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Neutral Reviews of L'Eau Ambrée by Prada

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I was given the body lotion first then I purchased a sample of the fragrance in order to wear them layered. I was quite taken by the body lotion and hoped to intensify the overall projection. The fragrance is hopeless with almost no longevity and I didn't buy a FB. I am using the body lotion layered with the Infusion d'Iris Absolue fragrance and it's a lovely combo, although I would have preferred to be a purist.
The fleeting nature of the perfume, lovely as it is, is not for my dry, pale Irish skin.
23rd January, 2017
Soft, feminine

A very lovely, low sillage fragrance that whispers rather than shouts. It's a subtle fragrance, not highly resinous, rather polite and discrete. Strikes my nose as more of an oriental, to be honest. The opening was slightly zingy with lemon, but not overly strong nor longlasting. The rose and patchouli accord in the heart was very pronounced. The rose reminds me of old-fashioned English roses I grew in a former garden some years ago. For that reason alone, I'm inclined to like this scent a lot. If you're used to really strong, ambery fragrances, this probably won't satisfy you, but if you like a delicate touch, it's a pretty choice. I think I need a bottle of this.
Longevity is 8+ hours and still going strong.

Pros: Delicate
Cons: Not for those who crave huge doses of amber"

10th October, 2013
I'm honestly not sure what to think about L'Eau Ambrée. On one hand, it's got some really great aspects to it while, simultaneously, it's incredibly weak. With a very heavy application, it's quite nice, though I can't help think that this was specifically formulated to appeal to ladies who want to vaguely smell like they've showered with really nice expensive soap.

The first couple of hours are the best part, a rich smell that reminds me of a Chanel base, a really nice creamy mix of sandalwood, iris, vague florals, and soapy musk. Smelled up close, there's a hint of pink pepper, but not enough to make it smell cheap or common. With quite a few sprays, this stage has decent silage for an hour or so, though it eventually fades down to a soapy smell, which in turn fades further into the amber the perfume is named after, a nice one with vanilla for sweetness (though it's never gourmand) and a subtly soapy powdery quality.

Basically, it all comes down to the weak strength, though. I'll go with a neutral review, because it's certainly not bad, though I'd recommend a sniff through the Chanel exclusifs over L'Eau Ambrée, because they do what it does better and stronger and without apologies.
07th June, 2012
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Prada L'eau Ambree didn't start off to well with me. I had first sprayed this on the card, smelt nothing. I then applied to my skin, still nothing. I even sprayed into the air around me, absolutely nothing.

I honestly could not smell a thing, and my nose is very sensitive.

I was wondering how on earth I would write a review when I couldn't even tell you what it smelt like. Thankfully I could begin to smell a subtle hint of citrus and patchouli after an hour had passed.

Well, this fragrance is certainly not loud or offensive. It is extremely intimate and very subtle. Unfortunately it tends to vanish on the skin quite quickly. So the moment it appears, it's gone again.

Throughout the duration of this scent, all I had managed to detect was the patchouli, the citruses, soft amber and delicate, powdery vanilla. I concluded that Prada L'eau Ambree smelt very much like an expensive bar of soap. Very clean and feminine.

This fragrance was certainly not unpleasant, however it was disappointing due to all the hype surrounding it. I much prefer the original Prada as a unique and characteristic fix for my amber cravings.

07th August, 2011
L'Eau Ambree is a pleasantly light powdery vanilla fragrance with terrible projection and longevity, but at least it's intentional. It's a private fragrance, one designed for quiet occasions, for close quarters. It's surprisingly well-mannered for a modern scent. I like it, but I do feel the complete lack of power will ultimately make it tiresome for those who buy a whole bottle. Unless, of course, you're the quiet, non-confrontational type.
02nd February, 2011