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You're a rotting tree. When you were alive, you spent a few hundred years enjoying a peaceful and sumptuously windy existence. You would even boast to the other trees, because your leaves and branches were always plentiful, because wildlife from all over called you their home, because lovers even carved their names in your sides. Everything was perfect until insects found you and bored into you and began tearing you apart from inside. You loosened, and you crumbled, and your whole trunk broke off and fell to the ground. Do you remember watching it erode over time while you were left as a helpless, rotting stump? Currently, your existence is not a pretty one. Every day, you're plagued by incurable necrosis. Every day, you're sprayed with urine by all kinds of animals as they mark their territory. Every day, you're sent rose petals by the wind, as if it, too, mourned your death. Congratulations, tree. You have become the headstone to your own, sorry grave. Oud 27 by Le Labo.
25th February, 2018
Perhaps I wasn't expecting this much oud, but Le Labo Oud 27 is dirtier than I expected. It's too much oud, or something else, that isn't in balance. There are insufficient sweets, florals, citruses, etc. to bring this back to something I might enjoy. It feels more like a smelling oil to realize the extremity of oud than something I would actually wear for an extended period. Interesting education, but nothing I would consider wearing again, let alone buying. It's disappointing in that respect but perhaps they accomplished their goal in making this, as, while not the most popular fragrance they offer, this does still seem to have a good following. Try at your own risk, because it is still quite strong.

4 out of 10
02nd October, 2015
Genre: Leather

Le Labo’s Oud 27 starts off as equal parts smoky saffron, aggressively medicinal oudh, and animalic leather; somewhere between Alan Cumming’s signature fragrance and Montale’s Oud Cuir d’Arabie. The oudh soon softens to reveal a more conventional conifer wood accord that smells to me both of juniper and cedar. The animalic component also drops out almost completely with about a half an hour of wear, so that for most of its life on my skin Oud 27 is a surprisingly crisp, cool, and translucent fragrance centering on frankincense, saffron, and woods. Unfortunately that life is abruptly truncated at close to the two hour mark, after which a very faint, dry, woody base note (the guaiac, I presume,) is all I can detect. Anticlimactic and disappointing after such a distinguished start. My advice: don't buy this without trying Oud Cuir d'Arabie first.

22nd June, 2014
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As a fragrance, it's nice, but expensive. It is, after all, an expensive brand. However, as an Oud, it's neither here nor there. It just does not stand out. It doesn't smell like cheap, synthetic, rubber "Oud." Definitely a good thing. But it also doesn't provide the sensory overload that I crave from actual Oud.The civet is fine, but does not last long enough and is not prominent enough. Of course, some qualities which are negative to me will be attractive to others and some qualities which are positive to me will be unattractive to others. If you're looking for a Monster--as I was--you will instead find a tamed house-cat. If you're seeking an Ascending Lark, you will instead find a filthy big city pigeon. Overall, I sincerely feel this fragrance is neither here nor there. Is not distinctive. It smells nice, but that's just not enough. From this brand, I prefer Labdanum 18.
19th December, 2012 (last edited: 11th January, 2013)
I am actually getting a pine sap smell in this. Reminicent of my days as a boy scout, camping out and being in the wilderness. When climbing trees or chopping them down I'd often get that thick sticky, IMPOSSIBLE TO REMOVE sap on my hands and it would not come off with anything but kerosene or gas.
The opening of this OUD 27 by Le Labo has much the same aroma as that sap.

I cannot say if it's thumbs up or down. Leaning toward up though.
14th September, 2012
As with a lot of Le Labo’s, the name on the bottle is not characteristic of the scent. This one opens with some animalistic accords, medicinal type oud notes, and some sourness. The medicinal aspects and animalistic notes fade rather quickly and you are left with a slightly incense and woods scent that wears very close to the skin. If you are looking for a synthetic analogue of the Arabian oud’s, I suggest you look elsewhere.
08th February, 2012
Oud 27 by Le Labo - One is initially overwhelmed by a animalic tango. A foul and sour oud partnered with an earthy, floral saffron give life to a miasmic melange of stale urine, foetid smoke, raw leather and slimy sweetness. For a time, this vomitous blend rankles, and is spewn to the rehabilitating middle. Atlas cedar, with its balsamic and evergreen woodiness, coupled with a refreshing incense suffocate the putrid piss and stenchy fumes, as well as rehabilitate the saffron with creamy and honey aspects and the oud with a bright and fresh aura. The awaiting base with its complementary guaiacwood imparts its pleasing smokiness and candied smoothness, aided by a mildly peppery and herbaceous patchouli. A prosaic drydown ensues. This edgy composition lacks projection and longevity.
19th December, 2011
Wow! Where to star with this one. It is very sour up top and i dont like the animalic note in this. It is a very unique scent. I dont dislike it but i wouldn't buy a bottle of this. Its quite offensive.
08th July, 2011
to my nose Oud 27 is very closed to ELDO's Rien but more oriental-woody-animalic-urinous and less chemical at the start.With the same drydown. I relieve saffron but don't smell any oud or agarwood. I have 1 bottle 1.7 oz, interesting for the first week, but after the starting curiosity, now, i use it very little. So i think it's interesting but not for everyday.
09th February, 2011 (last edited: 29th March, 2011)
Oud 27 roaringly starts right off the bat in an animalic fecal fashion that is both deep, dirty, and compelling -- overwhelming the senses with labdanum, amber, patchouli, cedar, saffron, and of course, that hip note of the moment, oudh. The dirty note then gradually retreats, revealing the scent's other more sensual and oriental-esque facets along with faint traces of tobacco, rose, and a tiny amount of fruits. It lastly dries down to a musky, but clean and smooth blend of cedar and gaiac, a very pleasant and subtle finale like a soft meow.

The first hour or so is the stage that may be too much for most people. I've read many comments where people mention that the beginning is close to being repulsive, with the drydown being heavenly. Personally, I find the first two hours to be much more enjoyable and far more interesting than the drydown, which is just as I wrote earlier, a "pleasant meow."

Hardcore fans of MKK and such would be disappointed that Oud 27 just shows its fangs then wimps out, while lovers of sensual woody orientals would be put off by the initial scarefest before arriving at the heart. Regardless of what category you fall into, Oud 27 is a strange beast indeed and should at least be sampled. Admittedly, it IS flawed and would most likely be a let down for many who expected something more different and distinctive.
19th May, 2009 (last edited: 05th March, 2010)
Typical of the Le Labos, the moniker for the scent is not the main note. Animalic notes dominate, which, along with the saffron, are reminiscent of Dzing! Oud 27, though, is a drier, more elegant scent featuring some prominent photorealistic cedar. There are other woody incensey scents I prefer, and for oud I will go to those in the arabian vein.
12th April, 2009