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Positive Reviews of L'Instant de Guerlain pour Homme Extreme / Eau de Parfum by Guerlain

Admittedly this made me feel nauseous when I first sprayed it - I was used to much less robust scents and oversprayed.
This scent is huge and fat and rich. On my skin the opening seems to be a bitter mix, lasting a few seconds before becoming a rich, earthy, dark chocolate scent.
Tired of perfume that only lasts a few hours? Try this, the longevity is outstanding.
Great scent, highly recommended.
23rd August, 2015

If ladies,as per the classic ads for feminine L'INSTANT,are addicted to GUERLAIN,gentleman needed the counterbalancing fragrance to make them as appetising and irresistible to the other sex as the female version did to the ladies.L'INSTANT GUERLAIN PH EDT/EDP both are an unforgettable masterpiece.a truly great men's fragrance with an impeccable reputation.this EDP is one of those extremely sexy scents,that makes a man irresistible. Deep,Classy, Special,Sweet,Sophisticated,Luxurious,Timeless, Rich,Gentlemanlike and Very GUERLAIN.

A unique blend of yummy accords like cacao,citruses and star anise with sensual luxurious woods and rich spices present an distinctive and impressive scent that is for the man who is looking for a great long lasting scent for a night on the town or a hot date.this EDP is sensual and romantic at the same time and it will generate compliments from the opposite sex.i compare the smell to a WINTER night mixed with romantic bliss which would make any lady mesmerize.totally a true head turner,will solicit compliments,if you are so inclined.ladies just love it!


Longevity?Lasts and lasts.

13th June, 2015
Not much more I can add to the sentiments of former reviewers. This juice is simply magnificent and alluring, my go to fragrance for dates or close encounters. Romantic, rich and extrordinarily well-balanced, you'll be blown away by L'Instant de Guerlain pour Homme Extreme. Projects like a beast and lasts all night and well into the next morning; 5 stars all day, every day.
10th May, 2015
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Simply incredible. Easily in the top 5 fragrances out there at the moment.

Enough has been said about this one, it surely is a masterpiece. What I find important to mention is that LIDGE is really NOT a pleasant-to-everybody scent. It sounds cheesy, but you need to be a man with monster self-confidence to pull this off. I read comments how nice, warm and inviting it smells and that it doesn't offend anyone. I'm telling you, it's not. Never wear this in the office, at family dinners or when you go out shopping. It's too elegant, too sexy and more importantly, too strong for these type of situations.

It lasts and projects like a beast and in my experience, many will find it overbearing (especially if oversprayed). So go easy on the trigger and wear it to special occasions only.

Pros: smells just incredible and lasts forever
Cons: lasts forever (never thought I'd say this is also a con, but easy 12 hours on my dry skin is simply too much)

I can't understand the negative reviews here and on Youtube. Yes, it's not one that everyone gets down with, but nobody can deny its quality, originality and elegance. There's just no way this could get a negative or neutral rating.
11th October, 2014
This is the first time I will admit that, a flanker is better than the original!

This version is deeper, richer, and more intoxicating. I can't stop smelling my wrist when I try it out! I get the resins, anise and hibiscus, and jasmine and patchoulli. Followed by a strong base of rich, dark bitter cacao. It's wonderful to smell, very addictive!

I'm a huge Guerlain fan and I love the house very much. L'Instant pour Homme is definitely an interesting one. There is a lot going on and it does smell extremely nice, almost intoxicating.

Describing this one is interesting... It is supposedly inspired by the food of North Africa and the Middle East, with the honeyed, caramel chocolate and the strong anise liqueur vibe, hibiscus flower, and strong tea aroma. It is definitely interesting. As always I do love the 'Guerlainade' (Guerlain's signature) dry-down of Rose, Jasmine, Orris Root, Tonka Bean and Resins. It's still very appealing and I certainly give Guerlain the credit for it.

The quality is fantastic here and I love what the late Béatrice Piquet has done with this creation(it won an international award after all!). I read that she tried to evoke an impression of 'cold light' or 'luminescence', and I totally get that from the combination of bright citrus and the creamy sandalwood/cocoa. I do both appreciate and understand the concept, and respect her for doing that. I also really think this could almost be like a modern, updated 'Habit Rouge' for the 21st Century, as I definitely think it pays homage to that creation. I must also say that I really enjoy the bottle, with it's Art Deco style. Very nice touch.

Overall, although I highly commend Guerlain for this interesting creation... I actually like this Eau de Parfum version much more than the EDT. I believe that everything Guerlain does is both enjoyable and exquisite!
02nd July, 2014
The opening gives out a totally excellent semi-resinous accord. The spruce’s super-resin and the rich star anise platform are tamed considerably by the citrus notes resulting in this ingenious grouping that is rife with richness, resinousness, and delicacy all in one accord. …Totally, totally excellent.

The heartnotes present a smooth full-bodied mixed accord different in substance from the opening because all resinousness is gone and the platform note has become a patchouli / jasmine platform cut and lightened a bit by the neroli note and given a broader diversity by the piney-smoky Lapsang tea note. The smoky tea note at this point is another stroke of genius. The heart of the fragrance is not quite as dramatic as the opening but that is not really the job of heartnotes: Heartnotes are meant for medium lasting power, and drama seldom lasts in a fragrance. This middle accord is what it should be: rich, broad, and wonderfully long lasting. Excellent.

To my nose, the base operates on a platform of patchouli and sandalwood with sporadic hits of deep, dark cocoa and spicy hibiscus seed. I’m not sure that I get the cedar note that is supposed to be there. The base platform is not as rich as the heart accord, but the occasional appearances of cocoa enriches it and the hibiscus provides an occasional spicy variation.

There’s no doubt in my mind that this is a great fragrance. It is creative, full, rich, and has occasional bursts of compelling diversity. Its performance on my skin is stellar. It is an easy fragrance to “get right.” But I probably won’t buy it because I find it quite similar to the not-Extreme version. True, the opening of Extreme contains a much broader, fuller, richer, more resinous accord, but I find the remainder similar to the original although in a much less concrete form. If I were now making the decision of which one to buy, I would definitely chose Extreme, but the original is excellent, I wear it often. I would purchase Extreme if it were readily available, but at the prices being asked added to the difficulty in finding it, I’m pleased to stay with my original L’Instant…
09th February, 2014
A groundbreaking fragrance by Guerlain.
This scent belongs to the gourmand group of fragrances, one that is becoming increasingly popular in our times.
It opens with a refreshing blast of orange/citrus notes and settles down to a chocolate desert-like scent. Or should I say flavour? Think of a popular chocolate-orange snack and you won't be far off what this smells like. There's a bit of jasmine and patchouli hidden in there which just makes it that extra bit more special than other gourmands out there.
Of course, you don't have to be a chocaholic to appreciate this one, but it is a sweet scent nonetheless.
09th January, 2014
Outstanding. If Pierre Marcolini did fragrances...
14th December, 2013
Perfect two

After having the edt learned that edp is also produced. Was searching for that as the edt is great. Now as i do have also edp iam very happy one. They are relatives no question but edp is more chocolate like great and having incredible longevity on me. So pleased with them both. edt, edp. recommended not for all (i want to keep those all to me :-)

Pros: Very nice chocolate like dry down extra longevity.

04th August, 2013
High-End Art in a Bottle

Being a big fan of L'Instant de Guerlain, I decided to do a blind buy of the Eau Extreme. Let me say that I have absolutely no buyer's regret!

The EDP is warm, sensuous, mature, and inviting. It's a decadent dessert in an upscale restaurant. Like the call of the Sirens in the Odyssey, its scent is impossible to ignore. It is captivating. It is a masterpiece.

Pros: Superb fragrance, wonderful longevity
Cons: It's not free"

29th July, 2013
Tony T Show all reviews
United States
more gourmand than the original and more longevity. a definate winner. not an everyday scent but for when you really want to make a statement. the cocoa and patchouli notes blend together like jordan and pippen to make a great combination. also it's longer lasting and i believe every man should at least sample it. oncemy decant is gone i will spring for the large bottle!!
11th May, 2013
" this perfume is not for clubbing guys who looks for girls. its intended for guys who want to make a statement to the people near him "...

what a brilliant way of putting it. I feel exactly the same. When I first caught a smell of this, I asked the man what he was wearing, because the "statement" of the scent is : " I am not a usual scent, I smell of yearning, not possession...I smell of chasing something worth having, not for me fickleness or settling for anything...I smell of discretion, not desperation, and I am not bitter, nor am loud and sickly and cloying...I am a the memory of a Priest, before he took his vows, the smell of a good man you can trust, I won't let you down, won't promise what I can't deliver, won't seduce you into thinking I am sweet and innocent , when I am not. I'll add more later, as it comes along, this will do for strange, to be able to create a scent which conveys longing, and not achievement of that longing ? Is this alchemy...? I don't know, but this scent is an elixir for the soul..a journey, not a destination...a glimpse of something missing, not a greedy needy clever, Guerlain...
15th April, 2013
Impressive stuff!
Rich and complex in emotions, yet surprisingly easy to like. Classy and sexy, dignified and hippy-indulgent, all at the same time.
To me this is a match made in heaven between the smoothest, driest cacao note and an exquisite, absolutely golden patchouli. this can be worn pretty much all year long, except maybe in the peak heat of summer. I love it on a warm beautiful spring day.
31st March, 2013
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if there were a two thumbs up rating, this fragrance would definitely get that. one of my favorites. bought it blind based on the reviews and i do not regret it one single bit. a few weeks later i bought a back up bottle (my first one ever) because i love it so much. i always told myself that there are so many fragrances out there and there is no need for any back ups, but this one changed my mind. i never want to be without this.
11th March, 2013
L'Instant de Guerlain Pour Homme Extreme. what would you hope from this word 'Extreme'? sillage and longevity? Guerlain give you more than that.

his brother, LIDG is already a great fragrance. features citrus opening and anise-cocoa for the rest. describing a man with attitude. a man with something to grab in his life. but something is missing in LIDG. the citrus opening, which makes it more versatile makes LIDG somewhat lack of character

then comes LIDGE. the Extreme version. it born as a smoother, refined version of the wonderful L'Instant de Guerlain Pour Homme. its build for a men who desire something refined in his life. something that almost unbeatable, the sense of over-the-top.

with great sillage and shocking longevity (It stays in your skin for almost a full day, you better test it yourself) for the price, few fragrance could do any better than this. and one of the best Guerlain that ever made

about the scent itself, I was initially had an opinion that "this scent will not easily liked", I was wrong. most people likes it in the seconds they sniff it on my body. not the panty dropper thingy, lol. the scent talk about something more than just one night stand, the LIDGE talks about a fine things in life, an achievement of someone's life

this perfume is not for clubbing guys who looks for girls. its intended for guys who want to make a statement to the people near him
16th January, 2013
I bought this as as fragrance noob completely new to the hobby. Found myself in a position to easily get it from Debenham's in London since my sister was living there at the time. Don't think I'll ever forget the first time I tried it. I'd read so much about it on Basenotes and I'd had such limited experience with truly well-developed frags. The first spritz, which landed on the back of my hand as I drove back to work in an awful hurry after picking the bottle up at the post office, was nothing short of a revelation. I was honestly afraid I was gonna drive off the road.

After managing to somehow avoid a massive multi-vehicle collision, I remember parking in front of work and then just sitting there. Box next to me on the passenger seat, bottle in my hands, eyes scanning the periphery for any co-workers who might see me sitting there in my car fondling an intricately designed bottle of anonymous liquid in an altogether unwholesome way.

As much as that first taste delighted me, though, I was wholly unprepared for what was to come. This fragrance's drydown, you see, transcends any mention of notes. It is, in a word, perfect. Throughout the rest of that day, whenever I shifted my body, I would catch these wafts of ... I don't even know how to describe it. Like all of the best fragrances, this one projects an entirely different aura from the one you smell if you put your nose up to it and sniff. And that subtle aura - the one given off by someone wearing this - is nothing short of olfactory nirvana.

I've worn this religiously when going out in the times since then, and I've received a fair few compliments, but honestly, compliments are the most unscientific marker in the whole pseudo (quasi?) -scientific discipline of seeing how well your fragrances are received. Much more important are the subtle signs - someone moving slightly closer to you; someone talking to you at a distance where you know they can smell you, not saying anything but yet you can tell they're taken aback in an unmistakably flustered way; someone doing a double take, then giving you a look that broaches no misunderstanding.

In a nutshell: heard this was the bestest fragrance, tried it out, found that yes this is indeed the bestest fragrance. Absolutely amazing piece of work from spritz to sunset. I could wear nothing but this for the rest of my days and be happy.
16th January, 2013
Along a royal olfactory edge (humid, classy, semi-fresh, indolent, snob and forbidding) laced by citrus, anice, cedarwood, lavender and jasmine/hybiscus, a massive semi-gourmand cloud of cocoa and faint balsams envelops all the elements of this perturbing fragrance. The cloud is slightly smokey (i mean with tobacco flavour) and is an incredibly elegant multifaceted aroma with nuances of flowers, barely earthy patchouli, woodsy resins, standout cocoa, regal anice, spicy orange and with a tea kind of wet/"lavendery" background. Less shadowy/chic and more decadent/conservative than the more sociable cousin Dior Homme Intense, this fragrance elicits a sort of extremely fashinating aura and fits perfectly with cozy luxuriant intellectual ambiences full of persian tapestries, golden lamps, red papers, crockeries, gross frames and liqueurs/tobacco corners. Another great Guerlain.
07th January, 2013 (last edited: 06th April, 2013)
Got this as a Christmas present and it smells really beautiful. Creamy, warm and slightly sweet. I've only tried the EDT version and liked it. Got the extreme version then loved it.

the first time i wore this fragrance, i got a compliment within minutes. with people saying "what smells so nice, what cologne you wearing?". funny thing is, i don't even smell it on myself by that time. even after 2 hours i still got people smelling it, without me smelling it on myself lol.

projection is moderate, but to me it's perfect. it's not too strong, or close to the skin. avoid spraying more than 3 times. it can be cloying. 3 sprays is more than enough tbh.

but overall it's really nice fragrance. great for the cold days.
30th December, 2012
This is truly a beautiful fragrance. I merely "liked" the EDT after multiple testings, but this EDP version really "wowed" me. It opens quite similar to the EDT version, just with the citrus dialed down and the cocoa notched up slightly. They also transition similarly in the first hour or so, where the patchouli kicks in a bit more, and the citrus/cocoa combo actually has a bit of freshness & "brightness" to it. Then, about 1-2 hours in is when the EDP really makes its play. It projects quite well for the first couple of hours, then settles down gradually to more of a skin scent, albeit a rich/strong one. It doesn't make a loud statement, but you also know it's there, presenting its classy, understated confidence.

The citrus and patchouli play around with the cocoa for quite a while in the middle, where you get what most people describe as the "bitter" cocoa, yet that's also what gives it the slightest bit of "brightness", freshness & masculinity. The late drydown on this it where it just blows me away though. As the patchouli & citrus fade more, the cocoa blooms and sweetens a bit (but not overly so), and just smells so natural and exquisite. I know there's often debate on whether or not this is a true gourmand or not. I'm definitely not experienced enough to make this call, but I can say that the cocoa that develops in the later phases, when it's truly more of a skin scent is in delectable, almost like a high-quality powdered hot cocoa before it gets dissolved in liquid.

It's at this point that I can easily see why many give it the gourmand designation. In the early to middle stages, however, it's very likely only semi-gourmand, as the citrus, patchouli & woods, balance out the cocoa much more, and present a well-blended masculine fragrance that oozes class & quality. Longevity is great on this one. It projects quite strongly for the first couple of hours, and then gradually settles in as a stronger skin scent, often for 24 hours or more. To me, this is truly a masterpiece by Guerlain, and a fragrance well worth seeking out to at least sample for any fragrance enthusiast.
25th November, 2012
This scent reeks class, a blind buy I don't regret. Don't expect this gourmand will be cocoa through and through, it has far more depth. Although cocoa serves as a fine bass (and that does NOT mean chocolate) it's the anise and vanilla(?) that give this it's true style. I've seen it described as a masterpiece, although I cannot be the judge of that (I'm no collector) I would describe it as sublime. Never offensive, this winter scent lasts forever (all day), though in the last few hours sticking close to the skin.

Another positive for me would be how long this stuff sticks to clothes, I might even say it smells better on my scarf than it does on me! Of course that's not such a good thing for everyone.
23rd November, 2012
A gourmand. No doubt about it but with a balanced, rare and expensive chocolate that makes it smell classic but not dated.
31st October, 2012 (last edited: 15th September, 2014)
Fish Show all reviews
United States
A very nice refreshing scent that should offend no one and impress almost everyone. I find on me that it stays moderately close and does not overwhelm the room where I reside. I like the initial opening of citrus with a quick fade which comes back into a very nice mellow sweet mixture of a warm comforting aroma which has good staying power. I see this as a cooler weather scent and with the fall right now a perfect time to have this on, which I do.
A very well done rich and wearable manly scent.
24th October, 2012
This is a very good scent and well worth the price. The drydown is unbelievable in my opinion. The longevity and projection is great too. I definitely recommend going easy on the sprayer because it could potentially offend co-workers. The only complaint I have is I think the opening is just a little too harsh. I'd recommend applying 30-45 minutes before you go out so the harsh opening doesn't give people around you the wrong idea about this fantastic scent.

09th October, 2012
Very good scent. I definitely get the cocoa. It's sweet, but not overly so. I have received compliments several times while wearing this. I get great longevity with this one.
29th September, 2012
Easily one of the best fragrances out there. A great bang for your buck, this has longevity and projection covered beautifully. As far as the smell goes, you all know the drill: amazingly smooth cacao that lasts throughout the fragrance. The citrus combines well with the cacao, and gives a very refreshing vibe to the fragrance (especially apparent initially). As this dries down, it's just a sexy, smooth, warm and comforting masterpiece that lasts a long time. It's also versatile: the citrus in this can make it suitable even for summer wear, a rare feat indeed.
09th September, 2012
Having read many reviews and sampled this I knew this was a quality fragrance, but what surprised me was how well this wears in warmer weather. I really get the tea, neroli, and jasmin which I couldn't smell when I wore this in cooler months. What I love about LIDGE is that the cocoa note is such a solid base for the other notes. It allows for all the other notes to shine and take over the fragrance. I've worn this quite a bit now and there's things that I notice about it everytime I wear it. It's not overly complex, but masterfully put together. Outstanding.
24th July, 2012
Reminds me of Breath of god by Lush....But more refined/restrained.
29th June, 2012
Very nice and classic, got this in a 4ml decant and like it a lot. I don't think this is as wearable as some might say...some Like to wear it for work but I don't think its work is worthy for its scent. IMO is wear this to a special event with a suit and a tie. I'd might even where it to a family event like thanksgiving. All and all, great scent with exceptional projection/silage and longevity. I'll continue just buying decants because I won't be using it a lot unless I find a great deal...and the bottles is collectable worthy.
28th April, 2012
This might be one of those frags that I would actually wear every day, all year round. Flawless is the word that comes to mind. Only wish the price tag on this wasn't so steep and wish it were more accessible!
29th March, 2012
You don't get much better than this.

Smooth citrus mixed with elements of bitter chocolate, blended with absolute precision. It fills the void between gourmand and everything else with such a rounded aura of rich (and long lasting) sweetness, tamed just enough to keep it obviously masculine. Taking into account that my everyday fragrances consist of the likes of Rive Gauche or Zino one may think that this would be slightly too sweet for me, but it's so well crafted that it's just a must wear for me on any special occasion. Trust me on this one - women will swoon at your classy self. I really cannot fault this stuff in any way. 11/10

(EDP - easy on the trigger and still get an obvious 8 hours)

Date with a supermodel?? No problem!
19th February, 2012