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Neutral Reviews of Apparition Homme Intense by Ungaro

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The richer, more intense version of the original formula turned out more spicy and mellow by the insertion of spices (coriander, nutmeg?) in the middle and vanilla in the base.  The outcome is a vetiver and licorice smell turned out creamy by a milky foundation. The ambery-vanillic dry down rounds the smell of the original Apparirion Homme with a more intense and milky approach. I agree with the Shifty Bat's review in that the traditional musk-vanilla aromatic accord we met in La Male or Lolita Lempika Ph is not approched in here by watery lavender and aquatic citrus-fruits but is flanked by a clever usage of licorice, rhubarb and spices. This implementation restrains the synthetic and a bit aquatic beat of the original formula and rounds it with a reinforced note of amber, licorice, an intenser liquorous temperament and a vanillic mellow final addition. A better balanced, more intense and less watery kind of flanker.
08th September, 2011 (last edited: 09th September, 2011)
For me, the longevity is short-lived, after three hours it's gone.
12th October, 2009