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Neutral Reviews of Rose des Bois by AbdesSalaam Attar Profumo

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Having sampled or worn numerous fragrances from this house, especially from their Scents of the Soul line, I have to admit I find Rose de Bois underwhelming. Boring even. The rose note goes MIA after 5 minutes. The wood section feels more like the basenotes - a subtle amalgamation of cinnamon, vetiver and sandalwood - soft, creamy with just a hint of spice for warmth. Projection is next to zero. But it is surprisingly tenacious, considering the claims to all-natural ingredients .

But the bone of contention I have with this somewhat skeletal composition is its lack of a distinct voice. I've worn this a few times and on each of those occasions, I simply forgot which attar I had on. I don't know if Rose de Bois unravels much too quick on my skin, but it smells remarkably similar to the drydown in many of Salaam's compositions. The talented perfume composer may have produced some notable hits but I'm afraid this isn't one of them.
01st August, 2011