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Reviews of Vaniglia del Madagascar by Farmacia SS. Annunziata

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Farmacia SS Annunziata Vaniglia del Madagascar is an unusual take on the vanillic theme which is in this case connected to a (nowadays mainstream) musky-ozonic-aromatic marine (lemony and simil ozonic) accord yet performed by Hyle from the same brand and particularly runned by scents a la Profumum Roma Acqua di Sale, Reminiscence Sea-Rem, Laboratorio Olfattivo Salina or Il Profvmo Pioggia Salata. In here the performer seems to combine a light aqueous vanilla with a salty-airy floral muskiness. The vanillic presence is here (liquid, lemony and spicy) but the core of this fragrance is musky-ozonic (at least kind of ostensibly mineral-ozonic), silky-soapy, salty-sugary, floral and aromatic. The out come is a light muskiness somewhat fluidy and vaguely salty-airy. A wearable "non vanillic" vanilla, really balanced and organic.
01st July, 2015
Vanilla, if well done, is one of the few notes that never bores me. And it is well done here. A touch of lemon on top with a most delightful, high quality, sweet but not too sweet, vanilla dry down. A great fragrance!
21st June, 2015
Vaniglia del Madagascar is a very simple, soft vanilla that evolves slowly and without drama from a sparkling, lemon-sugar opening to a warm vanilla-sugar end. It’s as linear and as slow-moving as this description implies. The opening is perhaps my favorite part, as it dances deftly between lemon-scent sugar and a cool, blond, sauna woods accord that is attractive and calming. It feels airy, cool, and strangely enough for a vanilla scent, effervescent.

The warm place the vanilla ends up is not tooth-achingly sweet, nor does it pick up too many extraneous notes – it’s just pure vanilla sugar. Many people talk about this scent as something that only reveals its true beauty after a full twelve hours. Well, I am not one for delayed gratification, but I waited it out patiently anyway. To be perfectly honest, the degrees of change between its starting position and its final destination are so infinitesimal as to make the tortuous wait utterly unnecessary. To its credit, the vanilla here is very natural in feel, and never candy floss sweet.

But to my mind, there is a major flaw that rules it out as a possibility for me, and that is performance, or more specifically, projection. Now, I don’t ever really dwell upon projection or longevity, since I think that these issues can be fixed simply by re-spraying. This scent is a parfum, which means that sillage is very low or close to the skin – fair enough. But when a few minutes after spraying, the scent is barely perceptible on the skin, it indicates a major problem with the construction of the scent. This is so faint a smell as to make it not so much as a skin scent as a subliminal message, sent to mess with your brain, as in “Am I wearing perfume at all?”, “Oh no – here it is”, and “Nope, it’s gone again.” I don’t like playing guessing games with my perfume, let alone hide and seek, so this fragrance is a big no no for me, regardless of what it actually smells like.
12th November, 2014
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As great Vanilla perfume that is most certainly unisex. It really is very pure vanilla wafts of smoke at times, and perhaps the slightest hint of citrus. Very satisfying and delicious. My only complaint is that it really does not project very well, and I really need to spray very liberally to really be able to smell it throughout the day.
30th December, 2013
Heavenly. The lemon in this is subtle and comes across as a little wisp of incense on a sumptuous vanilla. I disliked vanilla for a long time after memories of a cheap Body Shop version when I was in my teens, but now that Autumn 2012 has hit its stride I've found myself craving a good vanilla perfume. This is my "chosen one" having sampled about 10 different vanillas from LuckyScent (Vanille Insensee, Vanille Absolument, Vanille Exquise, Vanille Marine, Fleur de Comores, Les Nombres D'Or Vanille, Silk, etc. etc.) A full bottle is on its way to me as I write. I'm going to try layering it with an incense like Encens Flamboyant. Can't wait :-)
06th October, 2012
On my skin, the opening is quite a sweet, sugary vanilla with just a fleeting impression of lemon. lt has a soft & subtle feel, with a suggestion of delicate macaroons rather than a rich vanilla cake. After 15 minutes or so, it becomes more smooth & creamy, & then slowly more caramel-like. l don't detect any floral notes at all. After 3 hours, there are hints of amber, & then it fades to a skin scent, giving off gentle wafts when l move, & lasting overall around 6 hours.
l personally prefer vanillas with a little more depth & complexity, but if you're looking for a soft veil of vanilla that's neither cloying nor cheap-smelling, & is suitable for warmer weather, this could be the perfect choice.
28th January, 2012
I agree 100% with holyzoo! I think every guy should get this scent just so you can layer it with other scents. It is a little too feminine for me to wear it by itself but add it to Tom Fords Tobacco vanilla (which isn't sweet enough in my opinion) and you will have the best scent I have ever smelled in my life! I got 4 compliments in 1 day. There are many other scents that smell great when you add this to it! Love it!
10th October, 2011
I have come to the conclusion that I am a foody deep and rich vanilla scent gal or an almondy rich vanilla powdery scent gal. I think I don't like citrus much mixed with vanilla but rather a bit of smoke and caramel or powder .
Hence I cannot give this 5 stars . This is more or less straight up vanilla but lightened by citrus notes. That's all well and good but I like my vanilla thick and really creamy. This is thinner than let's say Jalaine Vanilla and also CSP's Vanilla Extreme - both of which I prefer.
This is however still and excellent vanilla scent but it cannot surpass the now sadly discontinued Tihota by Indult.
26th April, 2011
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United States
I enjoy this perfume so much so that I purchased a bottle after wearing the samples I bought for a week. It is a lovely vanilla with a burst of lemon. It is more masculine and refreshing than Tihota which is another huge favorite of mine. Tihota is more sweet and comforting and Vaniglia del Madagascar is more unisex and fresh.
10th January, 2011
Wow! Only 1 other review! This deserves some massive praise as a luxuriously classy vanilla that is very wearable by itself or layering. This is the classiest most elegant delicious vanilla without being too foody, candy, or little girl. This is a vanilla fit for young to mature women, and a man could layer this with a lot of other scents and sport it as well.

The only other scent I'll say is superior in it's singular pure rendition is Indult Tihota which is 3x the price! However Tihota just isn't particularly wearable as a sophisticated scent. It's for layering or comfort. Whereas Tihota invites you to relax and snuggle, Vaniglia del Madagascar can do the same, but also hit the town, go to work, and seduce and get sexy.

05th March, 2010