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Negative Reviews of Power by 50 Cent

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United States
I have to admit I enjoy lots of varieties of colognes, but this is absolute trash to me. Theres a reason this can be found for dirt cheap in many department stores, its because this stuff is not good. May i add this is my opinion sorry im sure there are people that may like it. To me this stuff smells like a cheap lotion with a bad scent. I got the cologne/aftershave kit and its on my swap list. I have only sprayed the cologne for about 3 sprays if anyone wants it i will trade the set for just about anything.
12th August, 2012
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United States
Power? This should have been called "Insipid." Comprises a very weak, 45-second long lemon note and the generic male perfume note du jour, violet leaf, which in this case smells almost like bell pepper. Boring, boring, boring. This is the type of drivel that gives celebrity scents their mediocre reputation.

Get Grey Flannel for a less expensive and better violet-woody fragrance. If you want a high quality designer version, try Cartier's Eau De Cartier.
05th February, 2011
Dreadful! Positively dreadful!! I wouldn't even use it to chase away the vermin because having the vermin would be preferrable to the stench this putrid swill would leave behind.
10th December, 2010
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I was incredibly fortunate to have received an early preview of this scent from African American, 'Rap' music superstar, 50 Cent.

However, I felt culturally at a disadvantage to review my sample of this scent sans perspective, as I possess an admittedly noblesse oblige (and thus potentially too forgiving) lens!

Therefore, I called my friend, 'Snoop Dogg', a cultivated 'perfumisto' (I doubt this fact surprises anyone who has poured over the lyrics of 'Sensual Seduction', with its Machiavellian overtones.); thankfully, he had a truly probing and sociologically-sensitive take! I have transcribed our conversation 'verbatim', in the first instance. And below that, I have also provided a 'de-shizzolated' (plain speak) version, for those of you unfamiliar with his 'lyrical stylings'.

Snoop: I be all in da bafroom waxin my shizzle fo i back playin in da shee-eets. All smoking in bed, baby and back to slee-eep. Wat da f%#@ you need?!

Me: I am super sorry, Mr. Snoop. I was "freaking" (I am marginally versed in Ebonics. ) about Fih-ty's new fragrance, 'Power'...Can you shed some light? Put me on track?

Snoop: F&%$ dat SH&%@!! Go all up in Dre! Dogg seductin, freak!

Me: I am sorry, Sir..ahem...Sire, is that *good*? An endorsement? Sorry, Sire.

Snoop: Yeah, you betta 'Sire' Dogg, white-girl.. wif yo liddel a*% booty:
Dat mutha*&%$@ got no Street Cred.
Da Dogg, he wear da fo-da-reel *Shizzle* (mellower now). Dogg kno da juice. HAW-ston (sic), Zee da Fohtee... makes all da ho-nee come ta mee-ee. (humming, apparently composing in his head) Baby, Dogg need da smoke a bendarome. --dial tone-- (At this point he ended our our conversation.)

Translated (De-shizzolated) Transcript:

Snoop: I apologize; I was indisposed, and I am getting ready to call it an evening. Is it terribly urgent?

Me: I am super sorry, Mr. Snoop. I was "freaking" (I am marginally versed in Ebonics. ) about Fih-ty's new fragrance, 'Power'...Can you shed some light? Put me on track?

Snoop: Lord, that is a lot to take on at this hour? And a loaded subject... for me in particular. Could you run this by my colleague and fellow rap music icon, 'Doctor Dre'? Instead? Possibly?

Me: I am sorry, Sir..ahem...Sire, is that *good*? An endorsement? Sorry, Sire.

Snoop: I appreciate your addressing me honorifically, especially in light of our cultural differences -- not to mention your deviation from my physical ideal.
I have difficulty giving him (50 Cent) credit for his merchandising efforts, when I fundamentally doubt his credibility! He strikes me a bit of a 'put-on', not to mention an opportunist! I would even liken his marketing machinations and all of his recent sensationalism to those of someone I think is universally iconic of non-authentic musicality and flagrant greed: Yes, Sean Combs.
Moreover, I don't think it's a good scent! It smells too animalic, too synthetic, and too pungent.
I myself, as you know, prefer the classics, having a broad knowledge base -- scents like Halston's 'Z-14', which has a proven track record -- at least for me -- of engendering admiration and compliments. (humming) Listen, I really do need to be hanging up; I have some personal matters to attend to before I retire...
19th April, 2010
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United States
Not gonna say it's bottled sewage but it isn't something I would spend money on.
The prominent beginning is pepper, then a slightly sweet pepper .... OK, not too bad.
From there it just drops into linear-ity. No progression, No change, just a linear plastic note.

Some are going to like it though - for sure.
06th January, 2010
This is my first review and I'm sad to say it's not a good one. I remember hearing about this cologne and the special deal that was done with Macy's. I didn't think it was out yet but to my surprise, or horror, it was in stock. My first thoughts, and I said this out loud to the sales associate, "it smells like Irish Spring soap on steroids." It gave me a headache after two whiffs. I would not recommend this to anyone and would not wear it even if it was a gift.

The one good thing I can say is that the scent matches the name. Too much "Power" can be a bad thing...
01st November, 2009
I Really Have No Words For This!!! I Was Expecting A Warm, Woodsy, Strong Fragrance And Boy - - What A Surprise!!! This Really Is A Love It Or Hate It Fragrance, And I Hate It!!! I Smelled No Hint Of Nutmeg WhatSoEver! Not Trying To Be Funny But I Believe That Smelling This & Play by Givenchy Made Me Sick Today. (I Guess My Nose Is My Best Sense Of The 5)!!! To Whoever Purchases This, Don't Put On A Lot Of It!!!
30th October, 2009
G-UNOT...yep 50 fails yet again. I think fiddy went downtown NY, bottled up some sewage, and labeled it "power." Yep, complete crap. would stay away from this if possible.
18th September, 2009