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I seem to agree with Kaern all the way! Indeed No 3 is what may worth a serious try from the whole range of Eau de Sisley. Now as Kaern has already gone through the official notes I will not get into that. I will only let you know how I feel the fragrance working on my skin. To me the vanilla and the musk translated into the euphoria of carnation. As 3 dries down my impression that it resembles to CdG classic no2 still holds strong; however, it is likely that CdG 2 lasts longer than Eau de Sisley 3. Actually for the last three hours Eau de Sisley 3 has impressed me a lot compared to the other two offerings of the collection. And mind you that I at first thought that 2 was more interesting, well 3 actually does the trick… I have avoided addressing the gender issue of any of the three Eau de Sisley since only a test can prove if a perfume works on your skin as you wish or not. Eau de Sisley 3 can also be considered more feminine, on my skin for instance this seems to me to be the sweetest of the three.
21st June, 2009
I agree with Kaern, out of the three fragrances that Sisley recently debuted, Eau De Sisley 3 takes the cake. For me, it is the most memorable. Sisley has been attaching the word addictive to 3, and I totally agree. After an application, I found myself sneaking whiffs of my arm! I really enjoy this, it's light, and I feel that the opening of this scent really blossoms fully in a way. The ginger is also extremely pleasant, especially in conjunction with the grapefruit. I intend on purchasing this scent once I get my next paycheck. My only con is that I wish some of the opening notes would linger longer, but the dry down is by no means unpleasant.
16th June, 2009
Ginger. That's what I get: pure, freshly cut ginger root, with the different citrusy, sweet, piquant and spicy hot notes that implies. I love it.
09th June, 2009
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United Kingdom
Of the three in the range, this is the jewel in the crown. Citrusy top notes soon dive into a really spectacular ginger and osmanthus mix, the like of which I have never smelt before. I can't detect all the fruit that is listed (maybe a touch of sweet peach), but the drydown is lovely, still containing the ginger, but joined now by a, not overpowering vanilla and a lovely musk note. This is definitely unisex unlike the other two offerings in the range. I had to spray quite liberally to get the full effect ,sillage and longevity I like for all day wear though. I really love this.
11th May, 2009
citrus, bergamot, mandarin, grapefruit, lemon, red ginger, osmanthus, patchouli, vetiver, benzoin, vanilla and musk are listed as the notes

This one is wonderful. It starts out very citrusy and turns into this wonderful slightly spicy, warm fragrance, but not cold weather warm. Something good for Spring or Summer. It is really delicious. A sales associate suggested it to me, and gave me a sample a few days ago. The sample is gone. I really want a bottle of this one.
19th April, 2009