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Negative Reviews of L'Instant de Guerlain pour Homme Extrême / Eau de Parfum by Guerlain

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Have you ever wanted to smell like an old powdery grandma that's been baking a chocolate cake? If so then this fragrance is for you.

Absolutely horrible, extremely feminine, and one of the worst fragrances I've ever tried.
05th March, 2017
I really wanted to like this fragrance. Alas, it was just not for me.
23rd December, 2016
Over promoted in my opinion. Before you buy this try it on your skin and not a test strip. The "dirty" orange thing is true, upon initial contact. Give this some time to dry down and it gets better. Forget all the talk about formulations- it is what it is. Simple as that. This one I hope gets better in time, for it's the least worn in my collection. I had such high hopes after all those glowing reviews about LIDGE. Nothing more than hype.
12th October, 2016
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Call me philistine but I don't get this.
It smells predominantly of cocoa and I don't understand why I should want to smell of a sweet powdery foodstuff.

In the development of the human palate, taste starts with easy - the sweet tooth of a child, and graduates to an adult's appreciation of the challenging bitter and sour notes - remember the first time you drank beer or coffee and how wretched it was?

This feels like a regression back to perfume infancy.

A pleasant, milk chocolate confection with nothing grown up to say, its the guy equivalent of the pink fruity floral.

Classy bottle though.

29th September, 2015
At first, when I tried this, I thought I got a bad sample, then I tried it again from another sample and it was the same thing. I know how people say "wait for the dry down, it's amazing!", one can only wait so long. While the dry down is decent, it's not "amazing", and the opening is horrid.

I am not here to knock it, or to disrespect Guerlain, they have made some masterpieces. For me, the opening of the fragrance is just as important as the dry down. If the opening flops, and the dry down is good, it gets a neutral rating; if the opening is good and the dry down sucks, it may get a neutral rating; if the whole fragrance is good, and it has good longevity, projection, and sometimes versatility, it's a sure thumbs up. But, if the opening smells like farts and Dorito's, and the dry down smells like cocoa, that's been sitting in grandma's purse for a few years, then it's a no go with me.

The combination of notes are odd, but I won't like, they are quite smooth, nothing is really off balance, nothing is sharp, nothing too spicy, or too sweet. But, the overall general aroma's just smell bad to me. In the opening, the combination of anise and citrus smells like nacho flavored chips, or somebody who's been eating fast food and farting profusely. Maybe it's this "elemi" note that I have never heard of. The patchouli has a strong presence behind these notes, keeping it more interesting; but, if ya know me, ya know I don't much care for patchouli. For me, it takes a good hour before this fart smell goes away, and I am left with a semi sweet cocoa note, surrounded by what smells like iris, jasmine, tea, and woods, notably sandalwood. The final dry down consists of pretty much patchouli, bitter cocoa and sandalwood, which is my favorite part, but, it sits so close to the skin and is so faint at this point. I can get that combination in Dior homme Intense, and not have to sit through hours of torture.

I'm sorry, but I'll have to go against the grain on this one, LIDGE is pretty disgusting to me. Its only redeeming quality is the final dry down, we're talking 4 hours later. It lasts a good 10+ hours on me. Projection is pretty strong in opening, if ya wanna smell like an old bucket of fried chicken. Check this one out, if you want the people around you to think you've been rolling around in old soggy french fries and crushed up Dorito's. Nah I am just playing on that, that's just me though. To each their own!
27th March, 2013
nope, nada, nyet! piny open, sandalwood middle, end note? off key for me!
30th March, 2012
I really want to like this but it's just far too sweet on me. And I've only ever had women tell me they don't like it. I don't get it, I feel like I'm missing something
05th February, 2012