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Neutral Reviews of L'Instant de Guerlain pour Homme Extrême / Eau de Parfum by Guerlain

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I gave L'Instant de Guerlain pour Homme a thumbs up, but this Extreme version, now Eau de Parfum, is too much for my tastes. The longevity is outstanding, eclipsing the 24-hour mark, but that is part of the problem, it is too tenacious.
03rd July, 2016 (last edited: 08th August, 2016)
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United States
Nice, but I Prefer the EDT

Tried a sample of this after all of the love given to it on this site and others. I had much the same reaction to this as I did to DHI - nice, but not worth a whole bottle. I tried the EDT version of this and it contained all of the elements of the EDP, but added a wonderful crisp burst of citrus that I love. I really missed that element here.

Pros: Wonderfully Layered
Cons: Lacks the Crispness of the EDT

20th June, 2013
Green notes (mostly patch) covered in dry cacao powder. Dry as f**k in the opening and throughout. If it wasn't for the green notes (that I personally dislike in every fragrance) it would have been a winner in my book. The cacao powder note is done just beautifully. It feels cold in a weird but totally comfortable way. I'm not getting any sweetness what so ever from this, which also is something negative to me since I love sweet fragrances. It basically smells like cacao found in a forest. Perfectly suitable for men over 30! :)

The projection is really good for the first couple of hours before it slowly draws it self back to the skin. Longevity however is superb! 12+ hours easily.

You can tell by the smell that this is quality juice, it's just not for me. And for all of those that classify this as a gourmand... I personally don't think it is. Sure, it smells like cacao, but that's it. And the comparison between this and DHI is beyond me! They're nothing alike what so ever.

With that said, I give it a neutral rating. Excellent projection and longevity, mature smelling, natural smelling, gorgeous bottle, and it's a quality fragrance overall that I always will respect. It's pretty cheap for what is it IMO (around 75$), but it's just not for me. :)
10th April, 2013
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I own the edt version, which is why I am giving this a neutral rating. IMO this smells just like the edt version. The only difference is this extreme version doesn't have the citrus blast in the initial spray. Basically, this one starts out with the basenotes of the edt version. Don't get me wrong, I like this one, but if you already have the edt version, don't waste your money buying this one.

Remember: This one has less citrus, more cocoa compared to the edt version.
04th March, 2013 (last edited: 11th October, 2016)
To me it's over hyped, BUT it is quality. The smell didn't amaze me as I was lead to believe it was going to. The coco scent does smell pleasant however on my skin it projected like a beast for the first hour then faded rapidly. Longevity was right around 5 hours also a negative for me considering this is called extreme. So again good quality frag with a pleasant smell but no where close to the hype.
18th November, 2012
i know i know..everyone loves guerlain:) but wait.. this one despite its name extreme pour home its not that strong and extreme not so long lasting just ok! like barber shop with some spice on it, sorry but i will give a neutral here
23rd August, 2012
Seems very likable and friendly to me. Something you could easily put on every day for almost every occasion. No edges and therefore it lacks a bit in character to me.
14th July, 2012
The EdP is predominantly liked above the EdT, but I have to disagree.

While the EdT is a translucent gourmand, a light and heavy oriental at the same time, the EdP starts out with a bitter cacao bean note that envelopes the whole scent. Yes, it's heavier, denser, but not necessarily better.

At Basenotes, there's a slight tendency towards the louder (less fresh) the better, so that might explain the overwhelming favourability towards the EdP.
27th September, 2009