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A nice sweet boozy gourmand. Not my style but as far as this genre goes it's definitely one of the best. Received multiple compliments wearing this one!
17th November, 2018
Sweet, Woody, Boozy, warm.
These (for lack of a better term) seductive top notes in addition to the usual familiar youthful A*Men base.

It's a strictly cold weather date night scent that exudes confidence and class. It's not to be taken lightly or over sprayed. It projects well and is heavy, making it probably the least versatile of the line but it is the most interesting.

Trying to sum up the hype for this one, I think the TM marketing dept. has excelled here and the novelty factor is strong with this one. "Pure Malt" sounds awesome! It's a whiskey themed fragrance?! All that paired with a solid blend of notes...

Undeserving of the hype, but still really good.
28th October, 2018
I wore 3 spays of this to a Starbucks and a nice looking woman followed me over to my table just to ask what I was wearing. Works for me since I enjoy it as well. The sprayer sucks though.
27th October, 2018
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United States
I don't know what to say about this one. It's a strange bird. I can only say I prefer the original Amen and Pure Havane more than this.
12th September, 2018
Sexy, mature boozy. Great cold weather fragrance you can wear casual or dress it up. 8.5/10
21st August, 2018
This apparently smells like a fruity, sweet, dark and warm whiskey. I don't drink so I've never smelled whiskey before but the warm and slightly sweet alcoholic drink note is unmistakable in this (hence the name 'Pure Malt') while it has fruity nuances as well. For the fruits, I mainly detect the scent of mandarin orange, and it kind of reminds me of Terre d'Hermes. On the drydown it loses the fruity nuances and gains the chocolately and coffee nuanced of the original Mugler A*Men. Sillage is moderate while longevity is moderate as well at around 5 hours. By no means is this a beast though, and the sillage is subtle compared to the A*Men line in general. The scent is wonderful though. The bottle for this fragrance is interestingly designed and iconic as a part of the Mugler Angel Men line, but the plastic exterior collects dust easily and the sprayed is unfortunately one of tge worst I've ever experienced in a fragrance. The scent inside is great however so it makes up for it.

27th June, 2018
I smell a bad whisky in the opening, then just earth. Bitter and masculine. Too blunt. Uninteresting.
20th May, 2018
One of the most overrated scents in history. Thick ( well I guess malt doesn't have the most subtle aroma in the world), heavily artificial and cloying to the point where it starts to interfere with my breathing.
18th February, 2018
This is the most overrated fragrance I own. I bought it because of the hype and paid full retail. It's a novelty fragrance that doesn't have much application in my everyday life. I could see wearing it on a Saturday or to a party, but not to work or church. Meh...
15th December, 2017
A more pleasant version of Amen with hints of something edible and something boozy. It does smell good but if you get annoyed with the original Amen then sometimes that's all you smell when wearing Pure Malt, which makes you start to wonder what others are smelling. But then someone will come up to you and tell you how good you smell, so it seems like the nuances of Pure Malt really come across well to others because this does garner compliments.

Pure malt projects and lasts, so you don't need to overspray.
21st November, 2017
I love the way this smells on me. Very complex: cocoa, leather, tobacco, vanilla, and lots of other layers I don't have the nose to describe, all working in harmony with my chemistry.

What I don't like is the packaging. It looks like it should be next to the Axe products at Wal-Mart, not in my fragrance collection!
11th August, 2017
Blind bought this and I must have to say it smells really close to Guerlain L'Homme Ideal but the Guerlain seems more polished.
Overall, I'm not too impressed and it gave me a slight headache when I smelled it on my wrist which is somewhat curious as the longevity and projection are average at best.
6.5/10 from me, overrated fragrance.
25th July, 2017
I get a boozy edible caramel with fruits ..i don't get a straight up whiskey as such ..more a whiskey liqueur like drambuie, a very enjoyable gourmond type fragrance but contrary to others I get average performance in projection and longivity. I won't be replacing this but I will spray lots of it and enjoy it while I have it. I see this as a close quarters type fragrance, one for the cinema or a cosy night in. The original A*men d.n.a which is the backbone of these flankers could be paired with literally anything including sweaty socks and it will at worst smell interesting. I'm not in a rush tho to build up a mugler collection ..its a one in one out policy for me.
11th June, 2017
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Previously bought Pure Coffee and really like it (I'm an avid coffee drinker and original A*Men enthusiast), so when I found Pure Malt and after reading the reviews here on Basenotes I had to try it.

Much like some of the other reviews, Pure Malt can be described as a "milder" version of A*Men. If you find the original to be too strong but you still enjoy the scent, this may be a good option for you.
07th June, 2017
What can I say? The scent itself is a warm fruity/chocolate/woody smell. Getting crazy compliments from girls and even guys, compliments like "I can eat you right now"!!


My co-worker could smell this from 3 ft. away after 8 hours... "Dude are you respraying when you go the bathroom or what?"
This scent lasts me easily 14 hours. BEASTMODE!


Not even gonna talk about it.


Perfect for cold weather days, can be used in the summer but be careful lol. Not perfect for formal occassions, can be too sweet but screw it still using it.


Total score: 91/100.

Bought 2 spare bottles for 50 EUR each. Go get it before they reformulate this one too.
14th February, 2017
Love this A*Men flanker!! From the moment I'd tested it to the many times wearing it afterwards, Pure Malt has been a real pleasure for me.

The malt scent is truly a nice heart of this scent. It has an overall balance to it between the spicy, woody, and sweet elements within. It's a much tamer version of the original A*Men, more predictable even.

Bravo for this very nice, long-lasting fragrance! ;^>
26th December, 2016
Thierry Mugler A*Men Pure Malt is one of the great designer's men's fragrances of all time in my opinion, achieving the dark patchouli drydown of the original with a boozy, woody, smoky edge to it that's noteworthy while not quite as sweet as Pure Havane, the sweetest A*Men flanker.

It's certainly reminiscent of the original Angel Men but cultivates the sweet side of it in a far more interesting way, with the boozy accord being the most prominent aspect, with the usual A*Men drydown.

Performance is outstanding, as Pure Malt and most of the other A*Men flankers are among the strongest men's EDTs I've ever smelled.

It is most appropriate in cooler months but can work well on a warm evening as well. It's also versatile with respect to occasion, as it's masculine but not overwhelmingly so, slightly sweet but not very sweet, so it work in both formal and casual settings.

It's not the cheapest fragrance, but it's modestly-priced for the quality, currently $72 on FragranceNet and $90ish retail, it can be in the $50 range at times.

9 out of 10
18th November, 2016
Of all the booze dominated fragrances i have tried, this is still my favourite boozy accord.
Such a seductive opening that transitions into honey-fruit heart. You would think that this could get cloyingly sweet, but the woods and the cool, musty peat accord add the right level of bitterness, just like you experience drinking a neat whiskey.
This has at least 10 hours lonhevity on me and heven garnered a compliment agter having worn for 8 hours and anosmia kicking in.
For mine the best of the amen flankers and already a legend.
14th November, 2016 (last edited: 16th June, 2017)
A modern classic...

Yes this is an example of a much loved, modern classic fragrance from the house of Thierry Mugler. I actually prefer this one to the original Angel Men. I think the addition of the boozy and fruity aspects really gives it new dimension and flavour.

It opens up with much of the same DNA as the original, but I would say that it holds enough distinction in that it is a flanker on it's own right. You can own both. The chocolate and patchouli aspects of the original have given way to a honeyed, boozy quality which is evident from the start, and very pleasing. I like it very much. I would say it is more versatile than the original in that it can be worn in many situations without overwhelming anyone. For those who saw the original as harsh and cloying this one is a mellowed, more well-rounded quality. I think it will appeal to both fans of the original and new customers. Definitely one to try if you prefer the sweet, gourmandish and boozy type of fragrances. I recommend this one over the original in many ways. A really great and pleasing choice all round. A very good overall fragrance and a must try for younger men for sure!
26th August, 2016
A fragrance based on the concept of single malt scotch. Should I drink it or wear it? I’m not a scotch drinker so perhaps I’ll wear it. Does it really smell like scotch? Not really, but I would add that the “Malt” note is certainly interesting and unique. There is a fruity vibe in the beginning before the booze hits, like eating the maraschino cherry before taking a sip of a Manhattan. Dry, austere, with hints of smoke and wood. It’s definitely been crafted in the test tube and set upon the sweet vanilla notes of Amen. In the end, it’s a definite winner.

18th August, 2016
I love this scent! It is a wholesome full bodied frag. It reminds me of a dark chocolate, mixed with a hint of whiskey. Which gives it a boozy feel.

A long time ago smelled Axe chocolate and this frag reminds me of that. Although Pure Malt is more sophisticated, lasts longer, and is stronger.

I would wear this frag when going out at night and colder days because it gives off a warm boozy chocolate feel.

Overal: 9/10
Longevity; 8/10
Sillage: 7/10
14th August, 2016
An awesome scent from the house of Mugler. The juice is in the vein of the original AMen of course with a positive variation towards a boozy /patchouli scent and not so much a gourmand chocolate or coffee scent. This is in the fall/winter category IMO with nice longevity (7+ hours 2 sprays) and projection. For the quality the price is great. Enjoy!
09th August, 2016
I had high hopes of smelling malt in this, but alas, it is too much like A*Men. I wish it had more tobacco and malt.
17th May, 2016
My oh my.

I'm 18 and I've been collecting fragrances for about a year now. For the last 6 months, I've sworn by Dior Homme Intense for nights out, the only fragrance in my collection that I would have given a 10/10 to. (I have about 25 fragrances.)

Until now.

This fragrance, A*MEN Pure Malt, is an absolute masterpiece. It takes A*MEN and gives it everything it should have had to begin with. It is similar to John Varvatos Vintage, but it is so much better, I can't stress it enough. It contains the same 'cherry' note (at least that's what I think) as JVV but has so much more in its Arsenal. While I find JVV somewhat linear (not necessarily a bad thing), and has poor performance, Pure Malt is so dynamic and lasts for at least 6-8 hours on me. The malt and berries take the back seat after about 2 hours and what kicks in is the chocolatey-caramel vibe you get in A*MEN with a twist. Just because the berries and the malt are taking the back seat doesn't mean they aren't there, because they very much are.

If you are 18-28 and are hitting the clubs but want to smell different to the generic crowd that sport 1 Million and Le Male on every club night - get yourself a bottle of this. It is absolute perfection. I don't recommend this for anybody older than 45+, in my eyes this is a fragrance for a younger crowd only.

Malt. Berries. Chocolate. Patchouli. And a touch of woods.

Longevity: 7/10. This fragrance generally lasts 6-8 hours on my skin. Reviewers such as robes08 have claimed it gives them incredible longevity like the original A*MEN, that may be down to different formulations, I'm not sure if there even have been any reformulations of this fragrance but hey ho. 6-8 hours for me. People like Marc probably have skin better suited to fragrances. My skin just gets average longevity for most things.

Projection: 9/10. Now I'm giving this a 9/10 not because it's a "projection monster", because it isn't. This projects JUST the right amount. For a fragrance with such sweet qualities as Pure Malt, anything more than pleasant projection for this scent would make it over bearing and sickly. The sillage, well put it like this: people within 1 foot of you will be able to smell you well. Those 2-3 feet will probably pick it up. People won't smell you from across the club. So my sillage is getting an 8/10. But it's great if your dancing with a girl in the club. Or even just chatting to one at the bar. Trust me, you're going to get compliments, as long as you look the part too.

Scent: boy oh boy, this is a 10/10. Replace that ugly tar note in A*MEN with some malt, berries, and a touch of woods and you have Pure Malt. Absolute perfection, but don't take my word for it, smell this thing for yourself.

Value: 10/10. £48 for 100ml? That's a steal. Especially given that the atomiser doesn't give out a lot of juice, and you don't need a lot of sprays (I go 3 on the neck, 1 on the chest), this stuff lasts you ages.

Overall? I said it earlier, this stuff is a solid 10/10. But don't listen to me. Test it yourself. Oh by the way, Pure Havane is just as good. But unfortunately I'm an 18 year old student so I haven't bought both yet.

24th March, 2016
I am going to update this review on this fragrance later on, as I just bought this today in the cologne section of Belk at the mall. Now...I have owned pure havane, the original Angel Men, and now Pure Malt. The reason I am (FOR NOW) neutral is because this seems to be just a lighter version of Angel Men original. Personally, I think the original is the better version.

I've smelled the others and I think, because of the prices, only Pure Havane and the original are worth buying. DO NOT GET ME WRONG! THIS STUFF SMELLS GREAT! However, I have a preference for my winter fragrances. A strong preference. That m cologne for winter or fall has to be STRONG and long lasting. This meets those requirements but just isn't quite what i consider perfect.

i...cant say i REGRET buying this but i just kind of think you should try it. IT IS A DEFINITE BUY!! BUT only if you have the spare cash. if you're a collector, this needs to be in your cashe, but dont break the bank, lol.

Overall, I give this baby a 8 and a half out of 10. I will update my review later.
06th December, 2015
Talk about a scent that evolves as it dries! You can spray it on in the morning and then smell it once every hour for the rest of the day and it will smell different every time. It gets better and better as the patchouli and booze subside to make room for coffee and chocolate notes. A+
27th October, 2015
opens with a boozy/fruity wood that smells pretty good to me and definitely is immediately recognizable as an A Men me it sits somewhere between Burberry London and John Varvatos/JV Vintage in the general smell it conjures to my nose...the booze doesn't smell real alcoholy, but more like the smell of just nicely aged booze...I enjoy smelling this and am finishing up a decant right now, and then I'm done...nothing against this fragrance, but not planning on getting anymore...but it was a pleasure smelling it while I had it...dries down to even closer to A Men DNA, but without any bitterness or tar effect...nice and smooth...
decant to full bottle worthy...
Sweet Boozy Wood
20th October, 2015
This is a very sexy scent. If I were single again I would frequently wear this one out on the weekends. It is smooth and creamy, also a little bit boozy and works wonders in the colder months. It could be worn year round but I would not wear it on a super hot day. Would be perfect for a date night. It comes off a little strong at first but once it dries down on the skin it calms down a bit and does not stick out too much. This is one that I apply pretty generously because it is not very strong ON ME. It might be different for someone else. I would give this one an 8/10.
03rd September, 2015
GET THIS!!! I bought this as a blind purchase, and man, was it a great idea. To me, its a winter scent, its warm, cozy, and boozy. It is the smell of winter. GET IT
18th June, 2015 (last edited: 22nd June, 2015)
A*Men Pure Malt is a wonderful warm masculine smell, boozy, woody, and a tinge dirty,that reminds me of Frank Los angeles No.2. Pure Malt however doesn't seem to have the sillage that Frank does but I think maybe it's due to how it sits closer to the skin after the drydown. Probably one of the better frags in the larger production (non-niche)market. The base smells very similar to Pure Havane although Pure Havane seems to carry it's top note of vanilla long into the 4-5 hour mark. I would reccomend this fragrance, especially at the price point, it is definately a compliment getter.
27th May, 2015