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Negative Reviews of HisStory by Avon

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This is basically a 100 percent herbal perfume, I cannot smell anything else but grass and some other herbal notes and nothing else.
Although I like herbal scents, this one concentrates in just one single concept, and that makes it boring and unattractive to me.
And the "coup de grâce" that finally kills this fragrance is its poor longevity and nonexistent sillage.
I am not surprised it was discontinued.
21st December, 2014
Grassy -- often I like grassy frags, but not this one. Grassy, powdery, chemical smelling, sharp and offensive. HisStory is History for the most part, and thank goodness it is.

Its only redeeming quality is its nice sleek bottle.
14th April, 2010
I just LOVE fragrance n one my buddy gifted me this since his wife deals with AVON products....

I have a lot designer fragrance to choose from but still I give this guy a chance to prove himself but unfortunately didnt do for me....

In short didnt like it so far...
05th October, 2009
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