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Positive Reviews of Géranium pour Monsieur by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

Mint, geranium, a soapy white musk, woods, and a tiny bit of anise. (Not the overdose of anise that absolutely ruins Lolita Lempicka Au Masculin for me.) Sounds weird, but it works great for any occasion. And unlike many other mint-dominant fragrances, it lasts all day.

A quality creation like many Frederic Malle scents, and worth the price - especially if you like mint as much as I do.
06th May, 2015

Quite aromatic opening dominated by minty emanations and strengthened by a clear geranium – this opening is impressive if you are into mint notes, and this is a upscale, non-toothpastey mint. This mint ensemble is also cleaner and more sophisticated than the mint note in… say… Roadster by Cartier. I myself am not into mint dominant accords, but this one I enjoy, probably because its strong tinge of geranium makes the mint more palatable to me. The opening has impressive longevity.

The mints and the geranium stay on the surface of the heart notes – and its background shifts and mitigates a little. I think what is happening with the heart is that the clove oil takes over in the background making the accord a little less ethereal and a little more earth-bound than the opening. This middle accord is subtle, sophisticated, and it serves as an appropriate continuation of the opening. I had been apprehensive of the clove oil but was happy to find it quite discrete and nicely performing.

The mint is pretty much gone by the basenotes… the geranium tenuously hangs on for the remainder, offering a subtle airiness to a discrete but solid white musk / sandalwood base which hints at a quality grey amber (“quality” is extremely important with grey amber). The pyramid says incense, and I smelled the incense at the first testing, but since it has apparently melded into the accord and I haven’t been able to separate it out. I don’t miss the incense because this light accord is solid, enjoyable, and completely fulfilling without it.

“Geranium Pour Monsieur” could just as easily been named “Geranium for Madame” because the temper of GPM is gender neutral as far as I’m concerned… neither sensual nor sexy. GPM is not dramatic or compelling, but rather it is buoyant, unisex, and deliciously wearable.

At my first testing of GPM I thought it was a pleasant but not very interesting scent – with that, I guess I was being unreasonably dismissive. Later with a couple of full wearings, its quiet uniqueness and almost spiritually-uplifting tenor grew on me: Instead of my oft-used comment: “Great scent but I don’t want to smell like this,” with Geranium Pour Monsieur my comment is “Subtly captivating scent and I DO wish to smell like this.”

10th March, 2015
James. Bond.

This is a perfect scent. I'm serious, it really is. I tend to like them big and bombastic, loud and proud, my presence announced with angels, trumpets, fanfare, and of course groupies. But not this one.

There's a time for elegance, for professionalism, for just being the best guy in the room. Are you polished? Are you ready? Are you awesome? And most importantly, do you know it so deeply that you don't give any of it a second thought? Then you might actually be James Bond. For the rest of us, when we manage to attain that balance of competence and confidence, of practice and preparation, we want to smell like this.

It works everywhere, all the time. Office-friendly? Yep. Courtroom-approved? Yep. Date-ready? Yep. Sponge-worthy, too, I'd bet. Get some.
11th February, 2015
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Fresh, fresh, fresh!

This is a very clever fragrance... masterfully composed. The perfumers here wanted to recreate the classic masculine smell or "fougère" smell (ie a Lavender, Oakmoss, Coumarin combination used in most "green" or "traditional" fragrances for men). They used inspiration from men's soaps from the 1920's which used Geranium and cloves in order to convey "freshness" and an overall "clean & masculine" smell. The result here is quite remarkable.

Basically the perfumer Dominique Ropion has taken Geranium oil in it's purest form, and built a composition around it. Geranium can be sometimes minty, sometimes lemon-fresh, sometimes like cloves, or sometimes like rose. Here he has added notes which "pump-up" these different aspects of Geranium, such as mint absolute, cinnamon extracted using modern technology to bring out the "fresh" and "aromatic" aspects, and he has layered it on a base of clean sandalwood and very clean white musk.

It smells so incredibly fresh! I have rarely encountered a fragrance which is able to convey freshness as much as this does. I think this is because it has a huge mint note. But I must stress, this does not smell like toothpaste! It has star anise, cloves, cinnamon, and very green mint and geranium, with a smooth base of creamy sandalwood and polished white musk. Like fresh cotton sheets just washed.

It's actually not an easy smell to understand at first (like many of the Frédéric Malle creations). But I think if you want to convey a message of "fresh and serious" you could wear this. I also think it's floral enough to be worn by a woman (despite the name). This is one to try (especially for this price) for anyone who loves green nature and "fresh" smells. As with all Frédéric Malle's... the quality is exceptionally high and the projection is good. One to try for summer and all year round. Green, aromatic, minty and floral fresh!
05th November, 2014
A fresh mint opening with a nice, masculine dry down. This one is great from start to finish and doesn't ever get too much like toothpaste. It's my favorite mint and just smells clean.
05th October, 2014
Female 1: 3.5/5, Impression: subtle but sexy
Female 2: 4/5, Impression: sweet and spicy, reminds me of sambuca
Female 3: 5/5, Impression: fresh and very sexy
Male 1: 3/5, Impression: smells nice(ish) but not something I’d wear
Male 2: 2/5, Impression: too ‘girly’
Male 3: 1/5, Impression: a very strong soapy smell with a hint of very very mild aniseed
Projection: average
Longevity: at least 9h
My opinion:
This is a blast. An explosive equilibrium of freshness and sweetness, both taken to an unusual register with mint and geranium. Your reception of this one will probably depend on your personal olfactive experience with geranium. I remember it from childhood, as a pot plant on the window sills ay school. Maybe that’s why it seems naive and playful to me.
As you see above, it is probably also very sex biased. Women do seem to like it a lot. So, if you’re a straight man, you may not like it yourself, but it may still be a good investment:P
This way or the other, I think it’s very nice and pretty original, if a bit too bubbly.
12th June, 2014
Why mint? I'm not one to object to the price of perfumes, but come on, mint is a bit on the cheapo side, don't you think? Ok, maybe Ropion was tired of bergamot openings and wanted something a little different. Well then, how about lemongrass? Juniper? Galbanum? I'm not crazy about eucalyptus, but what about eucalyptus? But why a freaking Peppermint Patty!

However, if you summon the strength it would take to ignore a monstrous carbuncle on the face of a beloved friend, (Prince Charles' best line,) you can look past the mint and detect the pink geranium above a beautifully done sharp green stem, making a wonderful raspy-floral-earthy accord very much like the headspace over a thriving geranium plant. At this point I am considering forgiving Ropion for the sharp mint and only rebuking him for his heavy hand with it, because the high clear note does add considerable "alertness" to the picture.

The heart is completely fresh, without any of that "just stepped out of a shower" malarkey. I get a bit of the neroli Teardrop referred to. And thank goodness D.R. left out the soap and the baby powder, and kept it very far away from any barbershop I ever was in.

In all, this is a beautiful and very masculine floral, very different, very interesting and very easy to wear. Just why so much dog-gone mint?
12th May, 2014
Pure genius. Crisp, elegant, angular. IF you speak about the original formula: the reformulation is pure Colgate flavour.

8/10 (original)
4/10 (reform.)
26th December, 2013 (last edited: 05th April, 2014)

Opens with a brief minty blast, with the geranium entering rapidly. This brief minty-geranium stage lasts mere minutes before the mint recedes to the background. The initial opening, while perhaps strange, it is also strangely invigorating, fresh, and crisp; and while not warm, is not as cool as one might imagine. The majority of the opening proper, which is atypically long, is dominated by an accurate leafy-green geranium note (bitter, bright green, and slightly citrusy) with anethole providing a brief suggestion of anise/fennel. After an hour or so, spices enter to warm and round the brightly focused geranium, but at no stage is GpM spicy. Nor is it at all animalic, despite the basenotes of musk, ambroxan, and syrax, which seem mainly to further warm and ground the lingering geranium. The effect is a warm skin accord; but it is a fresher, less sensual variation on the theme. If only I could have this last stage amplified and extended! This wears very close on me after about three hours. All told, GpM has a rather bizarre, but engaging and interesting trajectory. Unisex, in my opinion.

I sampled this out of curiosity, not because I thought I would love it. So, while this is not for me, it is well crafted, and the stated notes reflect very well the reality of the scent. If the pyramid appeals to you, definitely give this a try, as you will probably be pleased.
22nd March, 2013
I recently bought this because I wanted something to be layered with some Pomegranate Noir body lotion by Jo Malone that I really liked. I love the way they react together...the sandalwood in the lotion gives body to the sharpness of the geranium and it seems to stay on longer.
22nd July, 2012
The opening is most definitely all mint, & every kind of mint; spearmint, peppermint, fresh garden mint, the lot. As mint is known to cure headaches, l think this would be a perfect scent for that purpose, & incredibly refreshing on a hot, humid day. The mint has a sweetish, herbal, aromatic feel, rather than being toothpaste or candy-like. The mint dominates but slowly smooths out over the first hour, at which point the fragrance takes on an ambery aspect. A few hours in, l get an unmistakeable note of neroli; l haven't seen anyone else mention this, but there's a moment when this smells exactly like Profumum's Neroli to me! Having noticed this, l don't notice any of the base notes, but l don't really mind. This scent gives off lovely bursts of sillage for an outstanding ten hours before fading.
My impression of this fragrance is one of freshness achieved with elegance & class, & l see no reason why a woman may not wear it. Another example of Dominique Ropion's genius!
11th June, 2012
An excellent rendition of mint from the mint absolute. Very unique take on it. The Anethol gives the mix an almost "anise" like quality, there is nothing spicy about this fragrance, I find it fresh, green herbaceous geranium with a touch of incense heightened by the amber sweetness with vanilla and benzoin. Dominique Ropion has struck it again.
04th March, 2012
I once read a humoristic quote on purple rain Prince: he who's barely tall enough to glance out over a pot of geraniums.
this bottle of grasped geraniums could lift him up easily.
It is a royal scent made for the most classy moments as it is sofisticated to the bone.
It behaves like an angel on your shoulder that explains you by expressing the subtle but fundamental nuances of your style and statements.
How distinguished can a scent of flower get.
25th December, 2011 (last edited: 12th February, 2012)
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Very long lasting fragrance (12+ hours) but is more of a close to the skin scent.

Starts with balmy mint, just like tiger balm and slowly progresses to a clean white musk. The incense, cloves etc is there, but is more or less muted.

I am not sure if this is a EDT or EDC, as on the bottle it only says PV is 5%, so perhaps the weakest Malle in terms of concentration?

This is a really good choice for a guy in suit and tie.
Just like Terre de Hermes in my wardrobe. Neither are my favourite but both has its purpose.
18th November, 2011
Well, where to start from? First of all...
It happnes very once in while to find a perfume like Geranium Pour Monsieur. A complex fragrance construcetd on a solidly bold structure and expressing its beauty through a gentle and very discreet smell. As I'm usually not into mint fragrances, I got a bit disappointed by GPM's opening as it starts with a considerabole note of peppermint / mint that made me inevitably think about toothpaste or breath freshener bubblegum. But I was absolutely WRONG!!! Just right after the first drop of this fragrance touches your skin you immediately realize that mint is surrounded by a considerable dose of green bitterness that turns the whole thing to an odd (but absolutely interesting) mix of medicinal and soapy accords that are at the same time familiar and never smelled before (this is when geranium plays its part). A great example of how even a "fresh perfume" can be distinctive and absolutely compelling.

At this point I thought: "Ok, that's it! A great interpretation of mint!". But I was wrong again, as Geranium Pour Monsieur was just about to impress me even more with its multi facets structure. After the opening I just described be prepared for the drydown. A whole new scent. What started as a bitter mint composition turns into an incredibly outstanding finale made of a soapy and elegant cleaness that is as much delicate and discreet as it's light years far from beeing considered as inconsistent or generic. In this phase GPM stays very close to the skin but it remarkably catches your attention with its perfect balance between clean musks and resinoid incense. Simply marvellous.

The overall impression I had about this composition is of a complex semplicity. The same semplicity that makes of a single Alocasia leaf a fashinating and oustanding piece of natural art.
I'm so enthusiastic about GPM because I can still think that is possible to pretend a fresh perfume to be distinctive, unique and..melon or calone-free! Modern, elegant, solid, distinctive, versatile, classy, easy to wear, delightful, marvellous. Want more? Such thing happen not by accident but only as the work of genius!
29th April, 2011
At first I didn’t like it. It was too strong of “I don’t know what.” But since it was recommended to me by someone in Paris named Laurent who works at Frederic Malle, and who analyzed a profile of my likes, habits, etc., I decided to keep giving it a go.

And you know what? Six weeks later I bought a 100ml bottle!

I love this stuff. It’s a great spring/summer scent that manages to not use a single floral. It doesn’t smell like anything out there I know, and I believe Ropion’s genius will soon become something copied by many in the industry.

Granted, the mint is a bit strong at first so I don’t like to smell my arm after I’ve applied it, but the way the sillage lingers (with an occasional burst every now and then), is beautiful; as is the dry down.

Now I don’t like to go into what a frag “smells like” to me because those associations are personal, different for everyone, and can vary depending on a skin’s pH, but it does evoke images of fresh mint, and mint based cocktails, to me.

Definitely not a blind buy, but something you must try more than a few times. Get a few samples, or better yet a small decant, if possible.
03rd April, 2011
Remember when McDonald's did that McDLT? The hot stayed hot, and the cool stayed cool, both came in a cardboard box that you folded in half to assemble the sandwich? That's what Geranium Pour Monsieur does, which smells nothing like geraniums, btw, but gives a good impression. It is a comical sketch of masculinity, not for women at all. First you have an overpowering toothpaste smell, then a lemony green note appears, and then a licorice note that becomes very black, a smell like Jagermeister. It's a strong Good and Plenty smell that is supposed to be an aphrodisiac for the ladies. I enjoyed it, because it has cheerful associations. As that aspect fades, there is a Red Hot phase that gives way a strong cedar smell. The drydown lasts the longest, and it's pleasant. There is nothing offensive about this fragrance, because it seems obsessed with good hygiene. The name connotes an urbane gentleman, a metrosexual dandy. Monsieur certainly freshens up and fusses at his dressing table, but he's a man after all. More geranium would have been nice.
07th February, 2011
A beautiful Summer fragrance far from the usual citrus accords. At last, a perfumer has dared a real blast of mint which slowly blends with geranium leaf to give a fresh and resolutely modern feel throughout. This will last a whole day and will regain in strength when you most need it, if your body heats up.
05th August, 2010
One of my new summertime favorites. The opening is incredibly green and refreshing. If you've ever snapped the stem on one of grandma's geraniums, you'll recognize the semblance immediately. So interesting and unique, I've begun spraying a bit at the edge of my collar to prolong the fun. I do wish it lasted longer, though.
29th June, 2010
What's the smell of the modern dandy? Does a metrosexual wear one of the generic woody cocktails that flood the market at the rate of twenty a week? Does he scour unfamiliar stores for something dark, heady and balsamic? Or does he actually wish to convey a sense of approachable freshness whilst maintaining his edge? Enter stage left: Geranium Pour Monsieur, recent winner of the first UK FiFi 'Best Independent Niche Fragrance' award, as voted for by readers of Basenotes, including yours truly.

What's remarkable about this scent is how it manages to be both radiant and nocturnal, animalic and fresh, unobtrusive and all-encompassing. Needless to say, its central note is a rousing geranium, with all the familiar minty, peppery, chewing gum overtones. But a eucalyptus smokiness emerges too, coaxed into smoothness by joyfully coloured fruitiness. The effect is delectable without ever being edible, and is sustained with unwavering clarity throughout this happy little gem's development. And it's no coincidence that it's called 'Pour Monsieur' rather than 'Pour Homme': you need a certain amount of good-natured continental sass to pull this one off with the jauntiness it deserves.

[Review based on a sample obtained in 2010; fragrance tested on skin.]
19th May, 2010
If you cannot stand smelling like everyone else, then this is the scent for you. It is unlike any other fragrance on the market and I have to have it. I don't even know if it would fit into any category - perhaps a masculine floral? The mint note is (finally) done well - it is subtle, unlike Cartier's roadster, which to me smells like toothpaste or chewing gum and turns incredibly harsh on my skin. Apparently, as other commenters have noted, the geranium note softens the mint.

Although it doesn't smell like it, it has the same quality as perhaps Fendi Uomo. A female friend used to tell me that I smelled like fresh bathwater whenever I wore it and she would sit near me inorder to smell me. This fragrance has a similar quality in that it has a fresh, jsut showered feel to it - like I just took a shower in the most elegant luxury hotel room in Milan. I have worn it twice now, from a sample I received, and cannot stop smelling myself. I have also received several compliments from others, including one woman who was absolutely taken by it to the point where she would not stop smelling my neck.

Finally, I seem to categorize all my fragrances into summer or winter fragrances, but I think this one defies such categorization. The minty fresh floral notes scream "summer scent" but the warm, musky drydown would work just as well on the coldest winter days. This is a winner and I am eager to try Ropion's other fragrances now.
11th May, 2010
Put down the aquatic and try something new. Herbaceous iced mint softened with light florals. Refreshing. Beautiful.
20th April, 2010
A delightful gentlemen's barbershop fragrance that is minty fresh on the opening and warm and musky on the dry down. I find myself enchanted with this fragrance. Thumbs up.
10th February, 2010
I have a rule with my wardrobe, I can't add a scent to it, unless it's something completely new. For example, when i run out of Leau D'Hiver, i can replace it with cologne Blanche, or Cologne de matin, they are all alike in feel, however, once in a while a new type of scent catches my attention, and I have to have it, this is a very cerebral scent, fresh notes on top (no citrus), animal, earthy notes at the base. It was not love at first sniff, it felt like unknown territory. cool and aloof, upon revisit, and wearing a sample, I'm now obsessed with it. and a proud owner of a large bottle. year round modern masterpiece.
22nd December, 2009
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United States
Fresh, spicy, resinous, with a good drydown of musk and resins. Good for fair cool to warm weather and an upbeat mood. This has a pretty good longevity on my skin, as well as a moderate sillage. For me, this is not the best of the Frédéric Malle line, but that's because my taste runs to heavier, more complex scents. For what it is, this is very well-balanced and well-constructed fragrance.
17th October, 2009
Surprised to read about the base notes on this one, as I just don't smell them in person. My husband's skin only seems to bring out the top notes, but that's hardly an issue when the top notes smell as good as this! The green sharpness of the geranium/ pelargonium stops the mint from seeming toothpastey and there is wonderful softness to the drydown (maybe that's the musk peeping through, blending in harmoniously rather than drawing attention to itself). I haven't tried it on myself, but will have to some day - even if it isn't one of the unisex ones.
14th September, 2009
This is so intense and delicious that I simply cannot find the right words to describe it. What a totally unique, super masculin ultrafresh compliment catcher! Putting this on after a great Shower in the Morning will make You feel like You're ready to hug the whole world, and it has this mouth-watering minty note the comes and goes during the whole day. You will feel super clean, but also dangerous and... yes... COOL! I also tend to use it more and more for clubbing and Evening wear, it fits so perfectly into a smoky elegant bar or a dirty club, because You will always make a statement of freshness and coolness, no matter how dirty it gets. At the same Time, all the Acqua di Gio (and whatever else) wearers nxt to You look quite old and uncool, as soon as You enter the Place with a little Geranium pour Monsieur on.

What i cannot understand is that some people complain about the short duration of it... I spray it on 3 or 4 Times before I go out, and returning home in the Evening (or Morning ;) ), it still is there around me, and makes me feel great.
I have a Feeling that Geranium pour Monsieur will get my Signature Scent, for which I searched so long. Surprising, because I normally love all those heavier, oriental, darker Scents and don't like Acquatics or those "Fresh" Perfumes. This here totally got me, and Frederic Malle & Mr Ropion have my total Respect!

21st July, 2009
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United Kingdom
Geraniol and mint hit; that's a short summary of this scent - with two meanings. Hit, because it punches your senses until you see stars, but also a "hit" because the way in which it does that is wonderful and worthy of praise. Geranium pour Monsieur is one of my favourites from this brand.

They have probably used geranium oil and extra geraniol, though it doesn't matter how they did it; whatever they did works perfectly. Geranium can be a misleading label I suppose because the Latin name for the plant used is Pelargonium (and in Finland we call them Pelargonia). The oil is produced by steam distillation from the leaves (and sometimes the stalks are included).

They're popular garden plants and I have some growing every summer. When you break off the leaves and crush them, a sharp, sour, medicinal, fresh, green, slightly citrussy scent emerges. The oil produced is high in geraniol and popular in rose blends because rose oil also contains geraniol - they blend well.

Geranium pour Monsieur achieves something very difficult. The use of mint as a supporting cast member, rather than as an out-of-tune choir singer. Though intended for men, this feels perfectly unisex and I recommend it as a great alternative to typical summer scent for lovers of green and fresh perfumes. Geraniol is a well known insect repellent, so if you're travelling to the tropics on your holiday, wear this!
12th June, 2009
The opening of Geranium pour Monsieur smells like the taste of recieving a kiss from a freshly toothbrushed mouth. This is not to say that GpM smells like toothpaste, on the contrary, it's more like fresh minty breath. I believe it's the combination of mint and musk that gives it the "fresh breath" accord that is very enjoyable.

As it dries down, GpM turns into a clean musk that lingers on for hours. It stays fairly close to the skin but smells amazing.

This is not what I expected from GpM but it's definately going to make its way into my collection. Thanks again Mr. Ropion.
08th June, 2009
I picked up a bottle of Geranium pour Monsieur just because it is refreshing in a green geranium potpourri kind of way.

The review Vibert wrote for Geranium pour Monsieur pretty much says it all - . . . so - what he said.
08th June, 2009