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Neutral Reviews of Eau de Sisley 3 by Sisley

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On a paper strip, this was scrumptious. *Freshly grated* ginger, juicy-tangy-spicy. Ginger is one of my favourite notes, so go figure. A very nice twist on a refreshing summery eau de cologne, I thought, substituting the citrus with ginger. Inventive!
I got a sample and tried it at home. Where'd my ginger go? I get a quite bitter type of citrus, reminding me of Dior Escale a Portofino. That undefinable petitgrain/grapefruit kind of bitterness. Not necessarily unpleasant, but not my favourite either, especially when I had been all geared up for the ginger.

Disappointment, for me.
04th September, 2009