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HisStory is like a thrilling final chapter in the unintentional saga of Uomo Avon (2000), Modern Balance (2001), Paradigm (2002) and this fragrance (2003). Avon is both famous and notorious for some of it's fragrances that can either be completely anachronistic within the time they are released, or shocking original as to be love-it-or-hate-it affairs. Granted, they do a lot of otherwise play-it-safe creations with unique twists too (see Wild Country, Black Suede, or Mesmerize for Men), and those are unsurprisingly the ones that stay in production. To truly understand HisStory, we have to briefly touch upon it's predecessors in this accidental four piece of chypres, but as I've reviewed them as well, i'll keep their descriptions brief here. Uomo Avon started this whole woodsy aromatic chypre theme right at a time when Avon was really seeking to expand it's male consumer base, to the point of a separate men's shoppe catalog within a catalog. I remember as a teenager seeing these on the counter at a local gas station I worked for, as the owner's wife sold the stuff (of course), and I was bedazzled at the sheer array of scents in very novel-looking bottles (another Avon hallmark) right before me. I endeavored to try (meaning buy) them all, and what I found is a third of them smelled like flankers to designer scents I couldn't afford, a third of them smelled like perfectly safe fragrance tropes Uncle Chuck would be willing to wear to a dance, and then the remaining third were just bizarre yet appealing in ways I couldn't fathom. Uomo was in that third category, and later I would find out that it was essentially a chypre with a focus on woods, musks, and green accords which is weird considering most classic chypres favor citrus or florals. It didn't sell well and was gone in just a few "campaigns" (Avon sales periods).

Modern Balance came out 2 years prior and it pushed more vibrancy, like seriously tons of oomph, with some kind of mint, and a ton of projection. Paradigm came out 1 year later and smelled like Uomo Avon (2000) revisted, with the musk and greens gone, replaced with MORE woods, and an odd tart accord that made the fragrance really sharp and smell super classy/formal. That one became my go-to for fancy outings as a young man, but it too was discontinued, only to be relabeled twice in the same bottle for two different overseas markets (Class Act/Aspire)and then relaunched a 4th time under it's third name with a different bottle design (recycling for different markets is a bizarre Avon hallmark). Right as Paradigm goes out a year after it's release in comes HisStory, revising the odd woodsy pseudo-chypre concept Avon was wrestling with by making it very green once again (but not as green as Avon Uomo), and adding a nubuck suede note to sex it up. Here we had a super fresh and super swanky "chypre" all in one, the second coming of Eau Sauvage if it was made on the Avon $19.99 per-bottle budget, and it mostly worked.

Underneath the hood of this bullet-shaped metallic painted cap of mid century inspiration lies a cologne that shares a heartbeat with the aforementioned predecessors, but is more complex than any of them, a bit warmer, fresher, and sexier all the same. It marries a nice green accord with warmth the same way Dior's classic does it, but without the citrus or soft hedione, which may or may not be a deal breaker because it's that hedione which really smooths out the legendary men's scent from Dior, but HisStory gets it done nonetheless just at the cost of some subtlety. It's a fragrance meant to evoke both masculine identity and nostalgia, but not in the hindsight sense of Loris Azzaro's Chrome, with it's classic powdery fougere made with modern elements, but in a materials-of-the-day kind of sense that makes HisStory seem more period-correct. I like to think this would appeal to the same person who slicks back their hair with vintage pomades and prefers classic 50's fins to 70's muscle cars. This is a prime example of how Avon embraced it's long-held anachronisms in the early 2000's by putting a new spin on them, and it's a shame they've tamed themselves into following fashion trends nowadays, but I guess they gotta play the angles to pay the bills too. Today's economy is not a place to experiment, in ANY market, let alone one as fickle as fashion.

Bottom line is the person who will love HisStory is the person that can appreciate vintage sensibilities and likes bold, challenging displays of artistry on a budget. The guy that wants the next Eternity or Aqua Di Gio is better leaving this one alone, but if something left of center or too old to be trendy but too new to be hip, this might be the answer. Best of all, it's still quite affordable despite being discontinued. I guess more of it was made or it didn't sell as well as Avon may have hoped. It's also odd in that it's one of the few Avon fragrances with a perfumer pedigree, as Calice Becker developed this for the label before moving on to higher end houses.
18th August, 2017 (last edited: 26th December, 2017)
This is basically a 100 percent herbal perfume, I cannot smell anything else but grass and some other herbal notes and nothing else.
Although I like herbal scents, this one concentrates in just one single concept, and that makes it boring and unattractive to me.
And the "coup de grâce" that finally kills this fragrance is its poor longevity and nonexistent sillage.
I am not surprised it was discontinued.
21st December, 2014
Erok32 Show all reviews
United States
Synthetic but pleasant. I Smell vanilla, sandalwood, mint, and grass. I wear it casually and the the gym. I like it.
02nd August, 2012
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Izzy Show all reviews
United States
This is good stuff reminds me of Curve in a way. I've gotten lots & lots of compliments when wearing this fragrance, very versatile. This is great for the outdoors if in an office go easy on on the trigger.
02nd August, 2011
Grassy -- often I like grassy frags, but not this one. Grassy, powdery, chemical smelling, sharp and offensive. HisStory is History for the most part, and thank goodness it is.

Its only redeeming quality is its nice sleek bottle.
14th April, 2010
I just LOVE fragrance n one my buddy gifted me this since his wife deals with AVON products....

I have a lot designer fragrance to choose from but still I give this guy a chance to prove himself but unfortunately didnt do for me....

In short didnt like it so far...
05th October, 2009
Starts off powdery fresh and clean. A litte spicy (peppery, not herbal) and sweet. A tobacco leaf and amber note much like in Antonio Banderas for Men is in the base. Not bad but could be a little harsh to some.
06th September, 2009