at the same time, which isn't a quandary for me but a charming duality. It settles into a mix of vetiver and oakmoss, an agreeable enough drydown.

It wins major points for creativity but loses some performance, which is average at best, especially for an EDP. Surely this is ideal for warm weather day use. I've not tried the EDC version on skin but perhaps it would better suit others. Personally, I lean toward the maximum concentration version in such cases.

At $150 for 50ml and $230 for 100ml, retail pricing is a bit steep so this was definitely a stretch for me but I'd recommend looking for deals for this one.

7 out of 10
10th July, 2016
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Having just started to get into the Byredo fragrances, I find myself obsessed with Sunday Cologne. What is it about this scent that has me so captivated? It is light; complex even in it's lightness; seems true to the cologne genre; casual yet distinctively different from what's out there, and finally, excellent. It is almost immediately a skin scent, so I don't know if anyone but me would even notice it if I wear it. But this is a touch of genius and art. I detect mostly a citrus, lavender and vetiver mixture. I can't be too objective. You have to be crazy to spend this kind of money on a cologne which last about as long in fragrance terms as the life cycle of the mayfly. You have to be crazy to go for a fragrance that by basis analysis might be very similar to other much less expensive colognes out there. In the end you have to be crazy to buy this. I need to be committed.
24th June, 2015
mild thumbs up here.
Not a bad scent -- at times complex, intriguing-haunting, slightly aromatic. In turns floral, dusky, green-herbal. I thought there was tarragon and mint, perhaps that is the anise and lavender.Sometimes a bit sweet and tiresome in the DD but not problematic. Good longevity.
30th March, 2015
Citrus and woods, kind of like cedar, but not in a literal way. There's also a kitchen cabinet full of cooking spices - high-pitched pepper and ginger, as well as woody anise, with just a hint of animalic cumin for depth. Surrounding this, there's a pool of familiar chemical smells, most notably that green synthetic "marine" smell, as well as that ubiquitous metallic rubbing alcohol "woody amber", all wrapped up in a heady dose of iso e super smoke.

Given time, a leathery birch tar comes in, smartening up the base and keeping this from devolving into a stupid aquatic.

As for the Terre d'Hermes comparison, it's fairly apt, though TDH is abstract (there's not much of anything in it that smells like a "thing" - it smells more like a concept or and idea than a pile of ingredients) while Fantastic Man is grounded in recognizable spices and smells, so it has a different sort of appeal.

All in all, I quite enjoy the interplay of wood and smoke and spices, but that metal smell just irks me to the point where I can't give this a thumbs up.
13th May, 2014
Laidback Sunny Sunday

Laidback easy sunday morning out of the shower fresh and vibrant notes give you a good feeling all through the morning/day.

Everyone knows that feeling when you are free off in the weekend being in your element around the house feeling happy the way you are... no more no less... just be.
Its an uplifting mood fragrance.
If you like clean fresh 'n vibrant cologne type scents this one is a really good choice!
Its pricy so i think i get an alternative but well done Byredo i love this house

Pros: Uplifting, sunny, fresh and light with a twist

26th August, 2013
Thought I discovered a new thing, silly me, but as Dorian Gray below already mentioned, this is very similar to a Terre d'Hermes / Montale Red Vetiver, with a lot of lemon on top.

I can't see myself buying a bottle, but it is a nice fragrance.
04th April, 2012
I do really like this, but along with Montale's Red Vetiver, I find it too similar to Terre d'Hermes to justify owning a bottle. That said, I bought it anyway! Its a more citrusy Terre designed as a trad cologne ( with 10x the staying power I hasten to add ) while R V is a bit deeper and richer
01st March, 2011
Fantastic Man is a modern take on the old fashioned blueprint of a man’s cologne. There is no great evolution beyond the opening, merely a slight diminishment of the original theme,accompanied by some subtle garnishes. A mighty bergamot presence in the opening, later becomes a citric seam,lightly spiced but respectfully refreshing. The green theme is persued with the inclusion of green lavender, but it is more a distraction than a real contribution. Aside from the light reduction in potency, later phases adopt an aridity and earthiness, venting a warm aura of refinement. The quality of the ingredients are obvious, and it is a fragrance to luxuriate in. It effortlessly straddles the categories of formality and informality, and despite its prohibitive price, remains one to consider for all occasions.
30th November, 2009
Trying this for the first time today as a sample. Definitely a beautiful fragrance. My wife likes it much. She says it smells "cedary" with an opening strong note of citrus. Very appealing in the beginning. I sprayed liberally, but the tenacity is a bit weak on me. Hardly smellable now five hours later. Because of this, I won't be buying any.
04th November, 2009
I discovered this in Munich last week and it was actually recommended to me by the salesperson - usually not a good sign, but this time she was spot on - apparently this is exactly the fragrance I had been looking for. It's classic yet memorable, fresh yet warm and even though it says "Cologne" on the bottle, it has quite a lot of staying power (which is unusual for my skin). I adore the clean and no-nonsense quality of the scent, which is uplifting and sophisticated. This fragrance doesn't go for a cheap thrill (wouldn't be appropriate at this kind of price) but convinces with sophistication and style. It is rather pricy, but exclusivity rarely comes cheap. -- Very very nice indeed!
03rd August, 2009
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United Kingdom
Ben Gorham of Byredo has collaborated with the Dutch men's fashion/style magazine 'Fantastic Man' and produced a 'gentleman's cologne for 2009', which has taken 2 years from inception to production. With the concepts of 'subtlety' and 'simplicity' applied to the rest of the range, I was a bit wary that this being a cologne, it wouldn't project or last at all (I could hardly smell Gypsy Water). The notes used are pretty common in fragrances, but not so in traditional colognes. I was smitten at first sniff though with bergamot and star anise to the fore then cardamom giving it a nice kick. A heavenly lavender (never thought I'd say that) and incense mix then take over until they blend with moss, patchouli and vetiver to create a breathtakingly beautiful drydown to finish. The tenacity is surprisingly good -- I got 8 hours with a liberal spray. I am head over heels with this scent and for once all the hyperbole surrounding the fragrance is true. Fantastic Man is actually fantastic.
23rd June, 2009
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