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Negative Reviews of Oud 27 by Le Labo

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A quality Oud, but a too animatic for my liking. The initial blast smells like a wild animal’s genitalia during mating season. The dry down softens into a pleasant sweet aroma. Occasions? Anywhere, but the office under the circumstances outlined previously.
04th March, 2018
I went to London during Easter 2015 and among the few perfumers I wanted to visit Le Labo on Devonshire Street was one of them.

The location was really awesome and gave the feeling of an old-fashioned laboratory but among the three scents I purchased samples of - Santal, Patchouli and Oud - Oud 27 was not good IMHO at all.

Having previsouly sampled real Oud oil - I can recommend Arabian Oud on Oxford Street for this - I am at loss whether the Le Labo Oud 27 really has any Oud in the composition at all. The top-notes have some awfully artifical components in it (I can´t really identify what is it though) and honestly, that was as far I as came, since I scrubbed the scent of my skin with soap and water shortly after that (!).

Maybe the heart- and base-notes are awesome, but I wouldn´t know really...

For me there are many more Oud-based scents that you should consider instead, I am thinking about Acqua di Parma Colonia Intensa Oud, I am thinking about Terry de Gunzburg´s Terryfic Oud Extrême (although a little quirky and playful) and if you have funds to spare the Amber Aoud by Roja.

05th April, 2015
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United States
Awful stuff...prob. the worst oud based fragrance I've ever tried.
It's not the oud in this I have a problem with, it's everything's just really, really sour and fecal smelling stuff. The oud is kind of in the background in the whole thing and the opening is very overpowering.
Knock out stuff -- def. do NOT blind buy this or any le labo.
13th May, 2012
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Oud 27

Take a truck load of 200 year old shellacked furniture and set it in the sun for 100 years. Now move it into a barn perviously occupied by farm animals. Close the door to the bar and leave the shellacked furniture in the barn for 100 more years. Voilà! Oud 27
04th January, 2011
I just received the 4 ml sample I ordered of this in the mail and I think that djolney hit the nail on the head in his review. The oud and saffron mix are very prominent in the opening and the combination is a little odd, overwhelming and medicinal. Maybe I haven't had enough experience with oud, except with Montale's Aoud Roses Petals. In ARP the oud, while odd and strange, is absolutely gorgeous. But Oud 27 smells very weird and synthetic for me at the beginning. 15 minutes later you can detect soft woods, but then the scent suddenly disappears. I was very disappointed as I expected Oud 27 to be as rich and lasting as Patchouli 24. It isn't. This really needs to be sampled before you purchase a full bottle.
02nd November, 2009
This is odd stuff.

The opening is strange and sickly. It is as if the aoud and saffron have brought the worst out in each other. I like to wear aoud, and I like saffron and aoud together when Montale does it, but something is sickly rather than medicinal here.

The incense is neither the intense kind found in a fragrance like Tauer Incense Rose, nor the soft unlit kind like in Montale Louban: it is hollow and becomes lost under the wood.

The dry down is so soft that there is nothing to speak of.

28th July, 2009