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Positive Reviews of Apparition Homme Intense by Ungaro

Total Reviews: 9
This is an interesting fragrance. I purchased a 3.3 oz. blind off Amazon for about 20$ and have worn it numerous times. I like the sharp opening and the sweet vanilla licorice drydown, but I wasn't too sure about it since I hadnt received a single compliment or question from others for quite awhile. I consider this a fragrance capable of multiple uses, but have never worn it to work, just for social events or going out at night.

Recently I've received several positive compliments and am giving it a fresh look, considering the other fragrances in my wardrobe I wear much more often.
12th March, 2013
When I first sprayed this on, I was getting the bottom of a sack of halloween candy and started to get a little nervous. After a few minutes, the sweetness subsided and balanced nicely with some woods and smokiness. The scent is very nice. It doesn't project strongly and is a bit short-lived as other reviewers have said, but it's a nice scent that isn't too challenging and can be an everyday go-to fragrance. I like it.
30th March, 2011
"Talent borrows - genius steals."
- Oscar Wilde

Apparition Homme revisits the by now familiar-to-millions anisic vanilla-musk opening of creations akin to Le Male, Perry Ellis 360 White (Men) and Ghost Man but (like Ghost Man) avoids the lavender and gets creative with its replacement. What we have here is an ingenious use of bitter rhubarb and licorice which lends a slightly soapy edge to what could have been full throttle, unabated sweetness. So imagine, if you would, watering down a bottle of 360 White and adding a dash of Prada Amber PH. Soapy vanillicorice scent with a warm candywood drydown. Longevity and projection are a mystery, as I seem to get different results affected by things like the days of the week, the company I keep, the alignment of the cosmos, and the color of my tie. AHI is a fantastically likable imp of a fragrance and well worth its curiously modest going price.
26th March, 2011
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jcw122 Show all reviews
United States
I really enjoy this scent! I won't tell you about the notes or any of that since you can read about it elsewhere. I will tell you that this scent is not a dominant scent, but one that likes to lay low. It doesn't have a huge silliage but I find that to be a good thing because although I really enjoy this scent, it is my every-day wearer so I like it to be a bit low-key, yet complex and interesting.

05th January, 2011
I cannot compare this to the original since I haven't tried it but to me this one is a cross between Ungaro III and Chic by Carolina Herrera which I both love. A dark and fruity scent that exudes character.
20th December, 2010
I don't know what happened, but today, this scent plays the most beautiful music on my skin. I don't know how to described, but THIS IS AWESOME... Sexy, elegant and I feel like a best smelling man on Earth. Longevity is simply great. It's strange, because I used to use Apparition before, but today it made my day. Another plus, it's not too expensive and not popular. And I love the bottle...
Both thums up!
06th December, 2010
Unlike most people, I don't actually mind the original Apparition Homme. But it's just okay and wearable. This Intense flanker, however, takes it to another level entirely - it's much more balanced and way less synthetic. All of the notes from the original are there, with the addition of a few more oriental hints chucked in - mainly a big hit of star anise. I get as much calone in this as in the original, but calone doesn't put me off as it does a lot of people. The dry-down is a sweetish, smoky vetiver with that anise and tea hanging on with it and that's where it holds until, right at the very end, several hours later, the anise morphs more into a liquorice accord. I don't quite understand the comments about its lack of longevity - this stuff sticks on me for ages and, were it not for the fact it smells so great, it would outstay its welcome. And then some. Given that impressive longevity, sillage is perhaps not as much as one might expect, but it's still more than adequate. It's not U 1, 2 or 3, but it's by far the best thing Ungaro have released for years.
06th May, 2010
JaimeB Show all reviews
United States
This is a flanker that improves on the original Apparition Homme. The notes are deeper and more well-balanced. The whole hangs together better than the original. The chief improvement is in the heart note, where the Chinese anise and coriander reinforce the licorice in the base and make it more of a blended accord. In the base, vanilla and amber form a rounder, softer foundation with the licorice than the vetiver alone did. The dryness of the black pepper in the heart is also gone, in keeping with the softer feel of the Intense. The projection and longevity is not softer, however; rather, both are stronger. This was at Neiman's for a bit. If you can find it, it's definitely worth a sniff.
17th July, 2009 (last edited: 14th January, 2010)
Apparition Intense is a vetiver and licorice heavy fragrance with a black tea note. Intense is different from the regular Apparition in that it's not as synthetic and ugly smelling with the licorice wood note. In fact, the licorice is played down in Intense while other notes are given the spotlight. Good, because the licorice was really bad.

Longevity? Yeah it's got that. I'm still enjoying it after four solid hours. Good, solid vetiver and woody drydown. Worth the $20 or so at the discounters.
18th May, 2009