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Positive Reviews of English Breakfast by Mark Buxton

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This is an extremely interestant offfice scent!

The tumble of top and middle notes provide a fresh, non-citrusy, slightly floral, slightly chemical laundrette smell. Not one of the listed ingredients is distinguishable to my nose.

This will last during the morning. In the afternoon, just before the fragrance might become boring, it steps back and gives way to wafts of a dry, transparent cedarwood and vetiver note, reminiscent of Kenzoair (but without the Ouzo smell) or the new Cedro Atlas: III Robinson by Nobile 1942. I really like it. These wafts do not stick to your skin all the time. It is rather that you sense them every once in an while, just like an energy shot, very welcome in the late afternoon.

27th August, 2009