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Neutral Reviews of Royal Muska by Martine Micallef

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CLEAN MUSK! Royal musk? No, it's "I just washed your highness" musk. Agreeable smell, soft, whitish, yes: soapy. Having smelled musks with more personality, I can say that the bottle is quite beatiful, but I can't imagine spending more than $30 on a it-and I probably wouldn't spring for it if I found it for such a good price. Forget it! I would give this a thumbs down, but it really doesn't smell <i>bad</i>.

One of the best musks I can think of is White Musk by Al Nayyfat, sold through Zahra's boutique-it's $85 for a tola of oil, thus I have no more than a tiny sample-but it's clean and has personality-dare I say it has a scent-and it's not disappointingly soapy like this.
28th February, 2010
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United States
To sum this up for me -- "musk soap." Nice when I bury my nose into my arm, but the overall sillage is quite soapy, hence the neutral rating. I'm just beginning to explore musks, so please take my opinion with a grain of salt. On another hand (literally), I also tried Serge Lutens Muscs Kublai Khan today and I found it much more appealing.

06th July, 2009