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Beautifully resinous. Gives the impression of frankincense and pine needles being thrown in the fireplace. Warm, cozy, inviting, comforting...all good things for the winter. A huge love for the deep winter holiday season.

Sillage is soft to moderate at about within 3-4 feet.
Lasting power is on the weak side of moderate at about 4 hours (out of dauber on dry skin in a dry climate).

29th December, 2017
This opens with a Frankincense and pine blast, with a strange sweetness almost like maple syrup. within 1/2 hr. it dries down to more pine, spice and a warmth that is incredibly complex. I LOVE this fragrance!
01st June, 2017
Stardate 20170327:

Incense, spices and sweetness (candied fruit ?).
What is not to like.
But the beauty of this fragrance is its balance. You have to try it to believe it.
These three accords play very nice with each other, making sure everyone is heard. One can isolate them enjoy them on their own. But you can also let them coalesce and smell their union - a rare thing in perfumery.
27th March, 2017
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Fille en Aguilles begins with a sharp, bitter frankincense note, combined with pine and fir balsam. It's reminiscent of some very sharp, dry and pungent oud scents I've experienced in the past.

Like the dozen or so Serge Lutens scents I've already experienced, it does not stint on the quality or intensity of the oils. You really get your money's worth when you buy a full bottle of any of their fragrances.

Fille is for me a bit too one note. I was looking for the "candied fruit and spice" dry down to ameliorate the harshness of the first half hour, but it never came. This is the first Serge Lutens scent I truly dislike. Still for those fans of raw oud and frankincense, it will surely please you. Too rough for me, though.
03rd April, 2016
A richly atmospheric juice of burnt embers and incense; where woodbark, brown humus and evergreen leaves lie strewn with red sweets.

No picnic in the woods this but Hansel and Gretel abandoned in the Dunkelwald (Dark Forest).

An expressionist tour de force that resonates with something deep in the unconscious.

(Fairytale inspiration courtesy of graindemusc)

17th February, 2016 (last edited: 18th February, 2016)
vadim Show all reviews
Russian Federation
He's done it again! This is Lutens' standard fare, a sugary oriental base solution with a powdery ambery drydown, this time with some (very little) pine, franinsense and spice notes thrown in. Mediocre longevity for such a stifling conconction.
14th January, 2016
A BIG, BIG, thumbs up for Fille En Aiguilles! I purchased both Norne by Slumberhouse, and this gem from Surge Lutens at the same time. I love them both. Yes, there are some similar notes, but they are also quite different at the same time. Filled En Aiguilles is soft in a way that Norne isn't. Norne is like a sharp broadsword that slashes the senses, while Fille En Aiguilles takes a similar journey, but in a much more etherial way. It feels smooth without the smokiness from a forest fire that I get from Norne, but still has enough punch from the pine and incense that I'm very comfortable wearing it. In fact, I thoroughly enjoy wearing this fragrance, and I'd like to thank Serge Lutens for producing this fine product. I would recommend it to anyone who loves pine and sweet, wonderful incense blended in a way that is so incredibly pleasant...bravo!

I wore this again today, and I just really love this scent. I initially bought it because of the opening pine note, but I love the dry down as well. It's described as dried fruits, and or incense, but what it smells like to me is what Hansel and Gretel must have smelled when they came upon that gingerbread house in the forest. It's a very satisfying fragrance that smells more like Christmas to me than any other I've tried so far.
11th January, 2016 (last edited: 30th January, 2016)
A spicy, woody, and slightly sweet winter scent, I blind bought Serge Lutens Fille en Aiguilles after enjoying Chergui and reading that Fille en Aiguilles was a top pine scent, as pine is a note I enjoy very much in Creed Epicea and Imaginary Authors Cape Heartache. While FEA is certainly not a pine monster, it's a fun winter blend that's bound to attract more than it scares away.

The pine aspect is certainly a hearty pine, not pine-sol---not too biting. The main woodiness comes from the balsam fir, presumably, which gives the winter candle vibe, which I generally find pleasant. Bay leaf is pungent enough in the mix that it's wise not to spray too close to the skin, at least in my opinion. Sweetness comes from the dried fruits, presumably, and is relatively limited compared to the spices and woods.

The initial projection is strong but it dries down to something more conservative within a half hour, and the longevity is pretty good for an EDP. At a decent price (under $70 for 50ml on FragranceNet), this is an affordable winter option, and I'm glad to have it alongside Chergui in my collection. This certainly makes we want to explore the Serge Lutens line more.

7 out of 10
08th January, 2016
I'm really liking everything that I've sampled to date by Serge Lutens, but Fille en Aigulles may be my favorite.

The scent opens up with a sensuous forest coniferous resin, evoking memories of a summer morning hike in the Cascade Mountains. The resins are soon joined by a candied fruit, that gives a sweet and rich accord. Frankincense softens it out and it stays fairly linear for about 5-6 hours longevity. It faintly reminds me of Burberry London in the early stage, but heads in a different direction and quality quickly. Certainly not a projection beast, keeping slightly above a skin scent after the first hour.

It's very warm and authentic smelling. I was sniffing my wrist frequently, close to full on olfactory rapture. Definitely an easy Thumbs Up.
02nd November, 2015
Pine??? Where? This is mostly dried fruits. It's sweet, it's resinous, but pine? So misleading. I get virtually no pine here, which is unfortunate, because it's the reason I bought it. I ended up getting rid of my bottle, plus longevity stinks.

Does it smell good? I would be lying if I said it didn't It smells amazing, but not 70-110 bucks amazing. It doesn't smell overly unique; and considering there's no smell of pine to me, it makes it not worth owning.
12th September, 2015
This is a masterpiece... It makes me envision walking through a European pine forest in the rain, with wisps of smoke trailing through the air from the distant camp fires of hunters.

A deep and smooth pine scent makes up the top and heart of the scent, without any sharpness or cheap freshness. It's not aftershave... It's the scent of crushed pine needles.

This then merges smoothly with ambery spices which conjure the image of pine tree sap. The pine stops it from feeling like an Oriental or Gourmand, and I know that tree sap is not sweet, but the combination of sweetness and spices creates the mental image of the sticky resin.

Then this all rests on a woody (perhaps cedar) base to complete the analogy of the tree. However, there's no dryness. It's definitely moist and organic.

Sorry for the longwinded review, but it's definitely one of my favourite fragrances. The longevity is good and the scent is unique, but I have to admit that it won't please everyone. If you are a fan of Creed or designer fragrances and are looking for something which will garner compliments, I would probably direct you elsewhere. But if you are after something interesting, artistic, unique and don't really care what other people think of your scent... Try this. If nothing it will be an experience. :)
04th June, 2015
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United States
This is what my pet hamster's cage smells like during the holiday season. He likes to hang cinnamon spice scented pinecone garlands around his cedar-shaving filled cage. This is an utter disaster of a scent.
04th October, 2014
I LIKE fragrances with pine and I own a few, but Fille en Aiguilles has made me LOVE pine. This fragrance opens with a pine/vetiver mix that I absolutely love. I also get some incense and citrus. It reminds me of the Christmas season and the delicious fragrance of our Christmas tree. I will be wearing it in the Fall/Winter months. It has great longevity and lasts a good 6-7 hours on my skin.
03rd October, 2014
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The unisex candied fruit accord signature of many SL frags pushes Fille en Aiguilles into feminine territory to quickly for my taste. A high quality blend but overall, I prefer this frag on my wife to myself as I was just unable to pull off the syrupy sweet / smokey woods.
07th September, 2014
This scent’s cool, bracing conifer resin opening is deep and rounded enough to avoid smelling like a room air freshener, which is always a danger when dealing with fir and pine notes. In any case, a rich smelling frankincense descends so quickly upon the pine needle blanket that there's no chance for this composition to smell cheap.

The conifer, frankincense and spice mélange at Fille en Aiguilles' heart calls to mind Comme des Garçons' Zagorsk, but the Lutens scent is much warmer and sweeter, set as it rests upon a candied fruit and cedar foundation not far removed from Feminité du Bois or even Arabie. Indeed, once the bracing conifer needle accord dissipates, what remains of Fille en Aiguilles smells a touch disappointing in its familiarity - a kind of "standard issue" Sheldrake-Lutens drydown accord. Even so, the surprising juxtaposition of warm/sweet and icy/crisp at Fille en Aiguilles' core makes it one of the more enjoyable among the recent Serge Lutens releases.
14th June, 2014
%50 The first landing too hard; Has a very complex structure. It's so many of spices to choose from and even hard to distinguish what is. I'm getting incense and ginger. But a little cinnamon and other spices are pushing her too crushing. I mix it up until now I smell a fragrance blend of spices. Sandalwood and bile or both. Resinous smell of pine cones to make itself felt as a slight burn. As the last notes of clove smell still continues to burn correctly. And not according to me this is quite a heavy perfume. Harass anyone beside me smelling odor. Hani was a kid that looks like sugar cubes had shades of red candies. 'd Suck them but sugar and spice, cinnamon would taste. This perfume smells like their work. Towards the end, I could get a little cedar. Like anyone in such a manner that this perfume not alone.
Top: Fruits, Spices.
Heart: Mediterranean laurel, pine needle.
Base: Vetiver, Incense.


%50 Ilk acilis cok sert; Cok karmasIk bir yapisi var. O kadar coklar ki, baharatlarin ne oldugunu ayirmak ve secmek bile zor. Tutsu ve zencefil aliyorum. Biraz tarcin ama diger baharatlar onu cok eziyor ve bastiriyorlar. Ben simdiye dek bu kadar karisIk baharat harmanli bir koku daha koklamadim. Sandal agaci ve od ya da her ikisi birden. Recinemsi cam kozalagi kokusu hafif yanik olarak kendini hissettiriyor. Son notalarina dogru yanik karanfil gibi bir koku hala devam ediyor. Oldukca agir bir parfum bu ve bana gore degil. Yanimda koklayan herkesi bezdirdi kokusu. Hani kucukken kup sekere benzeyen kirmizi tonlarinda sekerler vardi. Emerdik onlari ama seker ve baharat, tarcin tadi gelirdi. Bu parfum de iste bunlar gibi kokuyor. Sonlara dogru biraz sedir de alabildim. Bu parfum kimsenin begenecegi tarzda degil yalniz.

Ust: Meyve, Baharatlar.
Kalp: Akdeniz defnesi, Igneli cam.
Baz: Vetiver, Tutsu.

27th April, 2014

I don’t get very much sweet in the opening, I get medium-impact pine and vetiver accord with an caramel-like sweetness in the background taking the place of what would ordinarily be a deep, shadowy resin note – the scent itself at first seems a bit uninspired but it has a rather interesting interchange of relationships – there’s more depth to it than there is surface. Relatively soon the pine/vetiver couples with an incense persona, but not a typical incense note – it’s an incense a bit heavy on density but low on resinousness. Smelling close to the skin, this entry into the heart notes could stand to be a little more interesting, but away from the skin it projects an excellent sillage that is sweeter than I expected the sillage to be… the projection effect is quite enjoyable, rich, and impressive and for the first time it crosses my mind that this could very well become my next purchase. Unlike most of the other reviewers, I don’t experience a firm, relatively-sweet note because wood notes normally dominate over the other notes in an accord for me.

The woods and frankincense accord lightens up in the basenotes: I get a stronger proportion of candied fruit and spice in the base, and this lightening up is a timely change and delightful movement from the density and drama of the frankincense. The base is quite Serge Lutens but at a lesser intensity and with the same stellar longevity… I love the duration and intensity that it presents and I find the entire fragrance well-proportioned, elegant, wearable, and warming. Fille en Aiguilles iis a for-sure purchase for me.
11th March, 2014
It's time to write about this amazing juice.
A masterpiece, created by a man who knows exactly what to do as a perfumer and an artist.
The opening of this fragrance is a great combination of spices, woods, resins and a warm sweet smell.
The resinous smell is stunning and remind me of a special resin that I was chewing it like a bubble gum back in time, when I was a kid. because the taste of it was amazing.
This fragrance has that slightly bitter resinous smell beside some woods and a beautiful black pepper note.
There is a strong, yet delightful amount of sweetness that balance all those spicy, woody and resinous notes very well.
As time goes by and in the dry down, the sweetness and peppery smell settled down and that beautiful and natural resinous smell and woods amped up and at the same time incense kicked in.
It's like the smell a bonfire middle of an old pine forest.
Smoky, pine woody, resinous, natural and in one word, amazing.
In the base I've got a semi sweet and smooth resinous woody scent with some spice and some dried fruits as a supporting notes to make the scent more complex.
Projection is OK (above average) and longevity is around 6-7 hours on my skin.
One of the crown jewels in my collection.
30th January, 2014
Put simply: a beautiful coniferous perfume! I am not a big fun of pine or pine needles but this one is a must try for perfume lovers. Fantastic depth, warmth, silage and longevity.
20th January, 2014
The opening is great and beautiful, rich and evocative as in many Lutens back when it was still a reputable and good brand. A triumph of balsamic, green, coniferous resins, pine needles, Iso E to create a cold, smoky, woody, slightly mystical fog all over. A really dense and charming atmosphere rich in nature and mysticism, with nuances from resins to olibanum to spices, ending on ritual burning woods. A bit synthetic here and there, which makes the texture a tad more plain and less "raw" than one may expect, but still really good, iconic and elegant. Quite bold and sticky initially, as much as compelling and intriguing. Good longevity, too.

08th January, 2014 (last edited: 21st September, 2014)
Very exceptionally promising but ends up too smokey for my liking

After the first few minutes of wearing this scent I fell it really captivated me but after an hour I feel its too smokey on my skin and wished it retained more fresh pine.

Pros: pine sweet candy
Cons: too smokey for my taste"

05th October, 2013
I’m from a small town in Connecticut. Not, Suburban-New-York-Connecticut. New-England-Connecticut. In my 1960s-1970s, the New England countryside was a place of wonder and democracy. The woods were a frame of mind as much as they were a location.

Though I never thought of anything local as particularly exotic, pine was the scent of local magic. Pine was the scent of outdoors and the change of seasons. It was omnipresent and always welcome.

Fille en Aiguille’s pine is bittersweet for me. It is 30% sense memory and 70% longing.

I now live in Southern California in a climate that I struggle with every day for nine months out of the year. Its climate is almost universally loved, but is unbearable to me and anathema to my pale Celtic body and spirit, a reality that is inexplicable to those around me. Fille doesn't offer me a solution to my dilemma. It doesn't give me relief from the heat or an alternative to the deathly brightness. It triggers memory, remembrance, beauty from an an arcadian past. It reminds me of the magic. And if there's magic, there's hope.

But mostly there's just longing.
24th September, 2013 (last edited: 18th May, 2015)
Fantastic safe for work fragrance.

Beautiful smokey. piney, incense, combination. Deep and and full bodied. As other have said, think Christmas at a cabin in the woods. The smell is so rich it almost makes me drunk wearing. Decent projection but wont get you in-trouble with your co-workers. Longevity is so-so, which a little disappointing for a fragrance at this price level, but still well worth it.

I got a great deal on this at Amazon. I was apprehensive about ordering an expensive fragrance online, especially one that is as discounted as this ($92.59). I decided to go for it because this is sold and shipped from Amazon. I happy I did. The bottle arrived and it is the real deal.

Now on to the fragrance. Beautiful smokey. piney, incense, combination. Deep and and full bodied. Think Christmas at a cabin in the woods. Decent projection but wont get you in-trouble with your co-workers. Longevity is so-so, which a little disappointing for a fragrance at this price level, but still well worth it.

Pros: Safe for work, intoxicating scent.
Cons: So-so longevity "

18th September, 2013
Pine Needles with Vetiver and Resin in the background

It opens with an intense smell of pine needles, with vetiver and resin hiding in the background. This in itself is evocative of pine trees in winter, so it makes sense when people mention that this scent is great in winter. I personally find this scent is perfect in summer with the cooling camphorous effect of it, something along the lines of menthol or vicks vapor rub.

Filles definitely provides an interesting dynamic of eliciting memories of winter, yet being suitable physically for summer.

Now the bad thing is the longevity is only about 4 hours on me, with projection only lasting about 2 hours and then the scent becomes a skin scent. The basenotes are also meh.

Pros: Sharp, Cooling, Wearable in summer
Cons: Projection 2 hours, then a skin scent. 4 hours longevity"

14th September, 2013
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Incence and Pine - are Divine

The top note is wonderfully spicy with, on my skin, a distinct clove impression. The we are heading for the forest full of pines, rich and intensive. Vetiver gives a touch of brightness, and a light fruity background in the drydown is still rounded of by the spicy incense. This s delicious and very beautifully bended. Excellent silage and projection with a longevity of over seven hours. One of my top SLs.

11th August, 2013
The sweet Lutens are mostly problematic for me. His non-sweet ones I generally adore. Fille en Aiguilles inhabits an in-between space, and my reaction to it started out somewhat ambivalent. But, as a whole, I like it, and am liking it more and more. It has a coniferous, wooded, dry candied fruit, dark homeyness I find unique and attractive.
I was looking for that fragrance which reminds me of the home in woods I grew up in - the wood stove smells, foods cooking in the kitchen, doing school studies by lanterns in the winter, a dark but warm ambiance. While this one is a little too christmas-candied-fruit for that memory, it still carries with it a certain complex, dark warmth that strikes a chord and appeals to me.
It ends up being the most comforting of the Lutens I've tried. Many conifer fragrances have a more limited palette, focusing on the big conifer bang. FEA is fairly understated about that, and lets the notes waft around and play with each other, giving the others their space and place. I like that. As I said, the candied fruit really doesn't fill any memory requirements, and remains a non-resonating note for me. But I find the fragrance as a whole warmly dark, inviting, and complex.
24th January, 2013 (last edited: 05th December, 2013)
Lovely fir and sweet balsemic fragrance. It's not dry or overly woody but it has a nice sweetness to it, like candied winterfruits and maybe a hint of nutmeg and other winterspices. As if you have been hidden awake in a winter cabin for a weekend and cuddled up to a fir tree and got covered in the tree scent and then made a christmas pudding.
13th November, 2012
I did expect more from Serge Lutens. This aint complex as Arabie, neither innovative as Ambre Sultan. For me it's just a spicied and incensed pine smell with low projection and weak lasting power.
29th October, 2012
not an easy EdT. But charming, attractive, dark and deep, but not sober. At once strong echoes of burnt pinewood mixed with some caramel aroma, but not in a mawkish way. The drydown is longlasting, the piney notes remain still strong and mixed with incense and a warm spicy base reminding rhubarb aroma. I think it's neither for everyday nor for office, but it's excellent to feel it on during a sunday walk in a sharp and frosty morning of january.
08th September, 2012
For the Holiday Season, this is my scent. It is very special to me for that few weeks a year. I just feel Christmas trees and stockings over the hearth, Nat King Cole singing and big snow and egg nog and oooh-somebody feels cozy... I reach for a good book. SL Filles en Aiguilles.
29th May, 2012